Cancelled Shows 2012: Several Network Programs Get the Axe

"One Tree Hill", "Alcatraz", and "House" won't be back next season

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Cancelled Shows 2012: Several Network Programs Get the Axe
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Cancelled Shows 2012: As always, there are a lot of them, and I’m sure some of the choices won’t be popular with fans. Of course, that’s always the case around this time of year, when networks are trying to figure out what to keep and what to kick to the proverbial curb for the upcoming fall season.

Honestly, none of the cancelled programs should come as much of a shock, though the list of departures is sure to ruffle a few feathers. I know a few people that will be quite upset that “Alcatraz” got the boot, though nobody should be shocked that the animated version of “Napolean Dynamite” was cancelled. Besides one lonely individual, I can’t think of a single person who actively watched it.

Other shows that didn’t make the cut were “Rob”, “Are You There, Chelsea?”, “The Finder”, “The Firm”, “House” (finally), and “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”. The first wave of cancellations came through Friday afternoon, though the list has been amended several times since this morning.

However, a few programs managed to survive the season with their productions intact. In addition to obvious choices as “Big Bang Theory”, “Bones”, “Family Guy”, “Glee”, and “Fringe”, other shows that will return this fall are “Mike & Molly”, “Modern Family”, “Parenthood”, “Community”, and “Parks and Recreation”. For those of you who enjoy watching a network brutally whip the rotten, putrid corpse of a once-reliable horse, “The Office” has been renewed for yet another season.

To fill the void left by those shows that are, for all intents and purposes, dead and buried, a handful of titles have been announced. Included in this list is the reboot of “Beauty and the Beast”, “Friend Me”, “Guys with Kids”, and “The Carrie Diaries”, the latter of which is a prequel to the hit HBO series “Sex and the City”.

For a complete list of shows that made the cut, swing by TV Guide and have a good, hard look at the fortunate few that managed to hang around for one more year. The list of current cancellations have been included below.

Cancelled Television Programs 2012
Alcatraz (Fox)
Allen Gregory (Fox)
Are You There, Chelsea? (NBC)
Awake (NBC)
Best Friends Forever (NBC)
Bent (NBC)
Breaking In (Fox)
Charlie’s Angels (ABC)
Chuck (NBC)
CSI: Miami (CBS)
Desperate Housewives (ABC)
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (ABC)
The Finder (Fox)
The Firm (NBC)
Free Agents (NBC)
A Gifted Man (CBS)
H8R (CW)
Harry’s Law (NBC)
House (Fox)
I Hate My Teenage Daughter (Fox)
Man Up! (ABC)
Missing (ABC)
Napoleon Dynamite (Fox)
NYC 22 (CBS)
One Tree Hill (CW)
Pan Am (ABC)
The Playboy Club (NBC)
Prime Suspect (NBC)
Remodeled (CW)
Ringer (CW)
The River (ABC)
Rob (CBS)
The Secret Circle (CW)
Terra Nova (Fox)
Unforgettable (CBS)
Work It (ABC)

Cancelled Shows 2012: Several Network Programs Get the Axe
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  • Joel

    ‘Rotten Putrid Corpse’
    You really are an opinionated tool aren’t you.

    • Aaron

      Making a comment about someone being “an opinionated tool”, makes you look like one too, smart ass.

      • Joel

        Well I am not the journalist or the writer columnist of this article you schmuck.

        • scott

          so you’re just a tool?

          • Trexmix

            You are all tools.
            Me too.
            so drink a nice tall one!
            and “nice tall one” = “glass of stfu”

            Thanks for coming out & have a safe drive home.

          • http://PoopInTheButt.com Jacob

            Yea Im cool too…

          • Shorty

            Lls at Trexmix

          • sheri

            Wait a minute! I thought that High School let out by 3:00

          • https://twitter.com/shannonbabygirl Shannon

            On a side note, I really liked Missing! I hate that it’s being canceled :(

          • Joel

            I am not the one getting paid to say that The Office is a “putrid corpse of a once-reliable horse.” I am just tired of bias articles like this one therefore I am not a tool.

            Also I would like to point out that purpose of commenting, it is to give one’s opinion.

        • bj taylor

          Since when does expressing an opinion on a web site that invites opinion make one an opinionated tool?

          Joel’s comment wasn’t nearly as harsh as your clearly opinionated, rude, and crude one, and he had every right to express his opinion, as do you. But he wasn’t hostile, and it was not he who was the smart ass.

          Class and intelligence show. So does the lack of them.

      • robert

        i kind of doubt that myself i think he’s right you and that other one is oppionated with no sense of brain or imagination at all screwball

        • Jay

          Robert, if you study grammar really, really hard you might be able to go back to school & graduate!

          • ….

            Jay could you be anymore of an @$$?

      • Dala

        I giggled at that one.

      • Jayde


    • Kenji

      Very bias but intersting artical. No surprise alot of Fox shows where canned let alone Napolean Dynamite, I saw that coming when I heard they where making a show about that movie.

      • emily

        napoleon dynamite was one of my favorite shows!

        • I know right! It was amazing! Just simply hilarious. Especially if you’ve seen the movie!

          • Jay

            Apparently this person is the child of the writer for the show…

        • http://gmail.com Drew Stevens


          • Jay

            I guess Emily is the fraternal twin of Drew & the two of them are the writer for Napoleon Dynamite’s progeny…. Why else would they so enthusiastically endorse that pathetic work of animated feces ?

        • http://Google Rodrigo Gutierrez


        • Mark

          Sorry to hear that. May you find a life with your extra free time.

      • Man, I was really loving Napolean Dynamite!!! It was awesome and funny.

    • peggy

      Why dont you take a poll? I can not believe what garbage that you put on TV, We were was really getting into watching Missing, then it is up & cancelled. That trash Panam, bachelorette, GCB, how I met your mother,,just to name a few are just garbage. Well I guess we will just keeping Major League Baseball.

      • Dan

        How I Met Your Mother is one of the greatest shows ever.

        • Jill e

          I am so with you. Missing is an intelligent spy show and I am loving it. My guess is it costs too much to make.

          • Al Smith

            you have to be kidding?

          • casper

            They missed the boat on missing, the ringer , they were both good

          • http://Yahoo mary

            I love, “How I Met YourMother”, I only wish all the characters would get the same ‘spotlight’ as Barney. Seems like every other show has a male chauvinist/misogynistic character, and, just for me it’s getting kind of old!

          • Stev-o

            Missing lost a lot of viewership when the ‘star’ made a pro Obama commercial.

        • Terri

          How I Met Your Mother is disgusting…nothing but sexist. There’s too much sex on tv, and believe me, I’m no prude, but it’s just not funny when it’s in your face (so to speak) all the time! Cancel that crap!

          • Derick

            I wish there was more T&A on TV. How I met your mother was just soft core trash. We need more boobs and butt cheeks on regular TV! Go OBAMA!!

          • Gimpy

            Right on Terri … HIMYM has dragged on on way too long. And what I don’t understand is why they have a gay actor playing a playboy part. A bit hypocritical if you ask me.

          • scott

            Sexist? lol You’re a prude.

