Dr. Doom 2013 Prediction: Global Economic Turmoil Headed Our Way

    July 23, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Dr. Doom 2013 prediction: Economist Nouriel Roubini recently stated that a “perfect storm” for economic disaster is currently brewing, and he stands behind his beliefs. Considering Roubini is the guy who accurately predicted the country’s previous financial disaster, it’s safe to assume that countless buttholes are being clenched whenever this guy has something to say. And while you may think the 2008 crisis was the worst that could happen, Dr. Doom feels that 2013 is going to be much worse.

Roubini, who teaches at New York University’s Stern School of Business, explained the economic disaster looming on the horizon could cause the global financial system to “grind to a halt”, which isn’t the sort of thing you want to hear when you’re attempting to keep your family’s heads above water. Most folks are still trying desperately to regain the foothold they lost during 2008’s disaster, never mind preparing for a much larger problem down the road.

Dr. Doom’s theory: Tax increases and spending cuts will push the United States into yet another recession. This, combined with Europe’s debt crisis, China’s wonky economy, and a potential military presence in Iran, could shove most of the civilized world towards a complete collapse. The problem, of course, is that we’re quickly heading towards the point of no return. Unless something is done immediately to turn the tide, turmoil seems inevitable.

“There might be a weak rally because people are being cheered by more quantitative easing by (Chairman Ben) Bernanke and the Fed, but if the economy is weakening, that is going to put downward pressure on earnings growth,” Roubini explained.

Curious to hear more thoughts on the subject? The video you see embedded below contains a lengthy interview with Roubini, so feel free to dive in if you need more information.

  • c stewart

    geee it took a rocket scientist to figure that one out?

    my 16 year old son already knows this.

  • dennis morrissey

    …I’m afraid he might just be right !!!

  • R

    Countless buttholes ? I wonder if that figures into the perfect storm brewing ?

  • Cody Cann

    Ron Paul predicted this perfectly in 2002… don’t even give this guy all this crdit… Proof: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ifJG_oFFDK0

  • tim

    see i knew that and thats why we need to start putting more drug dealers out on the street

  • John Edwards

    It is all doom and gloom, he will buy the bottom and then ride it back up.. just like last time.

  • Loyd

    Mu butthole has been clenched since I was born. Exit only.

  • T.lottman

    chickin little the sky is falling I think we need to be positive and keep putting one foot infront of the other and pray for guidence!

    • Randi

      Yeah… praying has done wonders so far.

    • Mark

      This is not about “Positive” thinking. When Bush’s press secretary said that the media had a field day. This is about changing our economic policies and fast.

  • bubbo

    What’s he trying to sell?

    • Mark

      He’s not selling anything and he was not selling anything in 08 when he was dead on nor is he aligned with any political party. If anything he leans left. Just shut up and listen for once morons.

      • Jim

        He is selling financial planning…nothing more. Do not put your money with this guys firm. He will do everything in his power tokeep it there. It takes absolutely no talent to stand on a street corner and tell everyone there’s going to be a traffic collision…eventually, they’ll be right. This guy does NOT have his finger on the pulse of economics, far from it. He is a SALESMAN!

        • Angi

          Jim- you could not have put it better.

      • http://yahoo.com Lonnie

        Mark your an idiot. He is selling financial planning. He also put out a video, Iv’e heard his commercial many times. He was also wrong about the economy crashing down in 2011. Keep drinking the koolaid Mark. That’s all your good for.

  • http://yahoo TSHIPP

    Ben Bernake already said this info at teh last speech. He said if taxes go up we will see a depressed economy in early 2013. He is just repeating what bernake said. If you feel this will happen buy shorts of PUTS.

  • Tess

    So if he’s predicting all this Gloom and Doom why not predict away to fix it in the process?

    • herman

      For real why cant they find a way to fix it.

      • Len

        Its all the Aluminati, this is exactly what they want to happen, one world government, one religion, one curency. And when Jehovah’s people are persecuted it says in the bible, it will be like touching his eyeball.

        • maryan rose


      • John

        They won’t fix it because this is what they want. Two classes, the very rich and the poor. More people are going on food stamps and welfare every year.

        • Angi

          Its all in how you look at it-
          then dealing with it.
          When life hands you lemons- make lemonade. When life takes, try to give.
          Giving of yourself, helping others- there is ALWAYS someone worse off than you.
          Who are we to complain?

      • Missy

        Simply because whether we agree or not, the Bible has, and will always be right. That’s why in Jeremiah 10:27 it says that it does not belong to man to direct his steps because he simply CAN’T succeed. If man cannot even direct his own steps, how can he expect to direct the steps of another?? Apart from God, man is a total failure and most people are only beginning to realize that bitter fact now. Man has tried all types of rulerships but NONE has managed to solve ALL of mankind’s problems and that’s why the Bible says in Daniel 2:44 that soon all human rulerships will be brought to an end and God’s Kingdom (government) by his son Christ Jesus will rule the earth instead. Only then, will there be true peace and security (Micah 4) because true rulership belongs to God and not humans.

    • fred wolf

      haha nobody listening and dont care as long as they get to keep our money in washington.

  • Taylor

    which stocks have high BETA’s CMG already fell hard

  • allen burnett

    train wreck coming? deal in solutions. clear the track for the fiber of American civilization: the middle class. we bailed out the greedy banks, gave the rich tax breaks of all kinds, how about giving the middle class a break because the middle class is where American inventiveness and creativity has always come from. Obama or Romney should immediately propose, not a bankers holiday, but a holiday for the middle class. reduce all middle class home mortgages to 2.5 to 3.0% and this will put $100 to $300 into their pockets each month and increase spending across the board. we bailed out banks; we can bail out the middle class, and get this little train that could chugging again.

    • Savanna3313

      Amen brother! Love your comment and agree wholeheartedly!

  • Chris

    There is most definetly going to be an economic crash, no doubt about it!! The Bible has also fortold that this will happen, people need to listen up.

    • BetterOffNed

      Really? The bible said it? Where? What chapter/verse? I want specifics.

      • BetterOffNed

        By the way, the words are “definitely” and “foretold”, also, you should never end a sentence with words like up, if, to, did, or any other preposition. I’m sure you’ll call me a snob or some crap for remembering my elementary school English classes, but seriously, have enough self respect to know the language that you speak.

      • http://drdoomprediction sonny

        It says in revelations in the BIBLE.talking about the apocolypse…………first rider a white horse, second horse is red the third horse is black and the fourth horse is pale. the black horse and it`s rider holds a scales of balance in his hand and he cries out a measure of wheat for a penny and 3 measures of barley for a penny..this black horse will affect agriculture and crops, food…..a penny was days wages….we will all end up working for what we eat and the clothes on our back…….i don`t have enough ink left in my pencil to tell you what the other horsess mean, if you really want to know, go to revelations chapter 6 and comince to read. it`s all there if you have desernment skills to interpret it…….this is for the reader that said where in the Bible is this talkned about.

