Dumping Links

    February 14, 2006

Okay, some stuff sitting around in open tabs:

Microsoft has announced it will spend a billion dollars to expand its Recmond campus by one-third, accelerating a 15-20 year plan to be finished in just three years, by 2009.

A total of 14 buildings will be added to the campus. Seven buildings will be new and seven have been purchased. Coupled with leased spaces, they will provide the capacity to house approximately 12,000 people based on the current conceptual layout. By June 2009, 3.1 million additional square feet will be available.

Virtual Earth Madness is an online session on March 1 for for maps mashup developers, showingyou how to create cool stuff, improve your business website, or just get things done with MSN Virtual Earth. And there’s a bonus:

Stay to the end of the session to hear how you could win a chance at a new XBOX 360 by putting your coding skills to the test with the First East Region Virtual Earth Mashup!

And this just sucks ass: Media Center DRM preventing you from sharing your recorded TV shows. With a half hour of MS-DRM clocking at a minimum of 700 megabytes (and that’s low crap quality), no one is sending this stuff out on P2P. Besides, if I were desperate enough, I could burn it to DVD, then rip it back.

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