Comic-Con 2013: New Ender's Game Teasers With Harrison Ford


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Ender's Game is one of the most-loved science fiction novels of all time. So, when it comes to a movie version, director Gavin Hood and actors such as Harrison Ford and Ben Kingsley have a fine line to walk when it comes to pleasing fans.

Those fans showed up this week to confront the movie's cast and crew at the San Diego Comic-Con's Ender's Game panel. They were treated to two new teaser trailers, each narrated by Ford, who plays Colonel Graff in the movie. One shows Graff introducing new cadets to some of the movie's back story with a very serious monologue:

The other shows off a bit of the movie's special effects, including glimpses of Bugger ships during a battle, the all-important battle room, and the same huge spoiler that the movie's first trailer contained:

In other recent news, Lionsgate last week responded to the controversy that has been building regarding Ender's Game. Though the novel is beloved in science fiction culture, the book's author, Orson Scott Card, has come under fire in recent years for his outspoken opposition to gay rights. With multiple organizations calling for boycotts of the movie, Lionsgate distanced itself from Card, saying it is a supporter of the LGBT community and that it recognizes gay marriage and domestic partnerships internally.

Lionsgate also announced it will host a benefit premiere of Ender's Game for the benefit of LGBT causes.