Create Events From the Facebook Publisher

    July 8, 2009
    Chris Crum

Facebook has added a feature, which allows users to add events and invite people to them right from the publisher box. Now creating an event is pretty much as simple as sharing a link.

To add an event, just push the "more" arrow button on the publisher box, and you will find events. Once you fill out the form, it will be posted to you news feed, and you can invite guests from there.

Facebook Events from the publisher


Facebook Events from the publisher

When you click "invite guests" you will be able to go through your Facebook Friends and choose who you want to invite.

Facebook Events from the publisher

"You might wonder why you wouldn’t just invite friends to an event using a status update," says Facebook’s Bo Hong Deng. "Creating an event in the Publisher helps you better organize the event details, and your friends can RSVP immediately when they see it in their News Feeds. This is more structured than a status update and also takes full advantage of the Events application. You can easily find out which of your friends are coming, and of course, they can comment on the event’s wall, share photos and use other Events features."

It is important to note that once you create an event in the news feed, anyone will be able to join and invite others to join. You can change this in the app and make it closed or secret if you wish.