      • Len

        The bible says, in the final days people will become, self assuming, hottie, headstrong, puffed up with pride showing no natural affection, lovers of MONEY rather than lovers of God, and from these turn away. His name is Jehovah, or in hebrew, Yahweh. His name means , causes to become.

        • maryan rose

          his name is Allah the one and only god

          • GRIM Reaper

            are you an asshole muslim

      • Missy

        These are the answers to your questions:
        Q1: Really?
        A: Yes
        Q2: The bible said it? (I’d “correctly” ask, does the Bible say it?)We all make those mistakes at times so don’t be too hard on Chris.
        A: Yes
        Q3: Where?
        A: In several books of the Bible.
        Q4: What chapter/verse?
        A: Ezekiel chapter 7, specifically verse 19; Zephaniah 1:18;
        Proverbs 11:4; James 5:1-3. I hope these verses help.

  • BP

    This is what happens when you falsely try to inflate real estate prices and and subsidize banks with taxpayers money. Inspite of all the turmoil property prices have hardly gone down in our area. There is no inventory to sell. Banks are holding all the properties, 7 million foreclosures in US and no properties in the market. Best thing to do is bring prices down to 1996 level. It’s time pull the plug and let the economy hit rock bottom.

  • sab

    I LOVE IT!!! Ha ha, this will be awesome, finally real world news, and people running a muck. It’s going to be fun, because honestly, nothing is worth anything except meditations and love and living in peace.

    Let the whole world cave in, I’m fine living free and owning nothing.

  • tonyb

    Sure he’s a bit sensationalistic, but he does have a point, basically the unwritten social contract of work hard so you can live a good life, is a bit of a facade in today’s global economy. Those in power , want more power and wealth and to do that they maximize their investments at the expense of everyone else. So that means fewer and poorer job choices for working Americans and other industrialized nations.. Of course all the excess debt that all these countries have are going to come to roost..Watch out, we are in for an economic shit storm.

  • http://yahoo Debra

    History will repeat itself. That is a known fact. We will fall just like the world before us.We live like no tomorrow and don’t think it can happen to us.Greed is a big part of our problems. Noone is happy with what they got and think everyone else has something better then them so we do anything to get it.Going as far as selling our souls to the devel to get it.

  • Richard

    RON PAUL!!!!! He can fix all this!

  • Jim

    Do NOT buy this a-holes hype…he is SELLING FINANCIAL PLANNING…nothing more!

    • http://yahoo Maria

      Yes he is selling finacial planning and getting rich off it and putting doubt into the public’s mind’s. This in turn makes them panic.

      • courtney


        • courtney

          and what you think about, you bring about. how about a million+ individuals fretting over this, baha, the universe will unleash all the havoc because we set it up to be so… shitty.

          • Angi

            SOOO TRUE Courtney- SO TRUE

          • Jus Bean Frank

            Hey Courtney! Woo woo! Yadda yadda! Slap me and call me daddy! 😉

  • SC

    What difference does it make, world is supposed to end this December anyway…. Who is right, Just have to deal with it when it comes….

  • Emily

    Does is matter if Global Economic Turmoil Headed Our Way in 2013??? According the Aztec’s, the world is going to end on 12.21.12.

    • Soc

      you mean the Mayans, and the long count calendar ends the 6th cycle to start the 7th cycle, nowhere does it state the world ends, but since Dick Clark has died, I guess it’s safe to say no more new years eve moving forward.

    • turmoil

      the mayan calendar didnt account for leap year, the day has already passed.

  • Michael Trzeciak

    Evidently this guy is also predicting that Mitt Romney will win the election. OBAMA 2012

    • William

      Mitt Romney will win the electon. It’s a no brainer.

      • James

        Not unless Romney grows a pair, being nice and milk toast McCain like doesn’t win elections…

      • Phil

        If Obama wins we are doomed. Say hello to higher taxes and the fiscal cliff.

        • maryan rose

          if your mama win you will be stupid

    • Rob

      Yeah! That’s worked out well so far!

  • Jinx

    It’s simple, it’s the Obama economy. Yeah lets give him four more years. He should crash the whole world by then. This country’s biggest mistake ever! Bye Bye U.S. You will never be great again.

    • maryan rose

      go run and tell your mama to stop screwing herself because bush put us in the turmoil we are in today

      • Nick

        Bush #2 got us here. It takes more than 3.5 years to get out of the mess he started with fake wars.

        • John

          you’re wrong but you’ll get your way,alot of people are going to commit suicide before he’s out of office and i guess your response will be good riddance but that’s ok your people will be the only ones left when this world is destroyed.

        • jane dough

          you’re all idiots. its not bush or obama we should blaming. why don’t we take a look at the felons we call our congress. they don’t have term limits – most of them are incumbents who have been making bad decisions for a lot longer than the 8 years we had to deal with bush or the 8 years we have to deal with obama. the reality is congress makes the decisions.

        • John

          Uh, Nick, the Dems all voted yes for those fake wars.

          • jeff hopkins

            John the Dems were given false info about weapons of mass destruction. That is the only reason they voted for these wars against Iraq.

      • courtney

        yeah, i seriously feel obama is the perfect pallbarrer for blame when the economy and every other ounce of crisis comes down on america. it has nothing to do with race or the man soley. he was just given his opportunity with the thoughts of “wrong time, right face for blame” action behind it. the govt set it up in that way, it could have been any other president, i feel they would have walked the same road in the same shoes and been silver lined set up with this burden. people look for someone to blame, it’s inevitable. fingers should turn inward instead of out.

        • John

          Nothing he has done has helped. He’s only made things worse.

      • David Jones

        maryan, DO YOUR HOMEWORK HONEY!!!! It started way before Bush!

    • Dak

      do you honestly believe that this is caused by one man? by one government? How shortsighted can one get?

      remember this?

      “There is one rule for the industrialist and that is Make the best quality of goods possible at the lowest cost possible, paying the highest wages possible”. – Henry Ford.

      Well, rich people aren’t making anymore goods… they just “trade”, driving prices up: profits for them, problems for the other 99%.
      Companies aren’t making quality goods anymore. Everything is made cheap in China. Made to break, in order to get you to buy more… Remember that 30-year old refrigerator your grandparents had? Try keeping yours 30 years. Good luck with that.
      And companies aren’t paying the highest wages possible. In fact, they’d rather move their entire production line to China, Vietnam or Bangladesh to ensure they’re doing the exact opposite.

      Communism didn’t work because people were selfish, corrupt and unreliable. Higher classes took everything and left nothing for the masses. Well, the same thing is happening with Capitalism. The only difference it the speed of the process.

      As long as the gap between the rich and the poor continues to expand, the closer we are to total economic collapse. But the rich don’t really care, well, ’cause their rich! They’re not the ones that are going to suffer, at first.

