Cancelled Shows 2012: Several Network Programs Get the Axe

    May 26, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Cancelled Shows 2012: As always, there are a lot of them, and I’m sure some of the choices won’t be popular with fans. Of course, that’s always the case around this time of year, when networks are trying to figure out what to keep and what to kick to the proverbial curb for the upcoming fall season.

Honestly, none of the cancelled programs should come as much of a shock, though the list of departures is sure to ruffle a few feathers. I know a few people that will be quite upset that “Alcatraz” got the boot, though nobody should be shocked that the animated version of “Napolean Dynamite” was cancelled. Besides one lonely individual, I can’t think of a single person who actively watched it.

Other shows that didn’t make the cut were “Rob”, “Are You There, Chelsea?”, “The Finder”, “The Firm”, “House” (finally), and “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”. The first wave of cancellations came through Friday afternoon, though the list has been amended several times since this morning.

However, a few programs managed to survive the season with their productions intact. In addition to obvious choices as “Big Bang Theory”, “Bones”, “Family Guy”, “Glee”, and “Fringe”, other shows that will return this fall are “Mike & Molly”, “Modern Family”, “Parenthood”, “Community”, and “Parks and Recreation”. For those of you who enjoy watching a network brutally whip the rotten, putrid corpse of a once-reliable horse, “The Office” has been renewed for yet another season.

To fill the void left by those shows that are, for all intents and purposes, dead and buried, a handful of titles have been announced. Included in this list is the reboot of “Beauty and the Beast”, “Friend Me”, “Guys with Kids”, and “The Carrie Diaries”, the latter of which is a prequel to the hit HBO series “Sex and the City”.

For a complete list of shows that made the cut, swing by TV Guide and have a good, hard look at the fortunate few that managed to hang around for one more year. The list of current cancellations have been included below.

Cancelled Television Programs 2012
Alcatraz (Fox)
Allen Gregory (Fox)
Are You There, Chelsea? (NBC)
Awake (NBC)
Best Friends Forever (NBC)
Bent (NBC)
Breaking In (Fox)
Charlie’s Angels (ABC)
Chuck (NBC)
CSI: Miami (CBS)
Desperate Housewives (ABC)
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (ABC)
The Finder (Fox)
The Firm (NBC)
Free Agents (NBC)
A Gifted Man (CBS)
H8R (CW)
Harry’s Law (NBC)
House (Fox)
I Hate My Teenage Daughter (Fox)
Man Up! (ABC)
Missing (ABC)
Napoleon Dynamite (Fox)
NYC 22 (CBS)
One Tree Hill (CW)
Pan Am (ABC)
The Playboy Club (NBC)
Prime Suspect (NBC)
Remodeled (CW)
Ringer (CW)
The River (ABC)
Rob (CBS)
The Secret Circle (CW)
Terra Nova (Fox)
Unforgettable (CBS)
Work It (ABC)

  • Joel

    ‘Rotten Putrid Corpse’
    You really are an opinionated tool aren’t you.

    • Aaron

      Making a comment about someone being “an opinionated tool”, makes you look like one too, smart ass.

      • Joel

        Well I am not the journalist or the writer columnist of this article you schmuck.

        • scott

          so you’re just a tool?

          • Trexmix

            You are all tools.
            Me too.
            so drink a nice tall one!
            and “nice tall one” = “glass of stfu”

            Thanks for coming out & have a safe drive home.

          • http://PoopInTheButt.com Jacob

            Yea Im cool too…

          • Shorty

            Lls at Trexmix

          • sheri

            Wait a minute! I thought that High School let out by 3:00

          • https://twitter.com/shannonbabygirl Shannon

            On a side note, I really liked Missing! I hate that it’s being canceled :(

          • Joel

            I am not the one getting paid to say that The Office is a “putrid corpse of a once-reliable horse.” I am just tired of bias articles like this one therefore I am not a tool.

            Also I would like to point out that purpose of commenting, it is to give one’s opinion.

        • bj taylor

          Since when does expressing an opinion on a web site that invites opinion make one an opinionated tool?

          Joel’s comment wasn’t nearly as harsh as your clearly opinionated, rude, and crude one, and he had every right to express his opinion, as do you. But he wasn’t hostile, and it was not he who was the smart ass.

          Class and intelligence show. So does the lack of them.