          • Derrick

            Hey Derrick, my name is Derrick too! And you’re so right!

          • http://www.uglygeorge.com uglygeorge

            Too Much T&A on TV? Ugly George could not agree more-picking up chicks & getting them 2 pose nude on the spot should take a back seat to Opera!

          • JDP

            Gimpy… what the hell does having a gay actor portraying a straight young guy have to do with anything???? You need to get a grip!

          • Beth

            Hey Gimpy, it’s called acting.. and he’s very good at it. You on the other hand, are an idiot.

          • Mona

            I know! It makes no sense having gay Doogie Houser, MD playing sexist playboy Barney. I would love to see that show off the air. I’m sad that they pulled the plug on GCB. That was hilarious!

          • GIMPY SUCKS

            GIMPY… get a life… He’s an actor!… its his JOB to act as any character! and he’s good at it… ironic how a Gay man portrays a Straight man so well!!… I applaud Patrick

          • zac

            actually himym is nothing in the sex department, go watch true blood or game of thrones then come bitch, and the reason they pick a gay guy is cuz hes a better actor then most straight, so maybe you should think more before you post and do research

        • shannon

          the only good thing about how i met your mother is NPH and that is all thats good about it with out him it would be too terrible to even think about watching

        • gene

          I agree Dan.While Missing would get too melodrmatic at times it is far above the mindless trash that occupies most time slots…Go Rangers

          • Philco

            Hey, all of you…..shouldn’t you be outside getting some EXCERCISE ?? What is the meaning of all this s***?

        • James

          I agree.

        • Adam smirnoff

          Heck yeah it is!

        • http://PoopInTheButt.com Jacob

          HIMYM and Big Bang Theroy are the best!

        • Gloria Kersey

          Can’t believe CSI Miami cancelled and Missing! Still got crap like Bachelor on!

          • Girlfrie Bendless

            The Bachelorette and Bachelor Pad are two of the only good shows these days. All the shows on this list are garbage. Thank goodness they’re gone.

          • Kate

            It doesn’t pay to watch an intelligent show because the networks just cancel it. Missing was a great show. It was an edge of your seat show.
            Harry’s Law was a good show as well. Kathy Bates said just about everything we WISH we could say.
            Just goes to show that mindless, stupid reality shows are taking over television.

          • bill w

            Csi Miami, Missing, and Prime Suspect were 3 of the best shows on. Survivor still on, Crap……..

          • ken

            big mistake cascelling csi miami best crime drama there is

          • Art

            Re: CSI Miami. Getting the axe is one thing, but the network didn’t even have the courtesy of telling us the last show was a SERIES finale. Nice sly move CBS!! What else is new?

      • vivian

        i just got into missing,what is going on ????????cancel some of this other mess !!!!

        • troy

          there is not much more they can do with missing at some point she has to find her son.How many seasons your gonna wait for that to happen i always tought it was a one season thing.

          • Sharpe

            It was only intended to be ten episodes.

        • sandi drees

          i agree missing is an awesome show

        • JerriAnn

          I agree. I love Missing. So sad it has been cancelled.

      • Gail Towslee


      • Red Minerva

        I LOVE Missing, and am really upset about its cancellation. Of course, the “experts” at ABC scheduled it opposite Big Bang Theory, where other fans of Sean Bean regularly hang out. Just brilliant.

        • Sharpe

          Missing was only scheduled to be ten episodes.

          • alex

            You know, I heard Missing was only scheduled for 10 episodes…

      • josh

        They do take a poll idiot its called ratings and these shows didn’t get good ones so that’s why they got cancelled

        • Attianna

          I loved the show missing too, I am pretty mad they are cancelling it :/

      • Charlie

        Missing is a great show, I’m sorry to see it go. There is a lot of crap that should go before missing goes.

      • Jay

        Anyone ever notice how badly some people spell & use punctuation? Its almost as if everything, every form of communication must be typed out looking like a sixteen year old’s text messaging conversation with their bff ….

        • George

          Funny how you made a grammar error yourself. “Its almost as if…” should be “It’s almost as if…” People in glass houses should not throw stones.

      • Sam

        At one point, How I Met Your Mother was a decent show. It’s not that funny anymore, but some of the older episodes are quite funny and the premise is clever. It is not, however, “one of the greatest shows ever.” That is quite the overstatement.

      • Carolyn Arnold

        We just said last year, “finally, some good shows on TV”. Harry’s Law, Missing, A Gifted Man, The Finder, CSI Miami, Unforgettable. We looked forward to these everyweek. Now TV won’t be worth watching “again”!

        • Jane

          I also liked The Finder and a big fan of all the CSI shows. CSI Miami was cancelled just like Cold Case was cancelled by moving to Sunday Night. At least I have a reprieve on Fringe and CSI NY.

          • Lacey

            I liked the finder, missing and alcatraz.Everything on tv now is just reality shows.I wish they would do away with some of those.what about that new show where they turn their chair around to pick a date (the choice) that looks so stupid.why put that stuff on and cancel the good stuff crazy

        • Mary

          Definitely agree they finally had some good shows and now they are history. Harry’s Law, Missing, Unforgettable, CSI Miami, The Gifted Man…all good shows. Shame on the Networks.

          • Art

            Gee, I thought you would be “happy” to see MORE reality type shows — personally I’ve had enough.
            Really bothers me that both CSI Miami and Unforgettable got sent to the sidewalk!! But, they don’t ask us, right?

          • Maxine Kulhanek


          • http://cbs victor

            mary i agree with you, house, gifted man,missing, and alcatraz were great shows, it is a shame they were cancelled.

    • cassie

      I agree with Joel ;)

    • Brian

      Not sure why you would slam “the office” which continues to be one of the most viewed comedies on television. And “House” is one of the most popular shows of our generation.

      • scott

        House “one of the most popular shows of our generation.” LOL!!!!!! Also the Office is garbage without Michael Scott

        • therealguyfaux

          “That’s what she said.”

          • http://Yahoo Carol Biehl

            I loved House, never missed an episode and am very sad the “Star” wants out!
            I also wished they would have kept the Gifted Man.

            Both were very good shows, not like a lot of the crap they are keeping. All those dance and singing and survivor shows stink! Get rid of them!

        • Nikki Kay

          Are you denying House’s greatness. The show isn’t being “cancelled” per say but the actor wants out.

          • russ

            good luck “house”,scrubs died becuase zak braff wanted to do “other things” you may have heard him as the voice of water on 2 britta commercials

        • R Boy

          Most people say the office sucks without M Scott. But I find that the people who say this, either never really watched the office in the first place, or haven’t given this season a proper chance. Because in reality, this is one of the funniest and well written seasons there has ever been. Without Scott, the rest of the cast were forced to step up their game. Seriously, give it a fair chance.

          • chris

            I totally agree. Personally I like Steve Carrell. But I also think the show may be even better with out him. The reason being is that it centers less around him and more around the other charachters and you have seen some of the other actors really get a chance to shine such as darryl and andy as well as erin(sorry I have no idea what their names are). But I enjoy the show even more than before.

      • Gregory

        I wish they would puT the office in the house and Burn it down because those shows are STUPID and they SUCK.