      So it ain’t Obama’s fault, it ain’t Bush’s fault, Clinton’s, Reagan’s, Kennedy’s, Washington’s fault either. It’s the human being’s fault. The selfish, greedy, egotistical, uncaring human f**king being’s fault. And it’s bound to get a LOT worse before it gets any better.

    • MO

      Sorry, Obama can’t take the credit for this economy. W did all this and we are still suffering for it. It’s going to take more than 4 years to clean W’s mess up and that’s only saying if it can be cleaned up. Many are being to wonder if it is possible.

  • http://drdoomprediction sonny

    The simple truth is it`s all about greed…..the poor man is the backbone of this country and he don`t ask for much, he just wants a decent job so he can light the barby on the weekends and have some meat to put on it, and take his children to mc` donalds, and maybe but himself a motorcycle, i mean he deserves one b/c he is keeping the country going, i don`t think that`s asking to much. but no the fat cats want it all, whole hog or none. the poor man is willing to go to work everyday, he just wants to be treated like a human……..what the fat cats haven`t figured out is when they get their hands on all the money, after they have striped the poor man bare, guess what fat cats?, there won`t be anything for you to buy b/c the poor man won`t be at work manufacturing it, so fat cats money will be of no value.

    • jona

      Quite an experience to live in fear isn’t it?
      Future can not be change. Neither Barack nor Mitt … only time

    • bob f

      The poor man won’t be manufacturing it because it will be made in China. The reality is that the blue collar workers have become fat and lazy. They want to work as little as possible, have no pride in their work, yet feel entitled to over the top benefits. China used to be a poor Country with no infrastructure, now that not only manufacture our products better and cheaper than American workers, but they also loan the US Government to keep spending. Also, although the “poor man” feels he is the backbone of the Country, he doesn’t even want to buy American made products because they are too expensive and are made with substandard quality. This Country will not get better until everything starts whining and taking more pride in being an American and making our Country #1 again. Stop whining about some people making more money than others, most of them deserve it as it are the risk takers who create jobs and should reap the reward of risking their own capital. I hope our Country can get back to where we were were, but whining is not the answer. That is why our Country is one of the most obese in the world. Go out, change it and get off the couch!!!

  • Emily

    There has always been someone preaching about doom and gloom for as long as I can remember. It is what it is. Live your life, love and laugh

    • Angi

      Since before any of us even were, there have been people whom have preached- “the sky is falling.”
      As Emily has said- life is what it is; live your life-
      Love & Laugh!

  • The One

    I’ve been predicting this for years.

    March 23, 2013

    A day we won’t forget.

    • J

      Beware the ides of March

  • Scott Smaistrla

    This is pie in the sky bullsh*t…if he right, he is a freaking genius, if he is wrong, then no one will remember…

    I think the US may fall into a double dip recession and we may have a global recession, but not to the dire levels that “chicken little” of the “sky is falling” fame is predicting…


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    You can never have too much long term food supplies. YouSurviving.com

  • Richard

    This guy talk,and talks ,,.,but dose not say much.,.Good night./.

  • Sally

    Bush f***ed us over

  • JQ

    This is the annoying guy who runs those cheesy ads on CNN, FOX and MSNBC. Another snake oil salesman.

  • Brian Coons

    What is with this sentence? Such a vulgar, distasteful way to explain grasping an idea. “Considering Roubini is the guy who accurately predicted the country’s previous financial disaster, it’s safe to assume that [countless buttholes] are being clenched whenever this guy has something to say.” I think that countless buttholes need not be in this sentence and I am writing to webpronews and yahoo! I hope someone bleeps this out! I find it offensive!

    • Vdubs

      You have way too much time on your hands. Butthole.

    • ALex H

      I think it was a perfect analogy to describe whats coming up next! i think that particular sentence is not as important as the message.

    • Lawrence

      I find your butthole offensive

      • wanker

        me too

  • Jus Bean Frank

    But wait.. theres more! If you act today you will receive the complete Dec. 21 2012 Mayan Apocalypse for just $19.95. You heard right!! Just $19.95! And call within the next hour and we’ll send you a lifetime supply off Duct Tape and Reynolds Wrap at absolutely no extra charge to you! Why not survive long enough to die a slow and painful death, while your neighbors next door will already have left planet earth you’ll be comfortably shrink wrapped inside your beautiful abode making faces at the leperous zombies who pass by! ACT NOW!~ to order dial 1-800-ohh-shit.. DON’T DELAY CALL NOW!

    • http://yahoo vram

      hahahahaha!!!!! Mcdonalds man… im lovin it!!

  • CMA

    Get a life get a real job why get paid to make everyone elses life miserable and predict doom.

    • Dragontears

      It doesnt take this guy for me to see that it IS inevitable that we are heading for disaster. We have only gotten more advanced in technology.. as for actually moving forward we have regressed. I pity all those caught in the cross hairs of this disaster that looms. I pity all those that won’t know how to survive. I, however, am a survivor! I can live without technology, grow my own food, live wih out electric….etc. So watch out world. Learn all you can about self sustainability.

  • kyle

    Elect more democrats….yeah, that’s what we need……………….NOT

    • Brittany R.

      Coming from a Republican’s opinion.

      • dangit

        I couldn’t agree with you more Brittany.

      • Me not You

        This has nothing to do with politics, and everything to do with the people who have real and absolute power to move the world in whatever direction they want it to move in. Get over your political dedications.

    • Greg W

      @kyle, that is exactly what we need, President Obama for 4 more years, take the house back and secure a filibuster proof senate. Anything less and we will be screwed.

  • Brittany R.

    I thought this was about DR. DOOM. One of Spiderman’s villains. Damn.

    • jay

      Fantastic 4 not Spiderman hun.

    • http://yahoo Aurelius

      While I will say the GOP has it’s hand in this mess it is wrong to blame GW A$$hole as you call him. It is more the Dem Pres with both Dem and GOP Cong/Sent that have put us here,,,,,,I would say it’s just about everyone but G Ws fault.

    • nordog

      i thought this was a movie preview for a new fantastic four too…sh*t

      • Mike

        GDub got the us farther in debt then the previous 35 presidents combined. look it up.But even He can’t take all the blame…It’s the bankers and those who weild the power to lobby constantly for the wealthy and the offshore tax havens that contribute in a major way to the USd ebt.

        • porter

          5 trillion plus for Obama.

          • erob

            You are including unions and AARP amongst those lobbyists are’nt you? We all have our own groups trying to buy influence, It’s the other guys that are bad. Besides , what’s wrong with being wealthy? I would love to be richer than hell. So would most of the so called 99%

  • dangit

    Yeah KYLE let’s go and elect another George W a**hole to make everything worst. KYLE FOR PRESIDENT!! LOL!!

  • john

    Buttholes are being clenched? What? Who writes that in a news story. Awful taste in journalism.

  • kim collins

    First mayans now this guy.