      • robert

        i kind of doubt that myself i think he’s right you and that other one is oppionated with no sense of brain or imagination at all screwball

        • Jay

          Robert, if you study grammar really, really hard you might be able to go back to school & graduate!

          • ….

            Jay could you be anymore of an @$$?

      • Dala

        I giggled at that one.

      • Jayde


    • Kenji

      Very bias but intersting artical. No surprise alot of Fox shows where canned let alone Napolean Dynamite, I saw that coming when I heard they where making a show about that movie.

      • emily

        napoleon dynamite was one of my favorite shows!

        • I know right! It was amazing! Just simply hilarious. Especially if you’ve seen the movie!

          • Jay

            Apparently this person is the child of the writer for the show…

        • http://gmail.com Drew Stevens


          • Jay

            I guess Emily is the fraternal twin of Drew & the two of them are the writer for Napoleon Dynamite’s progeny…. Why else would they so enthusiastically endorse that pathetic work of animated feces ?

        • http://Google Rodrigo Gutierrez


        • Mark

          Sorry to hear that. May you find a life with your extra free time.

      • Man, I was really loving Napolean Dynamite!!! It was awesome and funny.

    • peggy

      Why dont you take a poll? I can not believe what garbage that you put on TV, We were was really getting into watching Missing, then it is up & cancelled. That trash Panam, bachelorette, GCB, how I met your mother,,just to name a few are just garbage. Well I guess we will just keeping Major League Baseball.

      • Dan

        How I Met Your Mother is one of the greatest shows ever.

        • Jill e

          I am so with you. Missing is an intelligent spy show and I am loving it. My guess is it costs too much to make.

          • Al Smith

            you have to be kidding?

          • casper

            They missed the boat on missing, the ringer , they were both good

          • http://Yahoo mary

            I love, “How I Met YourMother”, I only wish all the characters would get the same ‘spotlight’ as Barney. Seems like every other show has a male chauvinist/misogynistic character, and, just for me it’s getting kind of old!

          • Stev-o

            Missing lost a lot of viewership when the ‘star’ made a pro Obama commercial.

        • Terri

          How I Met Your Mother is disgusting…nothing but sexist. There’s too much sex on tv, and believe me, I’m no prude, but it’s just not funny when it’s in your face (so to speak) all the time! Cancel that crap!

          • Derick

            I wish there was more T&A on TV. How I met your mother was just soft core trash. We need more boobs and butt cheeks on regular TV! Go OBAMA!!

          • Gimpy

            Right on Terri … HIMYM has dragged on on way too long. And what I don’t understand is why they have a gay actor playing a playboy part. A bit hypocritical if you ask me.

          • scott

            Sexist? lol You’re a prude.

          • Derrick

            Hey Derrick, my name is Derrick too! And you’re so right!

          • http://www.uglygeorge.com uglygeorge

            Too Much T&A on TV? Ugly George could not agree more-picking up chicks & getting them 2 pose nude on the spot should take a back seat to Opera!

          • JDP

            Gimpy… what the hell does having a gay actor portraying a straight young guy have to do with anything???? You need to get a grip!

          • Beth

            Hey Gimpy, it’s called acting.. and he’s very good at it. You on the other hand, are an idiot.

          • Mona

            I know! It makes no sense having gay Doogie Houser, MD playing sexist playboy Barney. I would love to see that show off the air. I’m sad that they pulled the plug on GCB. That was hilarious!

          • GIMPY SUCKS

            GIMPY… get a life… He’s an actor!… its his JOB to act as any character! and he’s good at it… ironic how a Gay man portrays a Straight man so well!!… I applaud Patrick

          • zac

            actually himym is nothing in the sex department, go watch true blood or game of thrones then come bitch, and the reason they pick a gay guy is cuz hes a better actor then most straight, so maybe you should think more before you post and do research

        • shannon

          the only good thing about how i met your mother is NPH and that is all thats good about it with out him it would be too terrible to even think about watching

        • gene

          I agree Dan.While Missing would get too melodrmatic at times it is far above the mindless trash that occupies most time slots…Go Rangers

          • Philco

            Hey, all of you…..shouldn’t you be outside getting some EXCERCISE ?? What is the meaning of all this s***?

        • James

          I agree.

        • Adam smirnoff

          Heck yeah it is!

        • http://PoopInTheButt.com Jacob

          HIMYM and Big Bang Theroy are the best!

        • Gloria Kersey

          Can’t believe CSI Miami cancelled and Missing! Still got crap like Bachelor on!