        • Gayle

          I agree with you. House andthe office and reality like the Kardashins,andJersy shore all bite.

      • Jerry

        I agree. The Office has always been a funny show and House is been great. I think this writer was off on his opinion.

      • http://YAHOO PG

        I agree with you. House should be viewed in everyones “HOUSE”

      • Sam

        In recent seasons, The Office has just gotten terrible. It’s so sad how bad it is now. It was such a great show and now it’s just…pathetic. I love House to death and it is quite popular, but the writing has gone a bit downhill since about season 5. It hasn’t fallen anywhere near as hard as The Office, but it’s certainly not as captivating as it once was.

    • http://yahoo betty

      when shows are canceled that are as good as the firm and a gifted man it is deplorable. leaving shows like once apon a time and the bachlore and banchlette that don’t make any sence at all. please reconsiter the firm and gifted man. they are very good and enterting.

      • Barbara

        I LOVED “a gifted man” Great cast!!! And I really liked “Awake” too. What ails the networks?

        • Janice

          Totally agree on these two, Awake was awesome. Gifted Man had promise, they didn’t take it as far as it should have gone. Very very sad about House, but can understand the actor wanting to move on. Looking forward to “Longmire” coming on A&E.

        • kimberly

          I agree with you, I LOVED A Gifted Man, as well. It was a good clean show with more than sex to the story. I guess that is why it got cut. I certainly will miss it, I looked forward to watching it on Friday nights.

          • alex

            maybe now you can watch a good show with sex in it instead!

      • Tanya


        I am so totally with you on that! I am upset that they are canceling shows for people who have some intelligence! The Firm was my favorite show this season, but I loved A Gifted Man, too.

        I wish we could do something about these cancellations!

        • Bob C

          You can do alot about it by not buying the products that are advertised. Thasts what pays for the program.

      • Linda

        I agree The Firm is good and I hate to see it go but I love Once Upon A Time. It’s one of the very few shows I like that’s not getting axed.

      • http://BreitCo.com Mr. Bat

        Sense even right?

      • Kyle

        I agree about The Firm big time. I really really love awake too.

        • jaklena

          TV should be entertaining, the Firm did just that for me. I’m very upset about its gone!

      • scott

        have u even watched once upon a time? it is actually a pretty awaesome show. give it a chance u will probably agree…

      • Tim

        Totally agree.

      • Janet

        Betty I agree with you on both those shows. They cancel anything where the viewed has to think, or anything without cheap sex jokes, reality shows and other trash. All the comedies are written by no talent hacks whose jokes are so high school. So sad.

      • Reita

        I agree…The Firm is a great show! Very exciting….Also love Harry’s Law and Awake.

      • Jane

        Betty, I love Once Upon A Time. Who knew that fairy tales are really actually dark.

        • Jamie

          Anyone who’s ever heard of the Grimm Brothers.

    • Raychelle Irby

      I really didn’t watch any of the shows that got the axe. I was glad my shows wasnt on the chopping block Revenge and Mad Men. Project runway and the deadliest catch! Now that’s TV

    • vh

      No! Not Ringer! It’s a good show, I can’t wait to see what happens next fron week to week.

    • http://. Linda

      Unforgettable, Harrys Law, Prime Suspect….you ax the good ones and keep the reality CRAP…bachelor and bachelorette which is dumb and dumber!!! why all this reality crap!! its stupid!! why do we care about someone else’s flippin relationship!!

    • putridrottencorpse

      uhhhh why so much fuss over a compliment

    • http://tvcancellation billie shelton

      they could of got rid of all of them

    • robert

      cbs killed csi miami on purpose ! they put it on sunday’s and the football games ran into the show’s and csi miami would get bumped so people stopped watching ! if they get it off sunday’s people would watch it again ! house is another show that the network has messed up on its on , cause they kept messing with the cast ! every season someone was off the show this year it was cudi , and 13 two people that helped the show ! its going to be a damn same that these show’s wont be back next year ! these are two that should still be on t.v .

      • Jane

        Robert, I agree that moving CSI Miami to Sunday killed it. Moving CSI NY to Friday didn’t help much but it did get a reprive this year. The same thing happend to Cold Case when it moved from the 9:00pm slot on Sunday to 10:00pm. It was cancelled. I have only seen a few eposides of Unforgetable but did like it. It just wan’t on demand. They really need to get rid of the hookup shows (Batchelor, etc.) I think Friday and Sunday are poor viewing nights. I usually have to catch the shows on demand.

      • Brian

        You understand that its not the network that killed house….the main star didnt want to return and there is no point in keeping house on without house

    • Colter


    • shelly

      you’re the writter? yah that’s why it says Todd Rigeny’s name next to author

    • http://yahoo elaine

      instead of cancelling good shows like House, Harry Law, Gifted Man why dont they do everyone a favor and get rid of Bigbang Theory, How I Met Your Mother and those darn reality show. ????

      • http://yahoo elaine

        I forgot to say that the bachelor and bachelorette has got to be the most obnoxious shows ever. Are people really that stupid, “Oh my gosh is he / she going to really pick me” get a life.

    • Elwood

      Opinionated tool? Maybe. Wrong? Not! The only thing I disagreed was his implication that “The Office” was *ever* worth watching.

    • Den

      You know…I have never replied to any kind of comment or opinion on any website. That includes Facebook and Twitter, in fact I don’t even use Twitter. I coincidentally read some of these infatuated comments and I truly believe that some of you may just sit by your computer and wait for someone to reply to you comment. From the bottom of my heart I would just like to say…There are more important things in life than feeding off the thoughts and opinions of others. That is why they are called “opinions”. Maybe going outside or picking up a decent, honest hobby would help all of you. That is all.

    • http://absolutelymindboggling.wordpress.com thomas

      In my opinion, and it’s only my opinion, most of the TV shows today suck. Big Bang Theory is stupid and the only laffs it gets is from a laff track, not from a live audience. Prime Time TV — just sucks nowadays. The writers and TV producers have sucked dry the pool of ideas for sitcoms. Sitcoms, sitcoms, sitcoms, sitcoms, and more sitcoms. Christ, it’s time to come up with some new fresh ideas. Sitcoms are rotten putrid corpses.

  • Todd Rigney

    I like to think so, yes.

    • Matt

      LOL. You couldn’t have said it better. Speaking of rotten putrid corpses – I think its awesome that shows I have long hated which my ex wife LOVED are finally on this list. If only it were a few years ago before I divorced her, I could have printed the list to include with the divorce papers. >:)

      • mark

        You are a mad man, with the canceled list and divorce papers I LOVE IT……

  • Slick

    Are You There, Chelsea? WTF was this really!

  • Nicole

    Ha, I didnt even know there was an animated show with anything to do with Napolean Dynamite!! LOL.

    Also, good riddance to several on the list… ITS ABOUT TIME!!!

    • http://gmail.com Drew Stevens


      • alex

        good thing you is here to tell us about all the stupid people with your gooder grammerz and your broken caps lock.

  • Hans

    Why did you write (finally) by House?
    Are you implying that show was bad?

    • Michael

      I agree with you. I loved watching the show. NOW i got to find something else to watch. Which sucks seeing as a few good sho’s got the axe.