  • Dave

    I believe the implosion may occur in 2015. Read “The Harbinger” by Jonathan Cahn, or see the video Isaiah 10:9. You can google that for a trailer.

  • Fran

    Maybe then people will stop destroying the world and eachother just to make money.
    There will be no more insurance companies hurting people with their greed.
    Countless buttholes will be clenched on Wall Street and then we can have our country back.

    • John

      I sure hope you are right as this world does need an enema and a complete paradigm shift if it is to continue.

  • mike

    That’s Mr. Butthole to you.

  • Butchboy

    And here I thought the Marvel Movie empire was going to try to redeem the character that was poorly handled in the FF movie. Misleading headline to trap small minds such as my own and then toss the brainwash(it) my way… I thought Armageddon was this year, so where is this butthole coming from?

    • Ivan

      You and me both. smh

      • Yancy

        I thought it was about Dr Doom from the FF series also! On the Yahoo front page it just says “Dr Doom pr–” and I thought the next word was gonna be “production”. But “prediction”?

        Ooh, look out everybody, I’m the Nostradamus of economics.

        Someone further down commented that saying “buttholes are being clenched” makes this a shoddy piece of journalism, and I agree with that, too. Not only did I get roped in with Marvel language, I got disappointed by an article.

  • http://liveguitartutor.com Bob Sutherby

    Isn’t global financial disaster already upon us??? Asinine ‘prediction’ if you ask me.

  • Gary

    I am so sick and tired of people playing God and predicting the end of the world. This guy isn’t God
    and he doesn’t know jack. When God is ready for the world to come to an end, then He will end it. This guy needs to read the Bible. It says no one knows the time, day, and hour.

    • http://yahoo.com Dana

      Thank you. Finally someone else with a spine that knows God is in control and He tells you over and over in HIS BOOK.

    • Scrooloose

      California also has the legal right to succeed from the Union. So Texas is not the only state that can do so.

      • http://yahoo Jewel

        If Mr. Obama gets re-elected (which he will)! You probably won’t have a union to seceed from! (can’t let the college girls go without birth control!)

  • http://yahoo.com Dana

    While the rest of the world is sweating this 2013 prediction, read the following…which every bit of it is true. I learned this in High School in 1977 and here it is again. Thank God for Texas. Please read:

    Please note that Texas is the only state with a legal right to secede from the Union . (Reference the Texas-American Annexation Treaty of 1848.)

    We Texans love y’all, but we’ll probably have to take action if Barack Obama wins the election. We’ll miss you too.
    Here is what can happen:

    1: Barack Hussein Obama is President of the United States , and Texas secedes from the Union in summer of 2013.
    2: George W. Bush will become the President of the Republic of Texas . You might not think that he talks too pretty, but we haven’t had another terrorist attack, and the economy was fine until the effects of the Democrats lowering the qualifications for home loans came to roost.

    So what does Texas have to do to survive as a Republic?
    1. NASA is just south of Houston , Texas . We will control the space industry.
    2. We refine over 85% of the gasoline in the United States .
    3. Defense Industry–we have over 65% of it. The term “Don’t mess with Texas ,” will take on a whole new meaning.
    4. Oil – we can supply all the oil that the Republic of Texas will need for the next 300 years. What will the other states do? Gee, we don’t know. Why not ask Obama?
    5. Natural Gas – again we have all we need, and it’s too bad about those Northern States. John Kerry and Al Gore will have to figure out a way to keep them warm….
    6. Computer Industry – we lead the nation in producing computer chips and communications equipment -small companies like Texas Instruments, Dell Computer, EDS, Raytheon, National Semiconductor,Motorola, Intel, AMD, Atmel, Applied Materials, Ball Microconductor, Dallas Semiconductor, Nortel, Alcatel, etc, etc. The list goes on and on.
    7. Medical Care – We have the research centers for cancer research, the best burn centers and the top trauma units in the world, as well as other large health centers. The Houston Medical Center alone employees over 65,000 people.
    8. We have enough colleges to keep us getting smarter: University of
    Texas , Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Texas Christian, Rice, SMU, University
    of Dallas , University of Houston , Baylor, UNT ( University of North
    Texas ), Texas Women’s University, etc. Ivy grows better in the South anyway.

    9. We have an intelligent and energetic work force, and it isn’t restricted by a bunch of unions. Here in Texas , it’s a Right to Work State and, therefore, it’s every man and women for themselves. We just go out and get the job done. And if we don’t like the way one company operates, we get a job somewhere else.

    10. We have essential control of the paper, plastics, and insurance industries, etc.

    11. In case of a foreign invasion, we have the Texas National Guard, the Texas Air National Guard, and several military bases. We don’t have an Army, but since everybody down here has at least six rifles and a pile of ammo, we can raise an Army in 24 hours if we need one. If the situation really gets bad, we can always call the Department of Public Safety and ask them to send over the Texas Rangers.

    Now to the rest of the United States under President Obama: Since you won’t have the refineries to get gas for your cars, only President Obama will be able to drive around in his big 5 mpg SUV. The rest of the United States will have to walk or ride bikes.

    There isn’t a thing out there that we need and don’t have.

    You won’t have any TV as the Space Center in Houston will cut off satellite communications. You won’t have any natural gas to heat your homes, but since Mr. Obama has predicted global warming, you will not need the gas as long as you survive the 2000 years it will take to get enough heat from Global Warming.

    The People of Texas

    P.S. This is not a threatening letter – just a note to give you something to think about!

    • Andrew

      Your ignorance is hilarious! Thanks for the laughs. You should do stand up, wearing a confederate flag-type tee shirt. You Texas bit can be your whole act.

      • Erin

        Wow!! LOL! I really needed a good laugh this morning. I think Texas coming up in the world as it’s own entity is the least of the countries problems. Not to mention that most of what you mentioned that Texas “owns” is federally owned, but at least you hold a strong belief to it. Good luck with all that!

      • Erin

        My bad didn’t mean to post that under your reply :)

      • MONTIE


    • erob

      All good points, if Mexico does’nt get Texas back first

    • Chuck

      I’m sure the other 49 states wouldn’t have a hard time coming down and taking what they want from the “big bad” Texas state if needed to. Texas Rangers, are you kidding me? Who’re you gonna call? Chuck Norris? lol

    • Erin

      Wow!! LOL! I really needed a good laugh this morning. I think Texas coming up in the world as it’s own entity is the least of the countries problems. Not to mention that most of what you mentioned that Texas “owns” is federally owned, but at least you hold a strong belief to it. Good luck with all that!

    • bryan

      And its the the state with the 24th highest gdp per capita, but at least you are 2 places ahead of New Hampshire. Beware of those Cartels right below you, and good luck.

    • bryan

      PS the aliens you find in space with your NASA program, you wont be able to build a wall to keep them out. So figure something out, and proceed with caution.

  • James Bond

    Truth always slashes like sword but that is just his opinion – what he sees that’s what he speaks so if your mind and thoughts are positive and clear there will be positive come out and there will be nothing to be worried about. Worse comes to worse you will be back in 1700 century – Back to old times the way it used to be.

