Contxts Shows Off SMS Business Cards

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Even among the tech savvy, pretty paper business cards are still the norm. Any tech conference in the country you go to will lead to a pocket full of them, some you may even use. This year at SXSW, some cutting edge types had these old world formalities only as backups. Instead, they asked a question you might hear a lot more of in the future: Are you on Contxts?

Lately we’ve all been hearing similar questions in other situations: Are you on [Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter]? Those same companies might want to look very closely at Contxts’ concept.

Still in a rough and ugly alpha stage, Contxts bills itself as the digital replacement for business cards. The way it works is simple and based on SMS messaging. Give a new contact your Contxts username, and they can text it to 50500 for instant retrieval of credentials and contact information on their phone, including social network information the contact frequents.


Or a user can send the same information directly to a contact from his or her mobile. Contxts also files contacts into a digital rolodex.

This could work if one forgets or runs out of business cards, or is trying to be environmentally friendly by saving paper, or just wants the appearance of being cutting edge.

If this concept takes off with the 21st century business crowd—and why wouldn’t it?—then boom, that’s another print industry standard taken down by a sensible, digital upstart. Some things will always require paper (not sure what, though—well, you can’t wipe your mouth with a digital napkin), but business contact information isn’t likely one of them.

Hat tip to Mashable.  


Contxts Shows Off SMS Business Cards
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  • http://www.printclick.com/blog Print blog

    Very cool idea.

    Watch out print industry?


    • http://www.antidote.com.sg Antidote Internet Marketing

      Nice. Now they just need to support mobile internet access and make their platform available to more people globally.

  • Katie

    It sounds to me like there is quite a bit of monkeying around to get your business card created and sent to others via mobile device with contexts. At imcard.biz (eGregate Corporation) all you need to do is simply create your card and text it to your mobile device. You choose as much or as little information to appear on your card as you wish. Choose background colors, font colors, upload Coporate gif logos and save it to your desktop to be used to attach to emails or forward it right to your cell device to be forwarded onward to anyone who has a mobile device at your discretion. It uses little memory and is always with you. The best part? Each card is only 17.95 and there are never any membership or service fees associated with using this site. Just 17.95 each to create your own business, appointment, event or coupon card. I own a real estate firm and all 7 of us have cards that we use on a daily basis. I encourage everyone to check this site out. imcard.biz, I am certainly glad we did.

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