      • Becca

        House is a great show, but how many ways can we see House self-destruct and how many cases can they come up with that don’t resemble Sarcoidosis or Cancer??? It’s just time, Stop while your at the Top

        • NI


          • nippersmom

            Do you really have to scream at us about it, NI?

            I personally think “House” is better this season than it was last season, but agree that it was a good show that has run its course. I hope Hugh Laurie finds another gig, though- he’s fantastic.

      • guess who ??

        Wow we really liked house , it was okay .. alot better than some of the other shows still on. My hubby and watch Finder almost every week, what happened ? Why are some not all of the good shows gone while crap still is shown each week ? Oh well at least there is netflix ..

        • Frances Martin

          “The Finder” was the best new show this year…with so much junk on the tube it was overlooked,,,I will miss Walter…

          • http://savethefinder.blogspot.com Christina

            Fox is really stupid!!!!!! They should never have let it go!!! Check out this blog it has petitions to get it back and some other stuff:

          • Bing

            I also loved watching “The Finder”, a good clean show. I knew when they brought down the whole cast that it was over. Or, next season would had to have been very, very good! I want it back, so I will join the petition!

        • vicky

          Yes I love House and the Firm! Why?Why?Why?Other shows don’t really make sense???

    • robert@mac.com

      House wasn’t cancelled, Hugh Laurie quit to spend more time with his family!

      • Pamela

        Thank you..someone who is informed!…You are absolutely correct! It was known for a long time this was the last season of House! I can’t believe they put it on this list…makes it look like it was not getting renewed because it was not good. And I agree this was one of the better seasons. And Sarcoidosis was WAY over used!!!! LOL

    • emily

      i am

  • Amanda

    I really liked the Playboy Club. Was never dirty and was also a crime show. I am beginning to hate mothers, and I am one!

    • Kathy

      I also liked that show. I agree with you..

  • Jerry T

    What?? The River and Missing got the ax??

    dangit…those were decent shows. Better than anything on NBC and FOX, certainly and better than most things on CBS, too.

    stupid ABC

    • Kim

      I loved The River!!!!!

      • theres a chance

        There is a chance for The River still. Rumor has it, Netflix is in talks with Disney/ABC to bring the show back as a Netflix exclusive title.

      • Gloria Kersey

        Me too! it was something different besides reality garbage!

      • Cristine Reed Simmons

        I have learned the hard way that if ABC has a good show, it gets cancelled.

        -Desperate Housewives
        -The River
        -Life on Mars
        -Detroit 187
        -Pan Am

        But oh yeah, let’s bring back the Bachelor!! That’s BS!!!!!

    • Tina

      I am sooo bumbed about Missing….I was loving that show!!

      • Barbara

        Missing was definitely one of the best shows on TV. They are making a big mistake by taking this off the air.

      • http://C.P. CARMEN PERLA

        Missing is a good show, well directed, great actors and most of all well presented. Cancel this show is not a good choise.

        • Deena T

          What can we do to keep MISSING on the air? It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who sees this cancellation as a real loss.

      • http://fashionableteacher.onsugar.com Lena

        I don’t think that Missing was supposed to be a recurring show. It was just supposed to be for a season. But I agree, I loved that show.

        • Gloria Kersey

          They don’t care what we think. It’s all about the money and they can ake more by shoving reality crap and talk shows down our throats! They’re cheaper to make!

        • alex

          i heard it was only supposed to be 10 episodes…

      • Elizabeth

        I loved Missing! I think it was the best show this season!!!

    • dvinemsm

      I can’t believe ABC would cancel two of the best shows they have had in a long time. The River was excellent and it left you in utter suspense & terror and I couldn’t wait for next season, they had so many places to go with the story. As for Missing, the characters & turns in this storyline are incredible. These two shows are better than “Housewives” ever was. Maybe another network will pick them up or ABC needs to reconsider. They could rid of GCB, Castle and keep the good stuff.

  • Natasha

    How about cancelling reality TV like The Bachelor/Bachelorette, X-Factor and the Real Housewives shows!

    • JBoo

      Right on! Reality shows suck!

      • Dianne

        Please, please, please cancel all reality shows. They are not real at all.

        • http://Yahoo anita

          Please …. Please …. get RID of all Reality Shows … so unreal

          • scott

            unfortunatly they wont get rid of the reality shows because they caust a quarter of what it costs to do a series

    • Cheryl

      Please include the Jersey Shore.

      • Joel

        don’t forget the katrashdians!

        • Inger

          If you cancel these shows, I will hurl if they are replaced by some tired reality shows. I am sick of reality shows. Bring the real reason America watches TV ENTERTAINMENT

          • http://yahoo elaine

            one reason the reality shows are still on is they are not famous actors so they dont have to pay them much. networks have been trying to go on the Cheap for many years…..

      • guess who ??

        Couldn’t agree more Thank-you !

    • Moe

      I agree cancel all the stupid Reality Shows….stupid and degrading.
      Keep HARRYS LAW, THE FIRM, GIFTED MAN….oh I forget the heads of cbs, nbc, abc, think we are all idiots and can’t understand real life situations.

      • Bill

        Really sad about Harry’s Law. Kathy Bates is a great actress and the other cast members were great.
        Lets put some more stupid reality shows on which I can’t stand. Right the network morons think we are all morons.

        • Kathy

          Harry’s Law is a great show. The exec are fools.

          • Rose

            Not happy at all about Harry’s Law. Really like that show. I know I am probably one of the ten people that watch Finder so not surprised about that, but I will miss it.

          • Sandra

            Bent, Chuck, Desperate Housewives, GCB, A Gifted Man, Harry’s Law, Missing and Unforgettable were all good shows. I loved them all. I guess they were not SLEEZY enough. Please Keep Them!!!!!!!!

          • prettyMBA

            Gonna miss GCB!

          • Ladybug

            PLEASE keep Harry’s Law, great show with great actors. David E Kelley shows are wonderful entertainment.

        • Tori

          I enjoyed the first season of Harry’s Law much more than this season, I think the execs changed it and lost all the first year followers. Kathy Bates was great!!

          I’ll miss The Finder and The River too…well, there’s hope that Netflix will save some of these shows… (like perhaps Jericho, which was a wonderful show that also got the ax too soon)

          • michelle

            i love the show too. several of the shows on the list are great; but the people behind the doors prefer to see people doing stupid stuff.

        • Susan

          Right on about Harry’s Law. One of the classiest shows on TV and the idiots in charge at NBC take it off…..and leave Smash on!?!? Yes, I agree, get rid of every reality show–except Dancing With the Stars. That is about the only reality show that isn’t stupid; those people really do work hard. Is it really reality; they’re not drinking, smoking pot, falling down drunk, screwing around, bitching about their ex’s, etc. Better leave on CSI: New York, too! CSI Miami got a little weird this year. Hey, there is always PBS, HGTV, Science Channel and Discover Channel.

