Chantry Networks Announces Evaluation Results of BeaconWorks by The Tolly Group

    August 23, 2004

The Tolly Group Awards BeaconWorks “Up-to-Spec” Certification for Voice over Wireless, Scalability, Seamless Multi-Subnet Roaming and QoS; BeaconWorks Delivers 15 Concurrent Toll-Quality Calls on a Single Access Point.

Chantry Networks announced today the results of a comprehensive evaluation of BeaconWorks by The Tolly Group, an independent testing company. The Tolly Group has certified BeaconWorks as “Up-to-Spec” for business quality voice calls over WLAN and the ability for a single BeaconMaster to handle as many as 4,096 concurrent users, with service levels required by enterprise wireless deployments.

“Chantry’s ability to support seamless multi-subnet roaming between BeaconMaster controllers and BeaconPoint access points while running rich voice, data and multimedia applications is key to delivering on the promise of true wireless mobility,” said Tom Racca, vice president of marketing, Chantry Networks. “Our customer feedback has confirmed that BeaconWorks has a superior technology foundation to support today’s demanding business-critical mobile applications and The Tolly Group test results validate our superior multi-subnet roaming capabilities for voice traffic.”

After a thorough evaluation of the BeaconWorks product line, including the BeaconMaster 1200 Layer 3 routed access controller and the BeaconPoint 200 access point, The Tolly Group concluded:

— BeaconWorks is reliable for voice applications over wireless: a single BeaconPoint 200 can support up to 15 toll-quality or 25 business-quality concurrent voice calls;

— Seamless Layer 3 roaming at record handoff: 8.3ms average between BeaconPoint access points on completely different subnets, demonstrating low latency for multimedia, voice and data traffic;

— BeaconWorks has the scalability to support thousands of users with high performance: A single BeaconMaster 1200 can scale to support 4,096 wireless clients and 200 BeaconPoints without degradation in performance; wirespeed performance on the controller;

— BeaconWorks delivers Quality of Service (QoS) for multiple subnets and through seamless roaming: BeaconWorks’ overall QoS for multiple virtual LANs successfully manages and segments high and low priority traffic, allocating full bandwidth for voice calls as per the defined policy.

According to Kevin Tolly, president and CEO of The Tolly Group, “Any enterprise-class WLAN should be able to deliver consistent, low latency while a user roams from access point to access point over any IP network. Our testing proved that BeaconWorks is designed to handle the multi-subnet roaming of VoIP calls at toll-quality and business-quality levels.”

Likewise, users want a system that scales well, and the BeaconMaster proved that it fits that requirement with its support for more than 4,000 clients. “The BeaconMaster demonstrated that it can deliver more than ample bandwidth for WLAN applications requirements,” Tolly said.

The evaluation report by The Tolly Group is available directly from Chantry Networks at The full report gives throughput details and benchmarks on BeaconMaster 1200 and BeaconPoint 200.

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