Conservative Activists Launch #dontgo Web Site

Urges vote on energy bill

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A group of conservative activists have launched a Web site to support House Republicans plea to reconvene Congress and vote on an energy bill.

The site called dontgomovement.com was created to support House Republicans who remained in Congress Friday after it adjourned for its August recess. The Republicans are protesting Congress’ failure to vote on an energy bill.

"They provided the spark but we were the energy that was already out there," Patrick Ruffini, a founding editor of the conservative Web site thenextright.com, said on a conference call.

Over 1100 people have signed up to receive email alerts from the site since a splash page went up on Monday, according to Eric Odom, one of the organizers behind dontgomovement.com.

The site says its goal is "to achieve a tidal shift in American politics from the ground up." It says it will do that by using new media and grassroots to "link the people of America with their elected representatives from both sides of the aisle."

The site says it "will provide the technology to send letters to members of Congress, make phone calls to them, and provide up to date news, and blogging content. #dontgo is a message to all of America, Republicans, Democrats and Independents."

Conservative Activists Launch #dontgo Web Site
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  • http://anewtone.com Snooper

    This is the turning point in the Conservative Movement.  o that end is why the Leftinistra are frothing at the mouth with hate.

    • Guest

      The conservatives are such liars with all their fear mongering AGAIN!  We DON’T need to drill for oil.  There are 68 million acres they can drill on right now.  Why aren’t they?  Here they go again trying to scare the public into believing we are running out of oil.  Instead of the same old tired mantra, what we should be doing is moving on to new technology to get us off oil PERIOD.  You can liquify coal to a cleaner burning fuel than oil, and the US is sitting on about 875 billion barrels of it.  WHY DON’T OUR FEARLESS LEADERS KNOW THAT?  They have so many ADVISORS.   This is just another ploy to lock up the oil fields for a handful of companies.  I say fire all the crooks that are "staging" this sitin.

  • DeserTBoB

    Not so fast, Snooper-Pooper.

    You guys on #dontgo have already been outted for running Tea Tard/right wing fruitcake “comment boiler rooms” on Yahoo News…and many accounts have already been banned, only to have them come back again.

    Sooner or later, the Feds will get involved. And THEN what will you do?

    No, this is NOT a turning point. It’s the right wing’s swan song.

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