        • mary

          how can you cancel one of the GREATEST SHOW on tv. harry’s law, who makes these dumb decisions, and i am probably going to start a petition against your channel. watch me……………….m

        • Coop

          acting & story were very good. so sorry it’s going

      • Chris

        Or – and this is quite an ‘or’ – they’ll look at the ratings, combined with he far cheaper costs of producing reality television, and keep right on churning it out, which will be the exact reason they’ll keep their jobs.

        While your idea is noble enough, if you were an exec in charge of one of the channels that run those shows, you would be a fool. An unemployed one.

        • http://yahoo.com chris

          GO look at the law suits brought by the major networks so that at best they well be ably to have more violents and some nudity at worse it will end up like tv in europe were they steal many show ideas, with full nudity and even more reality crap shows or talk shows.

      • http://yahoo Diane Kral

        Harrys Law, The Gifted Man, AND CSI MIAMI? this show has been a favorite for years! Reality shows are really rediculas, cancel a few of them!!!

        • Jane Clifton

          Did they really cancel CSI:Miami or did the stars quit? Can’t understand why they would do this. And Missing is one of my favorites. Won’t miss it. Now I guess I will have to miss it.

        • http://Yahoo anita

          Harry’s Law is terrific. They take off a quality show and keep all of those ridiculous reality shows on …

          • Kate

            AMEN!!! Maybe the executives only produce shows that match their intelligence??? Stupid, fake reality shows….that’s about their speed.

      • Penny

        Amen Moe! Harry’s Law is great; I didn’t see this coming.

        • Pat Herndon

          Harry’s Law is the best – can’t believe they are taking it off. What’s up NBC………

      • Angela Newman

        I was so getting into the Firm now what am I going to watch bad move NBC I really dont watch this network except during the Olympics and once in awhile for SNL or Fallon guess I’ll find something else to watch Saturday nights the Firm really didnt get much advertising shame on NBC shame

    • Amy

      I hate those so-called reality shows. Who’s life is like that crap anyway. And the only people on those shows are rich people who have nothing better to do that create drama because they are so board with their lives. Ugh! I think it’s time to cancel cable. :-(

    • Dee

      I agree, I hate those reality shows! I’m bummed about Unforgetable! :(

      • Karen

        I loved unforgettable!!

        • Jenn

          I also loved Unforgettable! Great just as I got into Missing, it’s cancelled! I agree dump all the idiotic reality shows. I don’t give a rats ass about the Housewives of whereever or the Bachelor/Bachlorette. How can they call them reality when it’s all so scripted incl Jersey Shore?!!!

        • Doc

          I agree with you there
          I think they should retire all those sl t house wives and atleast half of the other reality shows

      • Suzanne

        I agree totally with Dee! I am so disappointed that Unforgettable is cancelled!

      • Kathy

        I loved Unforgetable and The Firm!!!! I am so tired of good shows getting the axe when all the other junk is left on.

        • Annie

          I don’t spend a lot of time watching TV (do not have cable), but liked Unforgettable and wish they would reconsider.I do enjoy Blood Bloods and NCIS and Castle… glad they are renewed.

      • Eva

        There so few decent shows on the air worth my time to tune in and one of them was Unforgetful, too back I hope they reconsider.

    • DEB


      • flokel007

        the sad thing is that reality tv is cheap as sh&& to make-good tv isn’t.

    • amanda

      Completely agree with you Natasha! Those reality shows seem to go on forever. Guess the desired age group doesn’t get tired of the same old same old garbage.

    • http://webpronews.com Sandy

      I agree with you. For these shows to be considered “reality” is more fantasy than the shows themselves.

    • todd

      I totally agree about missing, it was actually a SHOW THAT KEPT ME GLUED TO THE tv THE WHOLE EPISODE. agree about bachelor and housewives, etc… those shows are ridiculous and are ruining tv.

    • Lucie

      I agree! I HATE the reality shows! They are totally UNrealistic. “Harry’s Law was the only thing worth watching on that network . We LOVE Unforgetable and A Gifted Man. CSI:Miami is okay, too! I would rather watch re-runs of these shows they are booting than to watch the trash they are keeping! Networks really need to give this a LOT more thought! We are not all a bunch of morons who want a view into the lives of the “rich and famous” (or rich and stupid) Survivor and The Great American
      Race need to go, too.

      • Sam

        Not all reality shows are bad, you know. Survivor and The Amazing Race are great, captivating, and usually unpredictable shows. Time magazine recently listed Survivor as one of the hundred greatest TV shows of all time.

    • Barb

      I could not agree more! The Bachelor/Bachelorette need to go!!!!Especially this season with Emily Maynard…I will not watch I have better things to do with my time! Bye.

    • Linda

      Where’s the Like button?

    • Gloria Kersey

      Well said, you’re right. GCB is junk!

  • elizabeth

    i cant believe awake and the secret circle got canceled

    • sierra

      I know me too! Those were my favorite shows, now I will never know what will happen in the end of The Secret Circle :(

      • Ashley

        I cant believe that the cw cancelled the secrect circle…I loved that show and I couldnt wait to see what happened next…I hope they will change thier minds…but I dought it!!!! =(

    • Melissa Folk

      I cannot believe that you cancelled The Secret Circle,Unforgetable,A Gifted Man they were great shows. Just like the networks to get you hooked then cancel the shows.You have viewers that would gladley watch these shows.I also cannot believe that you cancelled Ringer.If you know that you are going to cancel the shows at least be responsible to your fans of the shows and finish the storyline to the shows.

      • Fiona

        We really enjoyed Ringer too! It is a real discouragement to watching a new series to know that the writers will end on a cliffhanger to hopefully draw back viewers for another season and if the series is not renewed, potentially good story lines are left unresolved. Still feeling irritated by the abrupt endings to heroes and no ordinary family! Surely producing a mini-series to tie up loose ends of cancelled shows would mollify fans of those shows, give everyone involved in the show a bit more work and attract good viewing figures as everyone likes to know how a story ends.

  • Crys

    I don’t want to start watching any show now because it’ll end up getting cancelled anyway. So why bother investing any time in them to start. So I won’t pay attention to the commercials for next seasons shows because that’s all they do is hype up the shows to get us to watch and then cancel them when we are pulled in. Stop messing with us.

    • Cheryl

      I completely agree. I am so tired of shows going off. And look at the slot they leave on. What the heck do I care about a bunch of grown women fighting each other in public like animals in the wild (Mob Wives).

      • Kathy

        Mob Wives is just plain sickening…

  • Cheryl

    And yet “The Bachelor” is still on. I am tired of watching a show just to have it go off the air. Not all of us are young and only like shows with sexual one-liners. Some of us actually have a brain and can follow a plot. The people that decide this should be the ones that are fired.

    “Harry’s Law” was great when it was first on. The network ruined it. I quit watching.

    One thing I have definitely learned is do not get interested in a show because some network idiot that wants instant gratification will take it off the air. Sometimes it just takes some time for people to start watching.

    If it weren’t for sports, I would cancel the cable. TV sucks these days.

    • http://WebProNews Dick

      Harry’s Law is still good in spite of what the network is doing…keep the show!

      • D Price

        I agree Harry’s Law is an awesome show – Please keep it.

        • Jenn

          Kathy Bates is a great actress and NBC was lucky to get her for Harry’s Law! The networks don’t care about quality just the 18-30 group which is now to poor to buy any advertised products anyway!!!