          • Girlfrie Bendless

            The Bachelorette and Bachelor Pad are two of the only good shows these days. All the shows on this list are garbage. Thank goodness they’re gone.

          • Kate

            It doesn’t pay to watch an intelligent show because the networks just cancel it. Missing was a great show. It was an edge of your seat show.
            Harry’s Law was a good show as well. Kathy Bates said just about everything we WISH we could say.
            Just goes to show that mindless, stupid reality shows are taking over television.

          • bill w

            Csi Miami, Missing, and Prime Suspect were 3 of the best shows on. Survivor still on, Crap……..

          • ken

            big mistake cascelling csi miami best crime drama there is

          • Art

            Re: CSI Miami. Getting the axe is one thing, but the network didn’t even have the courtesy of telling us the last show was a SERIES finale. Nice sly move CBS!! What else is new?

      • vivian

        i just got into missing,what is going on ????????cancel some of this other mess !!!!

        • troy

          there is not much more they can do with missing at some point she has to find her son.How many seasons your gonna wait for that to happen i always tought it was a one season thing.

          • Sharpe

            It was only intended to be ten episodes.

        • sandi drees

          i agree missing is an awesome show

        • JerriAnn

          I agree. I love Missing. So sad it has been cancelled.

      • Gail Towslee


      • Red Minerva

        I LOVE Missing, and am really upset about its cancellation. Of course, the “experts” at ABC scheduled it opposite Big Bang Theory, where other fans of Sean Bean regularly hang out. Just brilliant.

        • Sharpe

          Missing was only scheduled to be ten episodes.

          • alex

            You know, I heard Missing was only scheduled for 10 episodes…

      • josh

        They do take a poll idiot its called ratings and these shows didn’t get good ones so that’s why they got cancelled

        • Attianna

          I loved the show missing too, I am pretty mad they are cancelling it :/

      • Charlie

        Missing is a great show, I’m sorry to see it go. There is a lot of crap that should go before missing goes.

      • Jay

        Anyone ever notice how badly some people spell & use punctuation? Its almost as if everything, every form of communication must be typed out looking like a sixteen year old’s text messaging conversation with their bff ….

        • George

          Funny how you made a grammar error yourself. “Its almost as if…” should be “It’s almost as if…” People in glass houses should not throw stones.

      • Sam

        At one point, How I Met Your Mother was a decent show. It’s not that funny anymore, but some of the older episodes are quite funny and the premise is clever. It is not, however, “one of the greatest shows ever.” That is quite the overstatement.

      • Carolyn Arnold

        We just said last year, “finally, some good shows on TV”. Harry’s Law, Missing, A Gifted Man, The Finder, CSI Miami, Unforgettable. We looked forward to these everyweek. Now TV won’t be worth watching “again”!

        • Jane

          I also liked The Finder and a big fan of all the CSI shows. CSI Miami was cancelled just like Cold Case was cancelled by moving to Sunday Night. At least I have a reprieve on Fringe and CSI NY.

          • Lacey

            I liked the finder, missing and alcatraz.Everything on tv now is just reality shows.I wish they would do away with some of those.what about that new show where they turn their chair around to pick a date (the choice) that looks so stupid.why put that stuff on and cancel the good stuff crazy

        • Mary

          Definitely agree they finally had some good shows and now they are history. Harry’s Law, Missing, Unforgettable, CSI Miami, The Gifted Man…all good shows. Shame on the Networks.

          • Art

            Gee, I thought you would be “happy” to see MORE reality type shows — personally I’ve had enough.
            Really bothers me that both CSI Miami and Unforgettable got sent to the sidewalk!! But, they don’t ask us, right?

          • Maxine Kulhanek


          • http://cbs victor

            mary i agree with you, house, gifted man,missing, and alcatraz were great shows, it is a shame they were cancelled.

    • cassie

      I agree with Joel 😉

    • Brian

      Not sure why you would slam “the office” which continues to be one of the most viewed comedies on television. And “House” is one of the most popular shows of our generation.

      • scott

        House “one of the most popular shows of our generation.” LOL!!!!!! Also the Office is garbage without Michael Scott

        • therealguyfaux

          “That’s what she said.”

          • http://Yahoo Carol Biehl

            I loved House, never missed an episode and am very sad the “Star” wants out!
            I also wished they would have kept the Gifted Man.

