Collective Blogging More Suited For Vortals Than Portals

    January 7, 2005

Breaking News Blog could be a good idea. It is “a collective of bloggers who each focus on a niche news topic”. You can read a bit more about it at ProBlogger and public (mind).

I like the idea of developing the group blog concept and “collective blogging” is an interesting thought. But what on earth does medical research have to do with Jessica Simpson? Or credit cards with MP3-players (unless you use the first to pay for the second…)?

And why can’t readers subscribe to the collection of blogs with one feed?

To me this is just the idea of portals all over again, now with blogs. Still, I think they’re on to something interesting in line with for example WebProNews. I actually think collective blogging would be more suited for WebProNews-like vortals (?) than general portals.

To make it collective in a more true sense the bloggers probably also should agree upon themes to blog about certain days or weeks, even if they still ran their own blogs. That would add value for me as a reader.

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