          • Dixie Lee Brock

            I agree Harry’s Law was one of my favorites. Show #4 of my shows cancelled

        • Dzmom

          Unforgettable and The Finder were pretty good, I’ll miss them, but Harry’s Law was outstanding! Who makes these decisions anyway???? I know ratings count but there are idiots out there watching reality crap, please stop asking them their opinions!

      • Gloria Kersey

        After the cancellations, four of which I loved, I may get rid of cable. As you said all they do is sucker you in and drop the bomb. No point in investing time in them!

  • John

    Why can’t they leave shows on that have a storyline and an actual plot and get rid of those stupid reality shows? Is it too much to ask to have a show on tv that might just make you think once in a while and one you might actually have to follow to keep up instead of ones you can wait til the end of the season to watch and be all caught up in 15 min. Give us the shows we grew up with and git rid of the staged reality shows

    • Cheryl

      Yes, what do I care about a bunch of rich so-called housewives…I am even tired of The Biggest Loser. The idea about helping people is good but I am so tired of all of the drama. Where do they find such mean people? I didn’t even watch this season. Always the same. Same with “Dancing with the Stars.” Yawn.

      • amanda

        I agree about all the reality shows. I haven’t watched the biggest loser in like 2 years. Just so much game playing, I got tired of it.

    • andy

      I love the new networks, my tv me tv and antenna tv. they all have shows from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. i love those shows i grew up with like All in the family, threes company, Leave it to Beaver, Dennis the Menace, Maude, Mary Tyler More, Dick Van Dyke, The Partridge family, The Monkeys, and many more, i even caught Love American Style the other day.

  • gina

    i dont c y yall can decide what shows to cancel. alot of these shows were really good, they say ratings however what aout people who work they may record the shows but because the tv is off and maybe not directly on the channel they assume that people arent watching what do they want people to do sit at home ontheir butts and do nothing more than watch tv , i dont think so . we have families to feed. they should take polls to c which shows people want rather than relying on ratings alone, but this is my opinion

    • Johnny

      Because they don’t make tv shows for a viewing audience, they make them for advertisers approval. I’m soo close to done watching network tv. NBC is the biggest jackass of network tv, followed by ABC. I NEVER in my wildest dreams thought CBS would cancel CSI miami.And get this, the show that replaced it is cancelled now too…morons.

      All I want to say is that they don’t really care about us. watch out, next year they’ll be cancelling Once upon a time, Revenge and Nikita. These networks make me sick. They cancelled unforgettable. they’re all a bunch of idiots.

      • Gloria Kersey

        Amen Johnny!

      • stacie

        I couldn’t agree more, for starters they absolutely broke our hearts by cancelling CHUCK!! FREAKIN IDIOTS!!! They need to stop worrying about the standing ratings and find some way to count DVR’s…The majority of America isn’t home to watch TV during prime time, we have to work, or go to class, or have kids up…so we tape it to watch when they are asleep and we can be uninterrupted!! If they cancel Once Upon a Time, Revenge, or Big Bang Theory, I’m cancelling TV services!!!!!!!

  • James

    I actually really liked “Terra Nova”. It was like “Back to the Future” and “Jurrasic Park” rolled together… how could you go wrong with that?!

    • Jim

      Terra Nova was great.

      • Jason

        Terra Nova was starting to explain more things and was interesting enough. Alcatraz, although probably going to drag on was def better than any dang reality show. Who is telling these TV hot shots we watch this crap?

        • sonia

          I agree…I really liked terra nova, alcatraz and a gifted man. They were entertaining not like the trash we see with reality shows….sick of them!

      • Don

        Terra Nova maybe cancelled but there is talk its looking for a new network. This is so atleast they can air season 2. This is what i have heard. So keep your fingers crossed.

        • Sue

          I love Terra Nova! I really hope it is picked up. The reality about reality shows is there is no reality! Actually there is one reality about them and that is they SUCK!!!

  • Rich

    I was so disappointed when they axed Prime Suspect. It had som much potential and was better than most of the Crime/Dramas out there.

  • Steve Hupfer

    I agree that most of the shows on the list should go bye-bye, but I thought that “Harry’s Law” had pretty decent ratings; it’s a quirky show reminiscent of “Ally McBeal” but had good storylines. Any idea why this one got the ax????

    • http://Yahoo Carlos

      Well there are already so many crime shows. The ones that they are really good lose viewers to these other distracting crime shows that are basically the same thing. People can’t really concentrate on the good ones. It’s like “America’s Got Talent”,”The X Factor”, and “The Voice”. The network sees those shows become successful but they are not creating original shows. Those shows become like a sweater from the 80’s. It is out of fashion and people are over it. They are recycling the same idea but packaging it differently. The lack of originality doesn’t capture people’s attention. What the viewers are being saturated with are unimpressive shows that are all the poor mans “American Idol”. And even that show lacks originality.

      • Jane Clifton

        I was an AI fan but this season was a rip off. Don’t tell me it isn’t fixed. Won’t be watching it again. Just let the judges pick who THEY want to win. They will anyway.

        • Lacey

          I could not agree more, Jane! Why did they even waste 4 months of our lives having a competition since the judges chose their 2 favorites the very first week!? How is it fair to any of the other contestants when J-Lo and Randy are going on and on about the same 2 every week? The week Jessica was “voted” off and “saved”, and the week Colton was voted off were definitely fixed! I agree. I don’t think I want to waste my time watching it after this. I just feel bad for all of the other hard-working contestants who never had a chance because the judges didn’t pick them from day 1.

    • Linda

      I just read that the audience was too old.

  • caitlin

    they cancelled the finder??? seriously?????

    • Eric

      “the Finder” was one of my favorite shows. It wasn’t meant to be believable, but it definitely had a good storyline and great characters. The season finale was good and I was looking forward to seeing how it played out. Get rid of every reality show on TV and replace it with more fictional showes. I don’t give a rat’s @$$ about who knows how to dance or sing or make themselves popular by being a douche in front of a camera.

      • http://savethefinder.blogspot.com Christina

        Check out this blog for info on how to try to get it back


  • Donna

    The only one I’m upset about is Unforgettable. I really enjoyed that

    • http://yahoo Gina

      I loved unforgetable. This really sucks!!!

    • Christie M

      I loved The Finder. I am so depressed that they cancelled it, but I am glad they kept shows like Bones And TBBT. Love them!!

      • flokel007

        I loved the finder too! quirky, but fun.

    • R

      I really liked ‘The Finder’ too. It was funny and entertaining.

  • ellen

    Why cancel Harry’s Law? It is one of the few fun and good shows
    to have come along in ages. They should think this one over.
    Big mistake to cancel.

    Also, Gifted Man isn’t too bad.

    • Rhonda

      I agree Harry’s Law and Gifted Man were my favorites.

      • Ernie

        Loved the Gift Man and Harry’s Law but had to watch them “On Demand” because they were opposite another show that wasn’t on demand. I heard the networks keep tabs on who watches shows on demand. You can’t satisfy everyone and another lame show will replace all these other cancelled shows.

