Copernic Adds To Desktop Search

    July 30, 2005
    Chris Crum

As more and more people start to use Firefox rather than Microsoft Internet Explorer, more and more companies are starting to cater to them.

Copernic has added some new features for its Copernic Desktop Search 1.6, including some Firefox friendly ones. It allows users to search the web, emails, the user’s web history, etc. all from the Firefox browser itself. Of course, Copernic gives Internet Explorer the same treatment.

New features for Copernic Desktop Search 1.6 that Copernic mentions on its site include the following:

  • New Internet Explorer toolbar for desktop and Web searches
  • New Firefox toolbar for desktop and Web searches
  • Completely redesigned deskbar category selection window for better usability
  • New “Pause indexing when running on battery power” option for laptop users
  • New shortcut key to open the application main window from any other application (default key combination is Windows Key + C)
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