            Both were very good shows, not like a lot of the crap they are keeping. All those dance and singing and survivor shows stink! Get rid of them!

        • Nikki Kay

          Are you denying House’s greatness. The show isn’t being “cancelled” per say but the actor wants out.

          • russ

            good luck “house”,scrubs died becuase zak braff wanted to do “other things” you may have heard him as the voice of water on 2 britta commercials

        • R Boy

          Most people say the office sucks without M Scott. But I find that the people who say this, either never really watched the office in the first place, or haven’t given this season a proper chance. Because in reality, this is one of the funniest and well written seasons there has ever been. Without Scott, the rest of the cast were forced to step up their game. Seriously, give it a fair chance.

          • chris

            I totally agree. Personally I like Steve Carrell. But I also think the show may be even better with out him. The reason being is that it centers less around him and more around the other charachters and you have seen some of the other actors really get a chance to shine such as darryl and andy as well as erin(sorry I have no idea what their names are). But I enjoy the show even more than before.

      • Gregory

        I wish they would puT the office in the house and Burn it down because those shows are STUPID and they SUCK.

        • Gayle

          I agree with you. House andthe office and reality like the Kardashins,andJersy shore all bite.

      • Jerry

        I agree. The Office has always been a funny show and House is been great. I think this writer was off on his opinion.

      • http://YAHOO PG

        I agree with you. House should be viewed in everyones “HOUSE”

      • Sam

        In recent seasons, The Office has just gotten terrible. It’s so sad how bad it is now. It was such a great show and now it’s just…pathetic. I love House to death and it is quite popular, but the writing has gone a bit downhill since about season 5. It hasn’t fallen anywhere near as hard as The Office, but it’s certainly not as captivating as it once was.

    • http://yahoo betty

      when shows are canceled that are as good as the firm and a gifted man it is deplorable. leaving shows like once apon a time and the bachlore and banchlette that don’t make any sence at all. please reconsiter the firm and gifted man. they are very good and enterting.

      • Barbara

        I LOVED “a gifted man” Great cast!!! And I really liked “Awake” too. What ails the networks?

        • Janice

          Totally agree on these two, Awake was awesome. Gifted Man had promise, they didn’t take it as far as it should have gone. Very very sad about House, but can understand the actor wanting to move on. Looking forward to “Longmire” coming on A&E.

        • kimberly

          I agree with you, I LOVED A Gifted Man, as well. It was a good clean show with more than sex to the story. I guess that is why it got cut. I certainly will miss it, I looked forward to watching it on Friday nights.

          • alex

            maybe now you can watch a good show with sex in it instead!

      • Tanya


        I am so totally with you on that! I am upset that they are canceling shows for people who have some intelligence! The Firm was my favorite show this season, but I loved A Gifted Man, too.

        I wish we could do something about these cancellations!

        • Bob C

          You can do alot about it by not buying the products that are advertised. Thasts what pays for the program.

      • Linda

        I agree The Firm is good and I hate to see it go but I love Once Upon A Time. It’s one of the very few shows I like that’s not getting axed.

      • http://BreitCo.com Mr. Bat

        Sense even right?

      • Kyle

        I agree about The Firm big time. I really really love awake too.

        • jaklena

          TV should be entertaining, the Firm did just that for me. I’m very upset about its gone!

      • scott

        have u even watched once upon a time? it is actually a pretty awaesome show. give it a chance u will probably agree…

      • Tim

        Totally agree.

      • Janet

        Betty I agree with you on both those shows. They cancel anything where the viewed has to think, or anything without cheap sex jokes, reality shows and other trash. All the comedies are written by no talent hacks whose jokes are so high school. So sad.

      • Reita

        I agree…The Firm is a great show! Very exciting….Also love Harry’s Law and Awake.

      • Jane

        Betty, I love Once Upon A Time. Who knew that fairy tales are really actually dark.

        • Jamie

          Anyone who’s ever heard of the Grimm Brothers.

    • Raychelle Irby

      I really didn’t watch any of the shows that got the axe. I was glad my shows wasnt on the chopping block Revenge and Mad Men. Project runway and the deadliest catch! Now that’s TV

    • vh

      No! Not Ringer! It’s a good show, I can’t wait to see what happens next fron week to week.

    • http://. Linda

      Unforgettable, Harrys Law, Prime Suspect….you ax the good ones and keep the reality CRAP…bachelor and bachelorette which is dumb and dumber!!! why all this reality crap!! its stupid!! why do we care about someone else’s flippin relationship!!

