Celebrate! Create Your Very Own WOW List

    November 11, 2003

What in the world is a “WOW List”? It’s a tool (a reminder we humans sometimes need) to help us put the joy back in our lives. Maybe it’s a tool to help us realize how much we really have, or to remember what brings a big smile to our faces.

How do you create a WOW List? First, purchase a small booklet, like an assignment pad or journal. Glue something to the cover to add color. Add a picture you’ve taken, a cut-out of a card you’ve saved – let your imagination run wild!

Start your WOW List by taking notice when you are doing, seeing, or thinking about something that brings a smile to your face. Write those things in your pad. When you feel your heart smile, when you say WOW or AW or whatever YOUR word might be, write that item in the pad and put a star by it. Continue on this path for at least a month.

After that, take a very good look at your WOW List. Look for patterns. Look to see what people, places or things to add “more of” into your life. And if you’re in business or thinking about upgrading or changing careers, see if you can find things to add into your life professionally, too. For example, one of the reoccurring items on my WOW List was writing instructional articles. So I added “writing” to the way I market my business. Now, I’m also being paid to author articles. See?

WOW Booklets are great gift ideas. They’re wonderful to provide clients in their Welcome Kits, as gifts from the heart, for contest give-aways, etc. Or have a WOW Booklet night and create beautifully covered WOW Lists with your friends, family and children.

When you add more WOW List items into your life, you’re sure to notice that your life is less stressful; you’ll even find more time. Now… go fill that time up with your WOW’s and other wonderful things that bring a smile to your heart! And start feeling all that wonderful energy!

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