Defining Product Standards for Online Shopping

    March 16, 2006

I caught up with Alan Rimm-Kaufman at SES in NYC who asked me to share with you an effort that is underway to bring some kind of standardization to online shopping datafeeds.

Why standardize, I hear you ask? According to ORDS (Online Retail Datafeed Standardization)…

The current lack of standards for online SKU-based advertising wastes time for all sides. This lack of standards hampers marketing creativity, reduces advertising reach for retailers, decreases ad revenue to the search engines, and leads to less data and choice for online shoppers.

The initiative has its own website at, where you can learn more and sign-up for more details.

While speaking with me, Alan also had the attention of Kevin Delaney of the WSJ. Poor guy didn’t recognize Kevin and so decided to continue his conversation with me. So I’m posting this in part to ensure it stays on Kevin’s radar.

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