CBS Playing On The Digital Field

    January 10, 2007

CBS plans to continue its relationship with new types of media. CEO, Leslie Moonves in a keynote address at CES in Las Vegas outlined plans for the media company. He believes CBS can continue to be relevant by changing with the times and further embracing new technology. He dismissed the perception that CBS was old media.

“There’s no such thing as old or new media anymore. We’re just media,” Moonves said. The company plans to continue to use Web sites, blogs and Internet video to increase their number of viewers as well as engage the audience.

They are working with YouTube on a project called “15 Seconds” where viewers post their 15- second message on YouTube and CBS will select the best videos to be broadcast on the network. The first video will be shown before the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 4.

CBS also has plans to create a “Star Trek” destination in the virtual world of “SecondLife“.

They will also test technology from Sling Media that will enable users to share television clips and post them on a site to for friends to view. CBS hopes that this could increase ratings for certain shows.

If somebody spends the time to take 20 clips from ‘CSI Miami,’ I think that’s wonderful,” Moonves said. “That only makes him more involved with my show and want to come to CBS on Monday night and watch my show. And we’re going to get paid for the clips this guy takes off our air as well. It’s win, win.”

Moonves went on to say,” Some technologies will work, others will not, We learned a lot watching what happened to the music industry with Napster, and we’d like to avoid those mistakes.”

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