    • putridrottencorpse

      uhhhh why so much fuss over a compliment

    • http://tvcancellation billie shelton

      they could of got rid of all of them

    • robert

      cbs killed csi miami on purpose ! they put it on sunday’s and the football games ran into the show’s and csi miami would get bumped so people stopped watching ! if they get it off sunday’s people would watch it again ! house is another show that the network has messed up on its on , cause they kept messing with the cast ! every season someone was off the show this year it was cudi , and 13 two people that helped the show ! its going to be a damn same that these show’s wont be back next year ! these are two that should still be on t.v .

      • Jane

        Robert, I agree that moving CSI Miami to Sunday killed it. Moving CSI NY to Friday didn’t help much but it did get a reprive this year. The same thing happend to Cold Case when it moved from the 9:00pm slot on Sunday to 10:00pm. It was cancelled. I have only seen a few eposides of Unforgetable but did like it. It just wan’t on demand. They really need to get rid of the hookup shows (Batchelor, etc.) I think Friday and Sunday are poor viewing nights. I usually have to catch the shows on demand.

      • Brian

        You understand that its not the network that killed house….the main star didnt want to return and there is no point in keeping house on without house

    • Colter


    • shelly

      you’re the writter? yah that’s why it says Todd Rigeny’s name next to author

    • http://yahoo elaine

      instead of cancelling good shows like House, Harry Law, Gifted Man why dont they do everyone a favor and get rid of Bigbang Theory, How I Met Your Mother and those darn reality show. ????

      • http://yahoo elaine

        I forgot to say that the bachelor and bachelorette has got to be the most obnoxious shows ever. Are people really that stupid, “Oh my gosh is he / she going to really pick me” get a life.

    • Elwood

      Opinionated tool? Maybe. Wrong? Not! The only thing I disagreed was his implication that “The Office” was *ever* worth watching.

    • Den

      You know…I have never replied to any kind of comment or opinion on any website. That includes Facebook and Twitter, in fact I don’t even use Twitter. I coincidentally read some of these infatuated comments and I truly believe that some of you may just sit by your computer and wait for someone to reply to you comment. From the bottom of my heart I would just like to say…There are more important things in life than feeding off the thoughts and opinions of others. That is why they are called “opinions”. Maybe going outside or picking up a decent, honest hobby would help all of you. That is all.

    • http://absolutelymindboggling.wordpress.com thomas

      In my opinion, and it’s only my opinion, most of the TV shows today suck. Big Bang Theory is stupid and the only laffs it gets is from a laff track, not from a live audience. Prime Time TV — just sucks nowadays. The writers and TV producers have sucked dry the pool of ideas for sitcoms. Sitcoms, sitcoms, sitcoms, sitcoms, and more sitcoms. Christ, it’s time to come up with some new fresh ideas. Sitcoms are rotten putrid corpses.

  • Todd Rigney

    I like to think so, yes.

    • Matt

      LOL. You couldn’t have said it better. Speaking of rotten putrid corpses – I think its awesome that shows I have long hated which my ex wife LOVED are finally on this list. If only it were a few years ago before I divorced her, I could have printed the list to include with the divorce papers. >:)

      • mark

        You are a mad man, with the canceled list and divorce papers I LOVE IT……

  • Slick

    Are You There, Chelsea? WTF was this really!

  • Nicole

    Ha, I didnt even know there was an animated show with anything to do with Napolean Dynamite!! LOL.

    Also, good riddance to several on the list… ITS ABOUT TIME!!!

    • http://gmail.com Drew Stevens


      • alex

        good thing you is here to tell us about all the stupid people with your gooder grammerz and your broken caps lock.

  • Hans

    Why did you write (finally) by House?
    Are you implying that show was bad?

    • Michael

      I agree with you. I loved watching the show. NOW i got to find something else to watch. Which sucks seeing as a few good sho’s got the axe.

      • Becca

        House is a great show, but how many ways can we see House self-destruct and how many cases can they come up with that don’t resemble Sarcoidosis or Cancer??? It’s just time, Stop while your at the Top

        • NI


          • nippersmom

            Do you really have to scream at us about it, NI?

            I personally think “House” is better this season than it was last season, but agree that it was a good show that has run its course. I hope Hugh Laurie finds another gig, though- he’s fantastic.

      • guess who ??

