Dumbfind Starts Free Tagvertising Trial

    March 3, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Dumbind.com, the self-described “searchiest search engine on the Web,” announced the start of a free trial for advertisers with their Adsonomy “tagvertising” concept. Interested advertisers can select a list of tags for contextual advertising alongside search results.

The Adsonomy technology serves advertisements to users by analyzing the search results, not keywords. The tag clouds, says the company, offer an opportunity for more targeted ads while reducing the “randomness” of keyword search advertising.

“When companies advertise on Google, MSN, and Yahoo they try to capture every keyword relevant to their product. On Dumbfind, they can let Adsonomy use tagvertising technology do the work for them,” said Chris Seline, CEO and founder of Dumbfind.

“We are offering Adsonomy free to companies because we understand that it is a new concept and that people will need to try it out to understand how it works.

Adsonomy lets a company control up to 10 topics relevant to their product. Their ad is displayed when someone does a search relevant to their tags.

Dumbfind has technology to automatically assign tags to urls in its index. After a search, these tags are automatically pulled up with the results and displayed on the left hand side. In addition to helping people refine their queries, Dumbfind sends the tags to their adservers to be analyzed and determine the most relevant ads to serve.

“On Yahoo, Google, and MSN, advertisers run ads based on keywords which can be completely arbitrary. It is a pain for companies to maintain large lists of keywords.”

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