  • Lukedog

    Fools, he is not saying the WORLD is going to end. He is saying the economy is going to suck really bad next year. And to his prediction I say, no DUH. The economy sucks now, not too much of a stretch to imagine it will suck even more given a year.

  • James Bond

    Well Obama has his back up plans – i just saw in the news he has $100 million dollars in his account. not to mention other Switzerland accounts no one knows about. so go figure why the hell the economy is still down.

  • dorihe

    At this point, who cares. I have my own personal issues to worry about.

  • Edwah Dubwah

    I LOVE how every time it get’s closer to “the end of the world” some other douchbag comes out and says it yet another year, or two, or three years away…. If the christian version of “GOD” is coming, it says he will come “Like a thief in the night”.. NOBODY will know… and for the rest of us who recognize that each chapter is written by various different authors to try and control people using a “higher power” and that many books were left out of what we know as “The Bible”.. LAUGH.

    • Jesus

      If everyone on the planet picked the day that your so called Lord will come, then he would not be coming for at least 6.9 billion days since know one knows the day.

  • Erin

    If the world is supposed to end in 2012…who is going to worry about a financial crisis in 2013…JW

  • Loxi

    Duh! I knew this was coming years ago and I am a nobody. That is why I have not gone out and bought a bunch of big screen TV’s gone on lavish vacations ect. I am in good shape now and none of this is bothering me at all. Sometimes it does pay to be frugal. I read an article yesterday about a woman who was going on trips to Hawaii, now she is on the bread line to eat. So many people are buying stuff which will not feed you! When are people going to wake up! Times are BAD! When it is global that is even worse!

    • The Jolly One

      I guess I will join the Aqua Bats and be hurled into space by Space Monster M. I can go with them to the moon and to some other distant planets while this economic catastrophy blows by. When I come back and it is still bad. I will just go to another world and do my own thing.

  • http://yahoo Jewel Groom

    Well! at least I won’t be the only poor bastard in town!

  • 3mta3

    Man I wish this guy spoke English…anywho, to the cousin-diddling hick from Texas touting that they are gonna send Walker, Texas Ranger to repel the remaining 300+ million people that would invade Texas and pillage it for everything its worth (which is not much) keep this in mind…your ELECTRICAL POWER grid is DYING…so burn all you want..when all your Texas Instruments no longer work…we’ll see who comes crying first when your Water Reclamation and droughts DEVASTATE the population of Steer-And-Queerville.

    • Taylor

      It’s funny you say Texas doesn’t have much. So then why do we have the most prosperous economy in the Nation? Why has our population spiked in the past 7 years? Why is everyone and their dog flocking to Texas? Could it be the lowest unemployment rate in the country? Hmm I don’t know, guess we’re doing something right for some stupid ole hicks!

    • http://Dr.Doom Anna

      You’re an idiot, Texas has more to offer right now than any other state in the nation. You must be one of those cloud heads in Colorado too. Whatever state you live in I do know you are in a state of derangement. Go suck a wetback and draw your foodstamps and welfare as well. It’s people like you that shouldn’t be breathing but unfortunately you are taking up precious air that someone worthy should be breathing. Go breed with your mother, or maybe that’s what happened to you, she bred with a wild pig or bambi’s daddy. You suck so shut your ugly face. Nothing you said was worthy of even reading in the first place. Jackass Democrat.

      • bryan

        You mad?

  • Blueslover

    Of course, if the Mayans are right, we won’t have to worry about this anyway.

  • Mykeho

    Clenched buttholes? Really? Noob.

    • bryan

      haha that’s exactly what i was thinking. I don’t know what is dumber saying that, or Anna’s comment about revelations.

  • TJ

    And does he have any silver lining? Or is he just an expert at giving bad news?

  • bobitchin

    Vote the O guy out and this won’t happen

    • JWSC

      And what do you think one man has control over this. Look up and find the bar chart of our debt and see when all of this started, many, many years back. Our country is full of greedy, greedy, look out for number one(themselves) leaders. Our founding fathers would be SO HAPPY of them. Im so proud of our country,LOL. No one man can change this im not defending O for his chooses, I didnt vote so i have no say so, but after that election i went out and registered to vote. And after seeing our upcoming choices im going ahead and casting my ballot, and choosing not to vote, because neither one of these fellows have showed me that they can properly run this country. Its gonna take all of us, every last person(AMERICAN) to stand up and make choices to fix this country. We got to start standing up for whats right not wrong, our Creator gave us a life instruction book(BIBLE), what this country was founded on. And our country has stepped away from what it says. Until we go back to basics nothing is gonna change. GOD BLESS EVERYONE AND OUR COUNTRY.

  • http://Dr.Doom Anna

    The world is going to end alright read Revelation but no man or woman will know the minute or the hour or the day or the year but it isn’t going to be long I know that for sure. We are at the 7th seal. Read your BIBLE and you will see it. And, it’s the truth, not just some political scam for votes because believe me, none of that or anything else is going to matter. I may have no right to say anything, but I DO BELIEVE IN GOD and I DO BELIEVE THE END IS NEAR !!

    • bryan

      keep your beliefs to yourself, so when your wrong not everyone thinks you are a whack job. And whats SOON, give a better timetable. Have some courage and give us a date. See if you can do better than the last 100,000,000 plus people who’ve been saying that since the bible was written.

  • Arne

    The world will not end yet, its only the beginning of the great tribulation.

    • Delvan Bradford

      nobody the day nor the hour the only persons knows when the world will end is GOD himself.

  • Rob

    He sounds right to me…did anybody think that we have recovered enough since 2008, with two wars, and all the other problems; unlimited $$$ in politics, natural disaters every other week, debt crisis etc etc etc…Time for another American revolution.
    This is long overdue !

  • Marty Germano

    All the prevailing economic factors that Mr. Roubini points out are true. What is unknown is the outcome. There is no set of historical precedents that would equate to current global economic conditions. Therefore, Mr. Roubini’s guess is as good as your own. I’d like to think the glass is half full not half empty. And, with microscopic i rates, where can you put your money: stocks, bonds, under a mattress. Some businesses and counties will come out of this economic turmoil stronger. I wish I knew which ones ?

    • j

      written by a lawstudent or someone in middle school? how stupid… “what is unknown is the outcome… haha. Interest rates are low to promote spending… stocks and bonds yes, under your mattress no

  • http://yahoo.com voiceofcalmandreason@yahoo.com

    your address wont be published. yeah right. this dude has it all wrong. according to all the nuts out there the world’s gonna end 12/31/2012. so this fruitcake’s predictions won’t matter

    • shawntey sandoval

      BTW I do beleive that the “nuts” are predicting the end of the world on 12/21/2012.

  • Stephen

    I’m sorry, but should we really believe something coming from a guy named “Dr. Doom”? I feel like he would be the next villain in a Batman comic.

