Create A Cohesive Look For Your Site

    June 10, 2003

A Site Review Of By Anne Lawrence of

If an older crowd is part of your target market, either increase the font size or refrain from using dark backgrounds. Some of the text was very tiny and difficult to read. Make sure the contrasting colors for text and background make it easy to read.

I prefer to see events listed in calendar order rather than by sponsor. It makes it easier to find out what’s happening when I plan to be in town.

If possible, have the businesses provide you with short descriptions of their business or their specialty, especially if they don’t have a link to their website. I know this is extra work for you, but the information is more likely to entice visitors.

I think the history timeline was clever, but most people aren’t used to scrolling sideways and I found it confusing at first. Especially confusing were the arrows in the red circles that are sometimes links, sometimes not.

Overall, the site didn’t appear dated to me at all, but it could use a more cohesive look. Take advantage of the fact that you can provide lots of photos — just don’t make it too cluttered.

Anne Lawrence
Project Manager

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