Collective of Modern Concepts to Better Understand your Business Administration

    November 30, 2005

CRM – Effective CRM initiatives always utilize enterprise software as an integral part of a successful strategy.

PM – A Project Management Rule: Make the project management setting a place where people can be their authentic selves without fear of judgement or mockery. Granting each other their legitimacy is the basis for the healthiest of relationships.

CRM – Achieving profitable, organic growth is never simple. Today, however, attracting and keeping profitable customer relationships seems even harder. New industry dynamics, changing customer demographics and outmoded marketing practices present considerable challenges to establishing the loyal customer relationships that are the foundation of growth.

PM – Any Project Management that are not well managed, and therefore go awry, are a drain on productivity and overall organizational effectiveness.

PM – Think of tasks as individual pieces of work which need to be done. Some typical tasks may include:

1. Reports to management,

2. Pieces of code for an application,

3. Project management definition documents,

4. Any small (or large) item that contributes to reaching the state goal of the project management.

CRM – Small and midsize companies have been able to implement more complete Customer Relationship Management CRM systems because they may not operate globally and may be newer organizations that have fewer business processes to contend with.

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