  • Diana

    Wait…isn’t the world supposed to end 12/21/2012?

    Kidding, no one knows when that will happen.

    • Becker

      First, there going to ba a massive coronal ejection, from the sun on 12/21/12. This large amount of radiation is going stop cars, trucks, power plants etc. Anything that has digital technology or digital chips installed in it. Our own government made the decision to not upgrade our power stations with Rad-hard digital technology. All the digital electronics that control the switching power grid will simply shut-down during a massive influx of radiation from the sun or an Eletro-Magnetic Pulsing device ( low grade nuclear device ),sent from China or Russia.

      Sorry, but this administration has done virtually everything to dismantle our technology and military hardware. If anything happens, we are on our own. There will be no-one that can help us, no-one.

      I know all about this because I am a Defense Eletrical Design Engineer who was layed-off, thanks to the Obama administration. Next time when you need protection from natural disasters or China or Russia,
      just call 911. I am sure they WILL NOT be able to respond.

  • jennita

    i agree…things are only going to get worse.

  • MidnightStar Sparks

    Cool Story Bro!! No seriously tell it again!! i am so sick of these bullshit doomsday prediction although this one isn’t impossible.. But seriously people use some common sense it’s not that hard!

  • Joel

    Nothing like reading comments from the uninformed. To the person who said that DR DOOM might be a Batman villain, Doom is actually the nemesis of the Fantastic Four. And 12/21/12 is NOT the end of the world…it is the date the Mayan calendar ends. That usually indicates the end of a cycle, NOT the planet!

  • http://www.directory.org.pk Pakistan Directory

    How his Possible,,,,,,,

  • M Batt

    Yes soo true I agree Arne,..The Great Tribulation.. Trials and lots of big trouble coming..only the strong and pure will stand… Babylon the Great with all of it’s power over the world’s economy and false religions is predicted to fail and fall away like Humpty Dumpty…and all the mercants will cry for days and years on end.Only the saviour can start a new and bright beginning,not any man on earth can do that..except the final Anti christ..who will soon appear saying he is the one who will be able to solve all of the world’s problems.. but we don’t need anymore taxes and banks and rich getting more richer we need something that will work for the whole human races and make us as One….Keep Watching.

  • M Batt

    Yes soo true I agree Arne,..The Great Tribulation.. Trials and lots of big trouble coming..only the strong and pure will stand… Babylon the Great with all of it’s power over the world’s economy and false religions is predicted to fail and fall away like Humpty Dumpty…and all the mercants will cry for days and years on end.Only the saviour can start a new and bright beginning,not any man on earth can do that..except the final Anti christ..who will soon appear saying he is the one who will be able to solve all of the world’s problems.. but we don’t need anymore taxes and banks and rich getting more richer we need something that will work for the whole human races and make us as One….Keep Watching.

  • M Batt

    Yes soo true I agree Arne,..The Great Tribulation.. Trials and lots of big trouble coming..only the strong and pure will stand… Babylon the Great with all of it’s power over the world’s economy and false religions is predicted to fail and fall away like Humpty Dumpty…and all the mercants will cry for days and years on end.Only the saviour can start a new and bright beginning,not any man on earth can do that..except the final Anti christ..who will soon appear saying he is the one who will be able to solve all of the world’s problems.. but we don’t need anymore taxes and banks and rich getting more richer we need something that will work for the whole human races and make us as One all the signs are here amazing….Keep Watching.

  • M Batt

    Oh so Sorry the posting had a problem and went three times..hope two can get removed

  • Michael Moore

    You do not have to believe what this ecomonist is predicting. You just have to read articles about the world around us. Spain is on the brink of collapse. Numerous nations in the westernized world have been battleting ecomomic downturns that continue to worsen. The natural disasters have not aided in the building of the ecomomies, it seems like we are a war or a disaster away from total collapse. Our government continues to push for a spending ecomony, when most Americans are already highly endebted into homes, student loans, car loans, credit cards, etc, etc, etc. How long can we sustain a spending ecomony? It is just a matter of time people, we need to change our ways of thinking in society in order for us to be able to sustain what we have. Don’t forget our social security system is on the brink of collapse. The savings are IOU’s from the government so that money is already spent. More and more people go into welfare, disability and social security retirement each day out of necesity. Our world is collapsing as we speak but because most of us are so busy with our personal lives, we don’t realize what is happening.

    • j

      your a clown and a spectator. Why dont you listen and learn, you gain nothing from telling anyone anythingl You have no teeth in the game yet make opinions and that makes you a phony. You say spending will kill us? You dont even know the economic impact of higher taxes. Whats funny is that you say all you have to do is read. Thats funny because you are spectating off the spectator, the writer. you suck and i hate people like you.

      • ben dover

        J, you are an idiot. He isn’t speculating off the speculator. Do you follow the news at all? All he is stating is the obvious economic trends and events around the world. I’ll break it down for a simpleton like you .. “Spending more than you have = bad”. Eventually it’ll catch up.

  • allan bard

    Dr. Doom..shouldn’t he be clad in armor and a mask, fighting the Fantastic Four? Would’ve made more sense.

  • Hugh Hefner

    Dr. Doom just needs to get laid.

  • Gary craig

    People need to repent of their sin including hugh hefner. He is one of the biggest reasons we are in this mess.

    • Sarah Fielder

      I did not not know that Mr. Hefner was to blame for all our problems… You forgot to mention Larry Flynt and all the others. Doesn’t that good book you all live by say judge not? The reason we are in this mess is our government not any single private enterprise.

      • C

        The Good Book doesn’t say, “Judge not.” It says, “Judge not, lest ye be judged,” Meaning, you can judge all you want, but you better be careful, because you will be judged directly in return.

  • Barbie

    The economy is so fragile right now and is slowly building up and in some professions that was surrounded by a flow of income (real-estate) is a example of a slow build up. I think we should throw caution at least to these predictions cause until this nonsense of 2012, if it ever comes, we have to deal with the states of the world’s resources and economy and other issues. We also need to figure out how to make it grow and STABILIZE it and to have BOOMS every now and then before our children are forced to clean up the mess that we leave behind. No more blame games no more how is in debt or bankrupt chit-chat… time for solutions that lead to permanent excellent results.

  • j

    These comments are why the general population shouldnt vote. Everyone just sounds pathetic, bc they are spectators. Why dont you listen and learn, you gain nothing from telling anyone anythingl You have no teeth in the game yet make opinions and that makes you a phony. These posts say spending is bad? These people dont even know the economic impact of higher taxes yet make comments. Whats funny is that when people say all you have to do is read and not listen to economists. Thats funny because you are spectating off the spectator, the writer. you suck and i hate people like you.

  • michael g, mclaughlin

    If austerity works so well look to Ireland, Spain and Greece. How is austerity working for those folks? You conservatives with money think you can get out of paying this time again.
    And what are worse are the want’a be rich folks and their attitude of let’em eat cake. Wow, not a clue. Rich and spoiled and satisfied with themselves.

