Do Not Follow Google’s Mistakes

    June 25, 2007

This is not an attempt to bash Google. However, you can sometimes learn what not to do from some very successful people and products.
Google Error

Google has been extremely active in the last year adding services and developing products for users and webmasters alike, however, in some instances they have missed the mark.

Here are some of the news, new and improved products from Google:

  • Dell to Build Google Search Appliances
  • Clean Energy and Green Technology at Google
  • Google Launches Plug-In Hybrid Car Initiative and Unveils Solar Installation
  • Google Allows Webmasters to Report Spam in Index
  • Google Improves Calendar
  • Google Launches Universal Search
  • Google Acquires FeedBurner
  • Google Gears Brings Online Content to Offline Applications
  • Hot Trends Added to Google Trends
  • Google Improves Analytics
  • Google Acquires DoubleClick
  • Google Working with LG on the new “Google Phone”
  • Google Gives Webmasters a Better View of Links
  • Google has done so much, and they are setting a pace for themselves, online and in the financial arenas, that will be difficult to maintain, hence the partnerships and acquisitions.

    OK, back to the point!

    If you can’t build it, buy it… No, this is not the lesson. The real lesson is: When you have an idea, keep working to improve it!

    What I am not saying: Google fails to improve on products and services.

    What I am saying: Google can loose focus too!

    I’m not saying that they have, however, some services don’t appear to be a priority for Google. Specific point, Google Reader. Back in December 2006, Matt Cutts posted about “What we want from Google for Christmas.” So, I thought about the products and services that I use that are provided by Google: GMail, Reader, Webmaster Central, Analytics, AdWords, AdSense, the list goes on. What I wanted to find was something that I could give Google feedback for improvement. One little function that could or should be included in a product that I use. I provided my response, search functionality in Google Reader.

    Seems so novel, search capabilities from a search engine, but Reader still lacks this feature. I don’t know the difficulty in providing this for users, but it seems like a simple feature for the number 1 search portal.

    The moral:

    1. Don’t forget about your users when developing your website/service/widget.

    2. Ideas are great, but don’t pick up a new one until you have done your best on each one before.

    3. Always be open to feedback. Sometimes your users will give you that little something that will propel you to the top!