        • Nancy Gee

          Loved Harry’s Law–not happy when they moved it to Sunday. I never found it on Prime Time on Demand though so if I missed it I guessed I would have to find it on reruns.

      • Sherri

        AGREE!!! Love Harry’s Law!!!!!

    • alex

      I agree with you. This was a good one. Thoroughly enjoyed the closing arguments each week. Sorry to see the cast go home.

    • judy mcnamara

      Once again the ignorant win. Harry’s law is very well written and great tv. Duh.

  • grayson

    I cannot believe GCB is being cancelled. What the heck, that was a cute show, light hearted and funny. I liked Missing also…everytime I start to get into a show…they pull it. Like they did with Dirty Sexy Money, that show was just getting good too, and they pulled that. Shame! :(

  • Leslie

    Seriously, Alcatraz!?!

    • Cheryl

      This is typical ABC BS. Seems their programming people have a few mental disorders. I’m not sure I’ll be watching this channel any longer.

    • sue

      I’m so sick of the comedys that are on now and I think they are suppose to be funny!!!! I loved The Gifted Man and CSI Miami.

  • Mike

    I’m glad Last Man Standing and New Girl wasn’t on the list. I really enjoy those two shows.
    Last Man Standing is Home Improvement 2.0 which I have no problem with. Tim and cast are fabulous.
    New Girl has my kids getting out of bed wondering why my wife and I are laughing so hard. The guys compliment Zooey to a T.
    Alcatraz never captured my attention, it was kind of on an island of its own. (Badumpbump)

  • Richard

    So sad about Ringer! That show is awesome! One of the few shows I actually watched. :(

    • Linda D

      Yes, Ringer ended with so many loose ends… I’ve been second guessing the writers to see how they’d start off next season.

    • Ray

      I’m pissed off that Ringer got cancelled, season one was one of the best most refreshing shows in a long time.

  • I am me

    Boo! I LOVE GCB… it’s hilarious! I am disappointed (albeit not too surprised) that it is getting cancelled… too many people got hung up on the title and didn’t even bother to watch and see what the show actually was all about.

    • Elise

      I agree with you! GCB was a great show and this is coming from someone born and raised in TEXAS!! Those girls give a great FUNNY and even sometimes accurate look into what it’s like growing up in Texas society. Kristen Chenowith is a treasure and show be nominated for a golden globe for her portrail of Carlene! But then again……What do I know. I’m just from TEXAS!! LOL

  • lspiderl

    This is why i dont bother getting interested in shows until AFTER their finished so that i know they didnt end up canceled on a cliff hanger

  • teresahuckabee

    house i will miss loved greggory.

  • Sherryl

    I will miss Missing House and Awake. But this gives me the reason to downsize.

    • http://care2 Jill Epley

      hi everyone. I feel real bad about missing. the show has a good cast ans alot of action. Ashley Judd is so good in it. She does her own stunts. Why don’t they give them another year. It really keeps you on the edge of your seat. pls keep it on. Jill Epley

  • Emilyb

    The public is paying for cable and watching endless commericals!
    Meanwhile the programs are being shortened for more commercials and the good really dramas and comedy’s are being replaced by reality and talent shows. And this year the shows are being repeated about every six weeks and then Fri and Sat they rerun the programs that ran during the weekdays. What is up with that??

    Fire the heads of these departments and hire people that can actually pick programs that have story lines we can follow.

    The public needs to start boycotting the major networks and writing to the companies that run commericals.

    • Barbara J.

      Emily B. I agree totally. The only reason the “heads” keep putting on those silly reality shows is they are financially cheaper to produce. That way it is not neccesary to pay high price actors and writers. But you are right, I’m sick of having to pay cable prices to watch stupid shows and infomercials, and commercials with the volumn blarring. It all has to do with the bottom line and guess who pays.

      Harry’s Law is wonderful and the acting is outstanding, so was the Gifted Man, The Firm and the Finder. I wish the studio heads would listen to more than just the 15-20 year olds.

      • Lucie

        Emilyb and Barbara J.—you are SO right.Hopefully,someone at the networks has enough sense to read all of these comments!

  • Nathan

    It is a shame that the networks dont try different slots for some of these shows, Alcatraz, House, CSI: Miami and The Finder, all real good shows.

    Instead they are cramming reality shows down our throats, and I am one of several people who are tired of this progaramming BS.

    It was bad enough they cancelled Invasion, V, and Flash Forward. Three amazing shows but the idiots bosses at these netwroks think that we all want to watch Dancing with the stars, the bachellorette, the amazing race, hells kitchen , undercover boss, and all these other stupid reality bs shows.

    No one wants to watch some idiot dancing (dancing with the stars) around, that makes a ton more money then everyone else. I live in reality and I hate it, it is depressing these shows take me away from the every day normal its a nice break. i for one boycott all networks and will stick to AMC with shows like walking dead….Breaking Bad…etc. MFers at NBC, FOX and especially ABXC wouldnt know a decent show if it bit them in thier Assets. Also who are these fools rating these shows anyhow? They must be people who love watching stars dance around or homosexual males sing love songs to each other (Glee)

    Fricken ridiculous

    • Jim

      CSI: Miami-it’s about time, that show dead-ended 5 years ago. Good bye bad acting redhead standing sideways with his hand in his pocket. He’s why I stopped watching this show years ago.

      • kevin

        ! AGREE!!!

    • joy

      I completely agree! It makes me mad that they cancel good shows! The Finder is an awesome show, it made me laugh. I would rather watch a show like that then some bunch of people just trying to look “tough” and get “street cred”. Shows like Mob Wives and Jersey shore and housewives are a waste of time. And I am sick of the pity shows like extreme makeover and biggest loser.

    • Lucy

      Where is the “Like” Button!!!

      • joe

        You all need to get lives.

    • Kim

      I agree with you! What are they doing?!
      They change the times around after the season gets started on the really great shows, then you cannot find when they play regularly without having to miss shows. I squeeze shows in around the kids, so I like when shows play at the same time every week. Seasons are so much shorter too!

      Favorites: CSI: Miami, , The Gifted Man, The Finder, Missing and Terra Nova was awesome!

      They must not be using TV ratings anymore. LOL

      I wish bachelor and bachelorette would just go away, they are wasting great spots. :)

  • NormCBS

    I love “NYC 22″! I can’t believe nobody is watching it. It has a very good ensemble cast and good teleplays.The title is awful, but the show has heart. I don’t think CBS promoted this show very well or gave it a chance. It’s better than 90% of the shows that are returning. Most Americans currently watching TV must be brain-dead.

    • Ellen Goodin

      Iagree…I liked NYC 22….good cast and storylines. I believe they have onl aired 4 episodes and it has been cancelled already??? Give these shows a chance!!! Also, can’t believe they cancelled Missing and Harry’s Law!!! Let’s keep ” garbage” tv on like the Kardashian’s and the Bachelor!!

      • Lili Beck

        I am with you, I liked NYC22, Awake and Missing. I don’t understand why would anyone think to cancel these shows. They are so different from anything else. I am so dissapointed of the networks. what am I to watch now? There is nothing else.