  • Andrew

    that’s so loose butthole

  • Beth

    I’m no economist, but I think that when the “have nots” have more than the “have’s,” there’s a problem. I work two jobs to maintain a VERY middle class lifestyle. I see unemployed people all around me who have cell phones, their kids have the latest gadgets & they get free breakfast & lunch at school. They take vacations, get tatoos, smoke cigarettes & go out for fast food whenever they want. I’m picking tomatoes & cukes out of my own garden & hanging my clothes on the clothes line before I head out to work.

    Too many people in our country have a decent lifestyle without earning any of it. Eventually, the working people who pay for all of the social programs won’t be able to afford to take care of all the people who choose to take the handouts.

    There are jobs in manufacturing available in my area, but they go unfilled. They pay a living wage & some offer health insurance, but if there’s not a reason to work all day, why would you do it?

    • http://zero Fred

      Spot on Beth !!! I am SOOOOOOO sick and tired of paying for all of these “freeloaders” !!!

      • james

        one thing to consider is that you spend your money responsibly and they spend theirs on all the gizmos and gadgets and tattoos

        • jj

          It’s not their money James…It’s ours that they are spending. We are the ones supporting them!

      • ben dover

        totall agree. the entitilist filth of this country are slowly destroying it. They won’t stop until they’ve stolen every penny from the hardworking americans who bust their butts on a daily basis to earn a respectable living. The only thing worse are the liberals that are pushing their political agenda.

    • Jack

      Right on!! I live in a small town (13,000+) in south central Ca. I’m fed-up with those that don’t want to work because they can live off-of what they get from the govt. There’s a lady in our town who gets $2700.00 a month in welfare, plus food stamps, rent assistance, and WIC. In addition, she filed tax for last year and received a $12,000.00 refund, thanks to (un)Earned Income credit.
      Why work when you can get all you need, and more, from the “working class”?

    • Heather

      Right on, Beth. It disgusts me to have some family members other people I see around CA that are not working and have money to do everything. Those who work are paying for their lifestyle. I will soon be in the same boat, as soon as I start my same job, but I feel I will need it for self support and benefits. It seems for the honest Americans that are left, damned if you do, damned if you don’t…

      • Heather

        *excuse the typos:
        1).I meant second job, and the healthcare and insurance from it.
        2). …family members and other people I see in my neighborhood in CA that are not working and seem to inexplicably have the means do do whatever they want.

        Honestly, it makes my blood boil.

  • Rob

    The simple fact is that greed is destroying the global economy.

    They can spin it any way they want, but greed is the ultimate reason for all of the financial mess the world is in.

    Wealthy people never seem to have enough. They need to rise in the Forbes rankings so they will do whatever it takes to generate more for themselves.

    When you are at the top, you care nothing for who you destroyed to get there, you just worry about all the others on the pedestal trying to knock you off it.

  • Seth

    WHO CARES! NOBODY! the only way this problem will be fixed is if EVERYONE yes this means everyone on this site “CHANGES THEIR MINDS” and starts doing what is right for ALL HUMANS not just your little retard group that you soooo much stand for and yes I’m talking about super rich down to homeless and everyone in between WE ALL HAVE A PART TO PLAY…so let do our jobs and stop lookin at what you dont have or what someone else has and you dont think they deserve it…otherwise guess what…THE SAME CRAP WILL CONTINUE!!!!DONE!

    • Mario Mancha

      I’m not for higher taxes or for bigger govt, I’m not a Rep. or Dem. but I beleive reducing the tax burden on the middle class and allow them to have more free cash on hand to spend on products and services the 1%s produce, makes more sense than continue giving the tax breaks to the 1%s so they can in turn deposit them in overseas accounts and use the excuse of not being able invest or expand their current business, thus creating jobs.

    • Mario Mancha

      I’m not for higher taxes or for bigger govt, I’m not a Rep. or Dem. but I beleive reducing the tax burden on the middle class and allow them to have more free cash on hand to spend on products and services the 1%s produce, makes more sense than continue giving the tax breaks to the 1%s so they can in turn deposit them in overseas accounts and use the excuse of not being able invest or expand their current business, thus creating jobs. Empower the middle class!

  • jomosdaughter

    I totally agree with Seth. You know its really hard for the president to get anything done when the other party is constantly STONEWALLING and making sure NOTHING gets passed. They pretty much have try to set him up to fail. Their only goal throughout the last 4 years was to make sure that he is NOT reelected. They aren’t really talking about how they are going to change or make the economy any better. Its sad……I’m sure EVERYone that reads this will know the person I will be voting for this NOvember. Thank Goodness I have a government issued ID. It’s funny this didn’t seem to be an issue for the last few decades, but as soon as the black president gets into office it is. Lets make sure that that a lot of his voters are not going to be eligible to vote for him this election by passing these bogus voter suppression laws. Anyway I’m done rambling.

    • TJ

      Where is there room for compromise? One party thinks that government is the answer to all of our problems and needs to do more and more and one party thinks the government has gotten way to big and needs to get smaller.
      Those who want a smaller government will never stand for a government that only grow a little bit bigger. Those who want a government that does more and more will never stand for a shrinking government.

      Grid Lock

    • Randy

      jomosdaughter: EACH party has done that to other for years. Bush couldn’t get much done his last term because the Dem’s controlled Congress. Apparently now it’s the other side’s turn. By now the sitting president can no longer blame his woes on what he inherited. His party has controlled Congress until recently I believe. I think they still control the Senate. Be thankful you are able to vote for the candidate of your choice. In many parts of the world that is not possible. Your last topic is funny. In Texas we’ve been pushing for voter ID proof for years. Long before Barack/Barry Obama, or whatever his last name really is, came along. It started long before any candidate of color came to light. Do you have a problem proving who you are when you write a check? Make a credit card purchase? Rent an apartment? Buy a car? People say it is an undo hardship on Obama’s supporters because they may not have a car. It seems these people had adequate transportation when it came time to go to file for welfare, food stamps and other means of support. The funny thing is that I never had to go anywhere to get my voter registration card nor show an ID? At least as far back as I can remember. Someone said the other day people in West Texas are at a disadvantage because many areas don’t have the proper office for the ID issuance and they’d have to travel to get it. Valid point, true. But the number of people affected in that way is very small when compared to the overall potential voter pool. Many counties out there have less than a few thousand citizens. There should be a better way for them to get an ID. I find it interesting they’ve (“the disenfranchised”) come this far without some form of valid ID.

