Copyright Law and Common Sense

    December 7, 2007

Jeremy Toeman asks for common sense in copyright laws and warns his congresscritter against the PRO IP act: “Common sense tells me that the maximum penalty for transmitting an MP3 file should not be over 1000-fold the maximum penalty of shoplifting a CD from a store.”

We aren’t going to have common sense in this, sorry. The political system is jiggered by those who have money and can pay for lobbyists, etc.

It’s sad that our industries and our politicians don’t listen to common sense like that espoused in Jeremy Toeman’s letter to Nancy Pelosi.

I totally support Jeremy’s position on this. PRO IP is a bad idea and is NOT pro user. We won’t get more innovations out of the industry with bills like this.

It’s too bad the music and movie industries aren’t looking for ways to help us enjoy their products better. It’s totally ridiculous that the industry hasn’t found a way for me to pay for content ONCE and enjoy that on every single device I want to.

I guess if the industry were willing to be pro-user far more often than it does then it might have my support when it asks for more copyright protections.

But, I’m a realist. I know that laws like these will continue to get enacted because of the sheer force of so much money being thrown around. Who stands up for the users? Thank you Jeremy Toeman for doing so.