Continued Growth For Online Advertising

    October 29, 2008

Online advertising will continue to grow despite economic woes according to the latest analysis from eMarketer.

The majority of analyst firms expect to see spending growth for online advertising to continue to show double-digit increases in 2008 and 2009.

Globally, 91 percent of marketers are using online advertising, according to a McKinsey & Co survey of 340 senior marketing executives. Over half (55%) said they plan on cutting spending on traditional media in order to focus on Internet advertising.

A Forrester Research survey found that 25 percent of marketers would increase spending on online advertising due to an economic recession. In addition an Epsilon CMO survey from September revealed that 63 percent of marketers planned to increase their Internet advertising spending in 2008.

Continued Growth For Online Advertising

Some of the reasons online advertising is attractive to marketers is the ability to measure their campaigns and target their message more than other forms of media.

Online advertising also is more engaging to consumers and more young people are spending more time online per week they are watching television.

The Internet is the only channel that allows marketers to connect with consumers during the entire shopping process, from the research phase to the point of sale and post feedback.