      • mark

        Really, the Dems took control of congress on the 5th of January 2007, that means the first budget they passed was in October 2007, in effect January 08…so tell me how your logic works.. because it only affected his last year in office,not his last term. Bush couldn’t get anything done because everyone realized he was a complete criminal, a 911 puppet, a lying war monger, a death distributer… what a disaster

  • Ralph

    I just want to say that while i agree completely that people who refuse to get jobs, and rely on public aid and services, and then pass that same attitude on to their children, who then, a generation later do the same as their parents are a part of the problem, however, the “entitlist filth”, as one commentor chose to call them, are certainly not the whole problem, possibly a fraction. Its funny how people blame the folks at the bottom of the economic ladder when its the people at the top who are actually stealing your money through bailouts and tax breaks. Lets not forget our lost war. Yup everyone has already forgotten about the people that died, soldier and civilian, essentially to fatten the pockets of a few elitist. The last years military budget was roughly 10 times that of NASA’s budget for the last 10 years. I see a lot of hate mongering and the blame game is continually played but let me ask a question to everyone here. What have YOU personally done to help your fellow man? While his response was a bit strong i, for the most part agree with Seth. The root of all of our problems is an overabundance of greed and total lack of compassion. At the end of the day, were all human, and we as a species, can not survive without each other. As a matter of fact, i highly doubt everyones able to continue living the priviledged lives that we live for any longer than 10 years. Sooner than later, we’re gonna have to make a choice. Do we fight and bicker until all the remains are a few, or do we make peace and help each other so that we all can survive.

  • Stephen

    It is like we are all pushing a bus down a road, of course the old people are riding in the bus, but they did their share of pushing long ago. The kids are also riding in the bus, but they will hopefully be strong pushers when they grow up, and hopefully they are on the bus doing school work and getting a good education. All other able bodied people should be helping to push the bus. Every person who is capable of pushing but decides to climb on the bus instead makes the bus that much harder to push, not only have we lost a pusher but the bus gets heavier. Some day the bus may stop going forward and roll back and kill us all.

  • theresa

    why cant the government just give all us Americans the money they keep spending on stupid bail outs and other shit. if they did that more than likely we wouldn’t be where we are today right?

  • joe blow

    screw this guy, all we can do is have hope

  • G.Myers

    The long and short of it is what the world has been saying for decades….Fat lazy Americans. Using the “bus” example, everyone benefits when the bus moves; top and bottom, but everyone wants someone else to push harder. Tink about it, in your day to day life, how many people who do less than you at your job demand more out of you?

  • Jack Handy

    Well….this guy sure knows all the BS republican phrases…..uh…bridge to nowhere….etc…

  • marcia christie

    My parents lived through the great depression, What they learned was dont live beyond your means, save up for what you want and pay cash, living on credit and loans only leads to ruin at some point. spend what you need to and save the rest for a raainy day or emergencies. I only wish this country would do the same, not live on projected income stop bailing out other countries and be the first country to help in a disaster, weould they all help us? not. charity begins at home and take care of family first. We need better education not less less welfare programs without time limits and and stronger rules. If one more person lumps social ssecurity in as a entitlement program I will be very upset. I have paid into the system for 40 years. Congress does not, president does not wealthy shouldnt be eligible to collect and the government should pay back the loans that it took out of the social security account, and social security should go back to having its own fund, not lumpted into the general fund. It too makes me crazy to see all the freeloaders and illigals getting benefits, Now illegials can get social security even if never worked. What happened to this country. What happned to obey the law, not just the ones that are to your liking. sorry to rant but we need new blood in office get all the elected officials out no more perks no more **&% the people. We should have a turnover every 4 years of elected people. No one should serve more than that. Not a a whole lifetime and they should have the same benefits as everyone else. Bet obama care would disappear quickly. pay into retirement like we do no one should get free retirement.Lets see have I coveered everything. Let the rest of the world solve their own problems and leave us to care for our own people get those illigals out of here. Let them come back the right way. No more anchor babies.no other country gives out the things we do if we stop will they stop comming?

  • laurel


  • Penny Shreve

    He is quite knowledgeable! But with all due respect, it doesn’t take a Dr. or a Professor or even an Economist to see what’s coming. Any middle-aged-and-beyond woman could tell you the same thing simply because she’s paid bills and bought groceries for decades…and she sees the problem every day at large stores: grocery prices have doubled–even tripled in some cases–in the past five years. And when we do load up our carts we must stand in line three times as long to cash out because there are never enough cashiers no matter which big store you shop in what is most certainly a money-saving move. The writing is on the wall.

  • Jayla Alex-Johnson

    I think that some of this article maybe true! i Also think that 2 get out of the economic crisis americans need 2 stop working as person and for once as PEOPLE!

  • Andi

    Todd your poor choice of words “Countless buttholes will be clenched” is totally unprofessional. You’re fired.

    • Frank Coto

      We need to prepare for the worst case scenario…no Atm’s, no groceries, civil turmoil for an unknown period of time.

  • Kia

    Ok???? What does he want US to do? What is the point of telling everyone this if you have no solution???

  • Jeff Herman

    Why is no one talking about the headwinds facing consumption in this country and what effect it will have on the U.S. and world economies?

    The United States is by far the largest economy in the world, and consumer spending represents 70% of our GDP. Over the past 30 years, U.S. consumption has had a wildly positive growth affect on the rest of the world.

    Our consumption was fueled by four accumulative forces:
    *the doubling of consumer debt from 1980 to 2007
    *the tripling of government debt from 1980 to 2012
    *a 500% reduction in interest and mortgage rates from 1980 to 2012
    *the ability to borrow money with little proof of income, from 2004 to 2007

    These forces created a firestorm of consumption felt around the world. Unfortunately, they have run their course and will not be repeated in our lifetime. In most cases they are reversing course and will have an opposite and negative effect on consumer spending.
    *consumers are now shedding debt
    *state and federal governments are in a fight to the death to cut deficits, with the same occurring in Europe.
    *interest rates are at a multi generational low. Even if rates just stay flat, they will not provide the kind of multiplier that falling rates have had.
    *consumers have lost over 40% of their net worth, leaving them with little collateral for borrowing, let alone surviving the new onerous lending regulations.

    These enormous macro economic trends are nearly impossible to repeat. If we had just one of them today, we would greatly reduce unemployment. But sadly, we have not even one.

    Can someone please explain to me where consumers will find the money necessary to continue the excessive spending that created the greatest prosperity the world has ever seen.

  • Tim Adams

    First off, this congressman has no interest if you payoff your student loans or not. What he wants it the votes to stay in office. Second, why is this even an issue, people need to wake up. So instead of regulating colleges/university to keep tuition low, they allow the institution to increase their fees every year, while paying hire and hire salaries to the professors and the president. Here in VT, UVM tuition has increase 10 folds, the president of the college gets a huge house and makes a salary of over $800,000 a year. Every professor makes of $100,000 and if you are an employee of UVM, your kids get to go to school there for free! SO you tell me where the problems are. Our society is so screwed up and confused by all these politicians that they can even see what they(society) is doing to its own country.

    All you people who vote for more and more reform, free benefits, in the end you will all get what you deserve!! Say hello to a communist country….