        Wow we really liked house , it was okay .. alot better than some of the other shows still on. My hubby and watch Finder almost every week, what happened ? Why are some not all of the good shows gone while crap still is shown each week ? Oh well at least there is netflix ..

        • Frances Martin

          “The Finder” was the best new show this year…with so much junk on the tube it was overlooked,,,I will miss Walter…

          • http://savethefinder.blogspot.com Christina

            Fox is really stupid!!!!!! They should never have let it go!!! Check out this blog it has petitions to get it back and some other stuff:

          • Bing

            I also loved watching “The Finder”, a good clean show. I knew when they brought down the whole cast that it was over. Or, next season would had to have been very, very good! I want it back, so I will join the petition!

        • vicky

          Yes I love House and the Firm! Why?Why?Why?Other shows don’t really make sense???

    • robert@mac.com

      House wasn’t cancelled, Hugh Laurie quit to spend more time with his family!

      • Pamela

        Thank you..someone who is informed!…You are absolutely correct! It was known for a long time this was the last season of House! I can’t believe they put it on this list…makes it look like it was not getting renewed because it was not good. And I agree this was one of the better seasons. And Sarcoidosis was WAY over used!!!! LOL

    • emily

      i am

  • Amanda

    I really liked the Playboy Club. Was never dirty and was also a crime show. I am beginning to hate mothers, and I am one!

    • Kathy

      I also liked that show. I agree with you..

  • Jerry T

    What?? The River and Missing got the ax??

    dangit…those were decent shows. Better than anything on NBC and FOX, certainly and better than most things on CBS, too.

    stupid ABC

    • Kim

      I loved The River!!!!!

      • theres a chance

        There is a chance for The River still. Rumor has it, Netflix is in talks with Disney/ABC to bring the show back as a Netflix exclusive title.

      • Gloria Kersey

        Me too! it was something different besides reality garbage!

      • Cristine Reed Simmons

        I have learned the hard way that if ABC has a good show, it gets cancelled.

        -Desperate Housewives
        -The River
        -Life on Mars
        -Detroit 187
        -Pan Am

        But oh yeah, let’s bring back the Bachelor!! That’s BS!!!!!

    • Tina

      I am sooo bumbed about Missing….I was loving that show!!

      • Barbara

        Missing was definitely one of the best shows on TV. They are making a big mistake by taking this off the air.

      • http://C.P. CARMEN PERLA

        Missing is a good show, well directed, great actors and most of all well presented. Cancel this show is not a good choise.

        • Deena T

          What can we do to keep MISSING on the air? It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who sees this cancellation as a real loss.

      • http://fashionableteacher.onsugar.com Lena

        I don’t think that Missing was supposed to be a recurring show. It was just supposed to be for a season. But I agree, I loved that show.

        • Gloria Kersey

          They don’t care what we think. It’s all about the money and they can ake more by shoving reality crap and talk shows down our throats! They’re cheaper to make!

        • alex

          i heard it was only supposed to be 10 episodes…

      • Elizabeth

        I loved Missing! I think it was the best show this season!!!

    • dvinemsm

      I can’t believe ABC would cancel two of the best shows they have had in a long time. The River was excellent and it left you in utter suspense & terror and I couldn’t wait for next season, they had so many places to go with the story. As for Missing, the characters & turns in this storyline are incredible. These two shows are better than “Housewives” ever was. Maybe another network will pick them up or ABC needs to reconsider. They could rid of GCB, Castle and keep the good stuff.

  • Natasha

    How about cancelling reality TV like The Bachelor/Bachelorette, X-Factor and the Real Housewives shows!

    • JBoo

      Right on! Reality shows suck!

      • Dianne

        Please, please, please cancel all reality shows. They are not real at all.

        • http://Yahoo anita

          Please …. Please …. get RID of all Reality Shows … so unreal

          • scott

            unfortunatly they wont get rid of the reality shows because they caust a quarter of what it costs to do a series

    • Cheryl

      Please include the Jersey Shore.

      • Joel

        don’t forget the katrashdians!

        • Inger

          If you cancel these shows, I will hurl if they are replaced by some tired reality shows. I am sick of reality shows. Bring the real reason America watches TV ENTERTAINMENT

          • http://yahoo elaine

            one reason the reality shows are still on is they are not famous actors so they dont have to pay them much. networks have been trying to go on the Cheap for many years…..

      • guess who ??

        Couldn’t agree more Thank-you !

