Does Everyone Have it in for Dell?

    July 11, 2006

Since others are saying this in a more measured, politically-correct fashion, let the client-side guy be clear.

All of the lemmings in the blogosphere need to leave Dell the hell alone.

Here is a rant based on a comment I originally posted at a well-intended blog…

Does *everyone* have it in for Dell? It amazes me the expectations we set for corporate blogs.

a) We’re assuming the Dell blog needs to respond to everything that is said about the new venture. Would you counsel a client to respond to EVERY single comment and critique?

b) Even if Dell is signed up with all of the de rigueur vanity searches, it takes awhile for Google and T-rati to track it all down and bring it to their attention.

c) We’re assuming Dell has staff whose primary task is to sit idly by; waiting for search results and comments so they can respond in Internet time. It’s not how quickly they respond, it is how they respond.

I thought we wanted companies like Dell to join the conversation? I didn’t realize there was a time-limit on responses.

Dell has done a pretty good job thus far responding to critics which is saying a lot as the blogosphere seems to be waiting for them to fail. I assumed the Jeff Jarvis-led lynch mob would be quieted by Dell launching a blog. It seems just the opposite is happening. Besides, didn’t Jarvis switch computer brands? Isn’t it time for him to move on?

I make a lot of mistakes. You make mistakes and so does Dell and every other company. The smart/honest/authentic/transparent ones admit it in the blogosphere. In exchange for losing control of the message, they gain the freedom to make these mistakes in the first place.

Let’s give Dell some time as it tries to change its ways. Of course, that doesn’t make for very catchy blog posts.

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