Disneyland Paris Now In Google Earth

    May 26, 2009

It was almost a year ago that Walt Disney created a 3D virtual tour of Disney World and made it available in Google Earth.

Now it has done the same with Disneyland Paris. The Google Lat Long Blog provides more details.

"This week Disney introduced its Disneyland Paris resort, with amazing 3D buildings. They’re able to achieve this with the quality of the photos used for texturing these buildings. Disney tells me that more than 85,000 photos (450GB worth) were taken over a 20 day period for this project. The castle alone is comprised of over 354 textures derived from over 2,000 photos."

Disney Castle

"Disney developed a custom KML for each attraction in the two Disneyland Paris Parks, each of the seven Disney hotels and the Disney Village. Simply click on the area of interest and a KML bubble complete with Flash animations and sound will appear. You can navigate from place-to-place using this approach, but my preference is to use my 3D mouse and stroll through the park on my own at ground level."

Disney Maze

The Disneyland Paris layer is located in the "Gallery" folder and requires users to have Google Earth 5.0 to view the models. The layer is available in six languages including French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch and English.