China Puts Limits On Online Gaming

    July 19, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Kids are creative, so it’s difficult to enforce any rules without the smart little…minxes finding a way around them. You know that tone that only teenagers can hear and drives them crazy? They turned that around by making it a ring tone the teacher wouldn’t hear in class.

Clever, clever little…dickens.

It will be interesting then, to see how quickly they get around China’s latest move against Internet gaming addiction. Anyone wishing to play online games in the country will have to enter an ID number. If under 18, they’ll be limited to three hours of game time daily.

After that a message pops up advising them to get some exercise. If they stay on longer, they lose half their points. If they stay on for five hours, they lose all their points.

Spare the mod, spoil the child, as it were.

Those of you that were quite good at gaming whatever system came your way in school (you know who you are, you bunch of Ferris Bueller wannabes) have already discovered flaws in the simple description of this monitoring system.

After all, it’s not like all billion plus of them are playing online games, every day all day. If so, we might be able to stop worrying China as a military presence. If we had to fight, we’d just release a new version of World of Warcraft, ride in on Pizza Hut trucks equipped with artificial sunlight.

Unless they’re doing retina scans, numbers should be easy enough to come by.

If they want the kids to exercise, they should consider a national supply of Nintendo Wii’s. Of course, that could weaken them militarily as well, as the whole country comes down with a  bad case of Wii shoulder.