Cutts Takes SEO To Google Video

    July 31, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Google insider Matt Cutts needs to stop taking his work home with him. But his leisure-time loss is the SEOer’s gain. He spent his home alone time making videos and uploading them to Google’s video vertical. Not those kind of videos!

In what one commentator suggested looked like hostage videos, Cutts regales the information-hungry SEO population with five-minute videos divided into 3 sessions.

Session One reviews the “qualities of a good site,” as the host drops hints about what Google looks for when ranking a website. Webmasters should be able to deduce what is consistent across well-ranking sites from the information.

In Session Two Matt debunks common SEO myths to let viewers know exactly when they’re barking up the wrong tree, beating a dead horse, flogging the wrong dolphin, or whatever clich you prefer.

In Session Three, the age-old (and by now obvious) question of optimizing for users or search engines is addressed. I’ll save you the trouble: in an ideal world, you optimize for users; in the real world, you do both. Cutts gives some good advice on how.

On his weblog, Cutts indicated that if his audience found the tutorials helpful, he would continue making them in spare time.

Living out in California has diluted the Kentucky boy’s accent. Stay blue, Matt! That’s Wildcat blue, of course. Next person says the word “tarheel” is getting their tires slashed.

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