Does Google have a Goal?

    March 4, 2005

Interesting post at Aways-On that runs through a whole barrage of Google services, Betas and improvements to demonstrate that none of them appear to have any short-medium term profit making capabilities.

It concludes:

So, what is Google’s goal ? They’ve said they want to be a different kind of company and that they didn’t want to be “evil.” They are an admirable company and their efforts will improve the way we all use the web and access information. Its just not clear there is any money in it. Value and profit are two different things.

It’s the old lesson from the dismal science of economics that reveals the counterintuitive idea that value doesn’t necessarily generate profit. They call this the diamonds vs. water paradox. Water is one of the most valuable things around necessary for survival and yet by and large its nearly free. However, diamonds are totally unnecessary but very expensive.

Google may become a great “water provider” but that won’t justify a stock valuation of $50 billion.

It’s a fair point, with all this innovation, and seemingly uncoordinated projects popping up every week or so, what exactly is their end game?

The always-on guy obviously hasn’t heard of AutoLink yet, but I’m sure they’ll get there in the end…

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