comScore Names Most Popular Facebook Apps

    January 25, 2008

We’ve been tough on Facebook applications in the past, and until developers sort them out somewhat, we’ll probably keep it up.  But new comScore data identifies some the most popular apps, and that seems like a good way of highlighting the best of the bunch.

The clear winner, at least in terms of a user base, appears to be Top Friends.  comScore put its penetration of the U.S. Facebook audience at 18.5 percent, which is reasonably impressive.  The closest runner-up, Movies, reached only about 15.4 percent of the whole.comScore Names Most Popular Facebook Apps

At that point, there’s even more of a drop-off.  SuperPoke’s November penetration was 10.8 percent, Compare People’s was 10.4, and iLike reached 10.2 percent of Facebook-friendly Americans.  Other apps on the list included Super Wall, Likeness, Quizzes, Funwall, and Graffiti.

We know that the ten apps’ numbers will grow in coming months; the fun part will be to watch the rate at which they rise.  It should also be interesting to see if the order of apps changes, or if any new contenders show up on the list.  One last thing to think about: whether Facebook will simply incorporate any of the apps’ functions into its site.