    • Moe

      I agree cancel all the stupid Reality Shows….stupid and degrading.
      Keep HARRYS LAW, THE FIRM, GIFTED MAN….oh I forget the heads of cbs, nbc, abc, think we are all idiots and can’t understand real life situations.

      • Bill

        Really sad about Harry’s Law. Kathy Bates is a great actress and the other cast members were great.
        Lets put some more stupid reality shows on which I can’t stand. Right the network morons think we are all morons.

        • Kathy

          Harry’s Law is a great show. The exec are fools.

          • Rose

            Not happy at all about Harry’s Law. Really like that show. I know I am probably one of the ten people that watch Finder so not surprised about that, but I will miss it.

          • Sandra

            Bent, Chuck, Desperate Housewives, GCB, A Gifted Man, Harry’s Law, Missing and Unforgettable were all good shows. I loved them all. I guess they were not SLEEZY enough. Please Keep Them!!!!!!!!

          • prettyMBA

            Gonna miss GCB!

          • Ladybug

            PLEASE keep Harry’s Law, great show with great actors. David E Kelley shows are wonderful entertainment.

        • Tori

          I enjoyed the first season of Harry’s Law much more than this season, I think the execs changed it and lost all the first year followers. Kathy Bates was great!!

          I’ll miss The Finder and The River too…well, there’s hope that Netflix will save some of these shows… (like perhaps Jericho, which was a wonderful show that also got the ax too soon)

          • michelle

            i love the show too. several of the shows on the list are great; but the people behind the doors prefer to see people doing stupid stuff.

        • Susan

          Right on about Harry’s Law. One of the classiest shows on TV and the idiots in charge at NBC take it off…..and leave Smash on!?!? Yes, I agree, get rid of every reality show–except Dancing With the Stars. That is about the only reality show that isn’t stupid; those people really do work hard. Is it really reality; they’re not drinking, smoking pot, falling down drunk, screwing around, bitching about their ex’s, etc. Better leave on CSI: New York, too! CSI Miami got a little weird this year. Hey, there is always PBS, HGTV, Science Channel and Discover Channel.

        • mary

          how can you cancel one of the GREATEST SHOW on tv. harry’s law, who makes these dumb decisions, and i am probably going to start a petition against your channel. watch me……………….m

        • Coop

          acting & story were very good. so sorry it’s going

      • Chris

        Or – and this is quite an ‘or’ – they’ll look at the ratings, combined with he far cheaper costs of producing reality television, and keep right on churning it out, which will be the exact reason they’ll keep their jobs.

        While your idea is noble enough, if you were an exec in charge of one of the channels that run those shows, you would be a fool. An unemployed one.

        • http://yahoo.com chris

          GO look at the law suits brought by the major networks so that at best they well be ably to have more violents and some nudity at worse it will end up like tv in europe were they steal many show ideas, with full nudity and even more reality crap shows or talk shows.

      • http://yahoo Diane Kral

        Harrys Law, The Gifted Man, AND CSI MIAMI? this show has been a favorite for years! Reality shows are really rediculas, cancel a few of them!!!

        • Jane Clifton

          Did they really cancel CSI:Miami or did the stars quit? Can’t understand why they would do this. And Missing is one of my favorites. Won’t miss it. Now I guess I will have to miss it.

        • http://Yahoo anita

          Harry’s Law is terrific. They take off a quality show and keep all of those ridiculous reality shows on …

          • Kate

            AMEN!!! Maybe the executives only produce shows that match their intelligence??? Stupid, fake reality shows….that’s about their speed.

      • Penny

        Amen Moe! Harry’s Law is great; I didn’t see this coming.

        • Pat Herndon

          Harry’s Law is the best – can’t believe they are taking it off. What’s up NBC………

      • Angela Newman

        I was so getting into the Firm now what am I going to watch bad move NBC I really dont watch this network except during the Olympics and once in awhile for SNL or Fallon guess I’ll find something else to watch Saturday nights the Firm really didnt get much advertising shame on NBC shame

    • Amy

      I hate those so-called reality shows. Who’s life is like that crap anyway. And the only people on those shows are rich people who have nothing better to do that create drama because they are so board with their lives. Ugh! I think it’s time to cancel cable. :-(

    • Dee

      I agree, I hate those reality shows! I’m bummed about Unforgetable! :(

      • Karen

        I loved unforgettable!!

