Cost Adds Up For Unused Wi-Fi Time

    May 31, 2007

More than half of Wi-Fi hotspot users around the globe are wasting their money according to Trustive’s "WLAN Roaming Research 2007" report.

Cost Adds Up For Unused Wi-Fi Time
“Cost Adds Up For Unused Wi-Fi Time”
Cost Adds Up For Unused Wi-Fi Time

Bram Jan Streefland of Trustive said, "Around 60% [of hotspot users worldwide] are opting for ad hoc methods of purchasing wireless services such as scratch cards or vouchers, which are often sold in hour-long blocks."

"With just over half of end users averaging session times of 30 minutes or less, it means that about half of the time purchased is wasted and users are unnecessarily losing unused minutes. No wonder that 70% of respondents believe pricing to be expensive and not offering value for money."

Mr. Streefland continued, "We anticipate that subscription levels will continue to grow over the next 12-18 months. It is also interesting that 65% of users would ideally like a free service, but they also want to connect easily via a fast well-secured connection."

Close to half of hotspot operator revenues worldwide come from voucher and credit card payments. About a third come from subscriptions.