“Kristen’s” MySpace Page Disappears

    March 13, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

UPDATE: Ashley’s (Kristen’s, Spitzer’s girl’s) MySpace page has disappeared once again, and is replaced by someone named Johnny. The article to follow was written earlier before this revelation.

I can’t be certain because I didn’t take a screen shot, but when I first pulled up Ashley Alexandra Dupre’s (aka Kristen, aka Spitzer’s girl) MySpace page, I’m fairly certain she had nine friends listed. I noted it because I thought it was ironic considering the number of the client.

Ashley Alexandra Dupre's Myspace Page

I went to check out her pics—pure, ahem, journalistic research mind you—only to find they were the same as published everywhere. When I came back to her main page, she only had eight friends.

Somebody surprised? Somebody not wanting to be affiliated? Glitch in the system?

I propose glitch as a possible explanation because when I tried load www.myspace.com/ninavenetta, it brought up her picture under the name "Barry," who had one friend, Tom.

I tried to search for it in Google, and the link brought me to a screen that said the account had been cancelled or deleted.

Call Girl Myspace Page Cancelled

Not one to give up, I tried again in a different tab and brought up Ashley’s page, which was restored with a Barry among her friends. I also tried a search on MySpace which, as many of us know, is relatively futile.

Don’t know if that means anything, just found it interesting and odd.

Especially after searching Google’s cache for the Emperor’s Club VIP and coming up with nada. Especially after searching Internet Archive’s WayBackMachine and finding nothing archived past Aug. 24, 2007.

Emperors Club Welcome

 The page the last date brought back was interesting for other reasons. It was a welcome page saying the Emperor’s Club specialized in deluxe concierge, model introduction,  contemporary art  and Investment services.

Investment services?

A co-worker responds, "You put it in, you take it out, I don’t see the difference."


Kristen Model Info

Another interesting tidbit is that Ashley’s music was selling on Amie Street for free until this happened. Amie Street is a place for musicians to promote their music, the price per song dependant upon personality popularity (woops). Her songs are selling for 98 cents now.

One more. It was only a matter of time (but not much time) before somebody snapped up Client9.com. Don’t know how legit or safe it is, so visit at your own risk.