CES 2012: THX Media Director Makes Watching Movies Easier


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THX is showing off a new technology at CES today. THX Media Director is a feature that is already integrated into a variety of home entertainment devices - TVs, Blu-ray players, and more. The purpose of THX Media Director is to optimize your device’s settings based on the content you are consuming. The system bypasses all the complicated settings and menus and turns watching a Blu-ray into a plug-and-play experience where the equipment automatically adjusts itself to produce the best picture and sound quality.

THX Media Director is integrated into a number of home theater devices, including the Dune HD Max and Dune HD Smart B1 Blu-ray players, the Sharp Elite LED LCD TV, and Indy Audio Labs’ Acurus Act 4 preamplifier. The Dune HD players are currently available, and will have access to THX Media Director via an automatic firmware update.

THX has also partnered with several major content authoring companies to make the Blu-ray discs they create for the various entertainment companies compatible with THX Movie Director. The statement does not say what, if any, THX Media Director compatible content is already available.

[Source: THX Blog]