Ch-ch-ch-changes At WebProNews

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You may have noticed some changes here in the wonderful world of WebProNews yesterday and today. Here’s what we’re doing.

Our publisher, Rich Ord, has been in this Internet business for quite some time. When it’s time to move onward with new technologies, he has done that.

Many of you have seen this in the form of video, first from conferences, then from our cozy studios here in the heart of the Bluegrass. On Monday we began testing the WebProNews video update, an afternoon recap of a handful of stories that are sometimes headline makers, sometimes just below the radar.

We want to inform with our videos, and to entertain. Although we have much affection for CNBC, we don’t want to be them. Our latest videos with host Nicole Eggers may be found on the WebProNews Videos page.

Once conference season begins in earnest, you’ll see that video page fill up with looks from places like Search Engine Strategies. We have enjoyed a positive response from the search and marketing pros who have participated in them so far, and we look forward to many more of them.

Being a writer, I’m someone whose still sees the craft of reporting as one not far removed from the era of fedoras and manual typewriters. But the public wants instant and rich gratification for their news desires. Video isn’t the future, it’s the here and now, no mistake about it.

The modern Internet user also values having a place to leave feedback for those who write today. At the bottom of this article, and others going forward, you will see an invitation to create an account at WebProNews and leave comments.

This is a significant shift for your friendly neighborhood writers here. There may be glitches. There may be weirdness. Sometimes things may not work brilliantly. We’re learning here too. Let us know what you think. Comments, remember?


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Ch-ch-ch-changes At WebProNews
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  • ericw

    I had the pleasure of getting to know Rich Ord long ago in his very early Newslinx days. He understood the power of human edited headline aggregation long before RSS and blogs existed. Frankly he’s been underappreciated and not recognized enough for his many significant innovations and contributions to what’s now considered standard operating procedure. Google News owes much to the Newslinx model…I also admire that he stayed in Kentucky. I’ve stayed in Tennessee since day one, much to the bafflement of my peers. Truth is Rich showed and continues to show that innovation happens everywhere, not just Seattle, San Jose, or New York.

    Good luck with the changes and continued evolution.

    Eric Ward

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