      • Gloria Kersey

        I so agree with you!

        • http://scatlover.com Barry

          NYC 22 was a pretty good show, I think if given a chance to develop and get the characters settled in it could have been an all timer

  • Kathy Araujo

    You can not cancel The River and CSI Miami both of them are great shows especially the River I need to know what happens, please don’t cancel these 2 shows. Kathy

    • Doris

      The River, Missing, Terra Nova are good shows with good actors. CSI Miami is very good too, they just need to spiced up the stories, but not to cancel. They should cancel the idiotic reality tv shows instead.

    • http://facebook M G Reese

      What a bummer, please don’t take the finder, firm, house, and secret circle off. the rest of that crap and the new crap can go.

  • betty meeks

    why would anyone want to cancel,csi miami unforgettable,harry’s law and nyc22 the best shows lately,rethink your decision.

    • Marcie

      I agree. All good shows.

    • sassycat

      Harry’s Law is the only one on the list that should be reversed. This is a good show.

      I heard GCB hit the dust. Good call. that was awful.

    • L. Griffin

      What were the criteria for axing CSI: Miami, Harry’s Law, and NYC22? Did the writers or producers think they had they had a bad product? Somehow the memo did not get to us consumers, because we liked those shows.
      What do we have to do to change your decision about these shows?

  • Morrighan72

    has everyone lost their minds?!? :( I’ve just lost 4 of my fave shows~ GCB, AWAKE, RINGER & MISSING :((

    • Marcie

      I watched Missing too. It’s a good show. They leave crap for us to watch and get rid of the good ones. I’m mad!

      • Nathan

        I too am going to miss Awake. I thought Jason Isaacs was a great actor for this role. I just couldn’t believe that it is getting cancelled.

  • Marcie

    Makes me never want to get interested in a tv show again. Several of them I watched faithfully. Bleegh!

    • Emilyb

      Time to Boycott!
      We are paying for CABLE, watching endless commercials and because the idiot studio heads can’t wait until the shows build a folowing they cancel them. It is time to have a Channel for mature people that don’t want to watch Talent and Reality shows, we want to watch comedy’s and drama’s that are well written!

  • jra

    GCB was the only show my wife and I could sit down and watch together. We both loved it!!!

  • Sandra

    Obviously those inpower are determined to fill the airways with the garbage of cheap, low grade, boring, “reality shows”, which nobody cares if anybody watches, and few do. So much better than actually investing in something entertaining.

  • Meg

    Really sad about a couple of these. First Alcatraz. I really liked that show and thought it was done nicely. I enjoyed GCB, BFF, and Bent for the comedy. I also really enjoyed Awake and Missing. I was really into them, wanting to know what was going to happen next. I really hate getting invested in tv shows and not knowing how they end. Especially with Missing and Awake. Which reality is real in Awake and will Becca ever be reunited with Michael in Missing? I also liked Secret Circle. Not really suprised it was cancelled but it was a nice supernatural show with no thinking and the characters were interesting. Thank you tv networks for taking my time and devotion and just smashing it to the ground. Why not get rid of some other shows that have been on WAY past their prime and give some of these new shows a chance!

  • Cindy

    I hate to see “The Firm” go. Loved it. Great story line. The writer’s were fabulous!!!!

  • brumee

    I can’t believe a gifted man was cancelled. I loved that show.

  • http://yahoo PAT

    Harry’s Law was not given a chance. It was moved around like a floating ship. If it was on a night not full of other very good shows, it would be watched. Kathy Bates is one of the best actresses to ever come out of Hollywood. Please give her a break!!!!! It was a great show.

    • ashley


  • Misty

    but why on earth do they still keep idiotic “reality” shows such as jersey shore, bachelor, bachelorette, the housewives of (wherever)??!!

    • Five Foot Gremlin

      Because they cost next to nothing for them to produce. No actors, writers, stunt people, locations, etc.

  • Meg

    Oh and how could I forget Pan Am. I guess because there were already talks, I wasn’t too surprised but I really liked that show as well. Grr!

  • Five Foot Gremlin

    How about they cancel ALL reality shows and stop making them because they are cheap to produce. If you put in s.h.i.t you get out s.h.i.t. And secondly, stop calling the people “stars”. Hire some decent writers and get actors to professionally entertain us on all channels.

    • Gloria Kersey

      Well said!

  • http://yahoo Linda

    Mike & Molly & Two & 1/2 Men are still on??? WHY? I watched Ringer & The Secret Circle every week. They had a plot to them. Oh, and a story line. And, they get canceled. I am with some of the others. You get interested in a show and they cancel it. Why bother watching. I think I will just stick to movies from now on…

    • Five Foot Gremlin

      Well said. Cable shows are way better (Dexter).

  • Joni

    Missing, Harry’s Law, NYC22, The Firm and for fun, GCB all get the axewhile the gawd-awful reality shows (Bachelor, Bachelorette etc) remain on and promoted!!! Really??? What is wrong with these krancky TV Execs. I guess they really want cable to succeed more than it already has. SO SAD!

  • Cecil

    Well some shows they cut about dam time house was stupid in the first season as well as some of the others but as long as they dont cut TrueBlood and walking dead and a few i like cool by me.

  • john b

    So many shows, you really can’t give them all a shot and some good ones will lost in the shuffle.
    Finally one of the CSI’s gets the boot. This format is so tedious I can’t believe it made it this far (how can anyone watch Survivor now or even A.I.).
    Awake never quite gelled. The Firm got boring four episodes in. Too bad Chelsea was not remotely clever or funny. She must have just shown up for the taping.
    Harry’s Law was absurd. House has been on euthanasia waiting list the last three years. Prime suspect didn’t have enough of the original’s dramatic tension. NYC22 looked stupid from the first promo. The Office, while endearing from a character standpoint, lost it’s raison d’etre when Carel left. They were running out of material by then anyway. After a good five year run…go out on top with a clever swan song. Don’t wait for the axe.

  • dsimmonsla

    You sure use the word ‘cancelled’ liberally Todd. Some of these shows just decided to call it quits after a long succesful run, like House and DH…others on this list were canceled back in September or October, so its not really news.

  • Daphne

    I cancelled my cable last year after each network felt that they must cram reality Tv down the throats of the public and have not regretted it once. I spent too much time getting interested in shows that were cancelled before their time. I am purely a netflix girl now. I wouldn’t change that for anything. Network TV is worthless anymore.

  • Pete

    Its about time someone calls the Office what it is. NOT funny anymore. As soon as NBC tinkers with shows they ruin them, Ie Seinfeld, 30 rock and so on….The Office was funny when it was similar to every day life in an office. Now you have people stacking desks and so on. NOT LIKE REAL LIFE. just like Seinfeld when you could relate then all of the sudden kramer has a screen door on his apt and so on. CANT RELATE, NOT FUNNY…just my two cents as I guess if your name isn’t Kardashian or Xtina, no one wants to watch. That is why I watch AMC, FX and SHO for Breaking Bad, SOA, Archer and Dexter. ORIGINAL

    • Five Foot Gremlin

      Agreed. I never thought The Office was remotely funny, and now with that kid molester lookin James Spader, it’s even worse.

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