Cutts: I’d Still Pick Dashes

    August 10, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Matt Cutts posted several pointers from his WordCamp 2007 talk, including some more commentary about underscores versus dashes for URL formats.

Cutts: I'd Still Pick Dashes
Cutts: I’d Still Pick Dashes

Once the PR types at Google finished giving Matt’s presentation slides a review, he posted the WordCamp 2007 presentation to his blog. His discussion listed a few SEO tips for bloggers to consider.

Matt doesn’t just toss out the PowerPoint slides for one’s review. He’s got video of his talk. He’s got a lengthy transcript. He’s got links to a trio of summaries of his presentation.

All that’s missing are paparazzi photos of Matt drinking a Diet Sprite while surfing the web.

He brought up the topic of underscores in URLs again. It seems his earlier points about them need some clarification, which he duly blogged about in his post:

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