Demon in the Feeds

    June 6, 2007

This isn’t about FeedDemon or Google buying Feedburner. But it is about RSS.

RSS is Delicious

I’ve become a bit of a feed freak and need to go on an RSS diet. RSS should fuel posts and speed up my ability to stay current on the topics of my choice. But as my feeds are currently organized, RSS is slowing me down. With more than 5,800 posts marked “Keep New,” do you think I’ll ever be able to reference them all? Really Simple Syndication my arse.

As an experiment, I left my Bloglines account untouched for 24 hours to see how many new posts would accumulate. I’m following 159 feeds, which includes blogs, news sources and a couple of aggregated feeds. Todd And’s Power 150 for example. That feed doubles the number I’m tracking.

In one day, 686 new posts accumulated. No mas.

There’s enough duplication across the aggregated and individual feeds that I’m going to jump into Yahoo! Pipes, strip out any duplicate subscriptions and create several custom feeds organized by topic.

How do you handle RSS overload?

RSS is delicious uploaded by nickgerakines