        • Jenn

          I also loved Unforgettable! Great just as I got into Missing, it’s cancelled! I agree dump all the idiotic reality shows. I don’t give a rats ass about the Housewives of whereever or the Bachelor/Bachlorette. How can they call them reality when it’s all so scripted incl Jersey Shore?!!!

        • Doc

          I agree with you there
          I think they should retire all those sl t house wives and atleast half of the other reality shows

      • Suzanne

        I agree totally with Dee! I am so disappointed that Unforgettable is cancelled!

      • Kathy

        I loved Unforgetable and The Firm!!!! I am so tired of good shows getting the axe when all the other junk is left on.

        • Annie

          I don’t spend a lot of time watching TV (do not have cable), but liked Unforgettable and wish they would reconsider.I do enjoy Blood Bloods and NCIS and Castle… glad they are renewed.

      • Eva

        There so few decent shows on the air worth my time to tune in and one of them was Unforgetful, too back I hope they reconsider.

    • DEB


      • flokel007

        the sad thing is that reality tv is cheap as sh&& to make-good tv isn’t.

    • amanda

      Completely agree with you Natasha! Those reality shows seem to go on forever. Guess the desired age group doesn’t get tired of the same old same old garbage.

    • http://webpronews.com Sandy

      I agree with you. For these shows to be considered “reality” is more fantasy than the shows themselves.

    • todd

      I totally agree about missing, it was actually a SHOW THAT KEPT ME GLUED TO THE tv THE WHOLE EPISODE. agree about bachelor and housewives, etc… those shows are ridiculous and are ruining tv.

    • Lucie

      I agree! I HATE the reality shows! They are totally UNrealistic. “Harry’s Law was the only thing worth watching on that network . We LOVE Unforgetable and A Gifted Man. CSI:Miami is okay, too! I would rather watch re-runs of these shows they are booting than to watch the trash they are keeping! Networks really need to give this a LOT more thought! We are not all a bunch of morons who want a view into the lives of the “rich and famous” (or rich and stupid) Survivor and The Great American
      Race need to go, too.

      • Sam

        Not all reality shows are bad, you know. Survivor and The Amazing Race are great, captivating, and usually unpredictable shows. Time magazine recently listed Survivor as one of the hundred greatest TV shows of all time.

    • Barb

      I could not agree more! The Bachelor/Bachelorette need to go!!!!Especially this season with Emily Maynard…I will not watch I have better things to do with my time! Bye.

    • Linda

      Where’s the Like button?

    • Gloria Kersey

      Well said, you’re right. GCB is junk!

  • elizabeth

    i cant believe awake and the secret circle got canceled

    • sierra

      I know me too! Those were my favorite shows, now I will never know what will happen in the end of The Secret Circle :(

      • Ashley

        I cant believe that the cw cancelled the secrect circle…I loved that show and I couldnt wait to see what happened next…I hope they will change thier minds…but I dought it!!!! =(

    • Melissa Folk

      I cannot believe that you cancelled The Secret Circle,Unforgetable,A Gifted Man they were great shows. Just like the networks to get you hooked then cancel the shows.You have viewers that would gladley watch these shows.I also cannot believe that you cancelled Ringer.If you know that you are going to cancel the shows at least be responsible to your fans of the shows and finish the storyline to the shows.

      • Fiona

        We really enjoyed Ringer too! It is a real discouragement to watching a new series to know that the writers will end on a cliffhanger to hopefully draw back viewers for another season and if the series is not renewed, potentially good story lines are left unresolved. Still feeling irritated by the abrupt endings to heroes and no ordinary family! Surely producing a mini-series to tie up loose ends of cancelled shows would mollify fans of those shows, give everyone involved in the show a bit more work and attract good viewing figures as everyone likes to know how a story ends.

  • Crys

    I don’t want to start watching any show now because it’ll end up getting cancelled anyway. So why bother investing any time in them to start. So I won’t pay attention to the commercials for next seasons shows because that’s all they do is hype up the shows to get us to watch and then cancel them when we are pulled in. Stop messing with us.

    • Cheryl

      I completely agree. I am so tired of shows going off. And look at the slot they leave on. What the heck do I care about a bunch of grown women fighting each other in public like animals in the wild (Mob Wives).

      • Kathy

        Mob Wives is just plain sickening…

  • Cheryl

    And yet “The Bachelor” is still on. I am tired of watching a show just to have it go off the air. Not all of us are young and only like shows with sexual one-liners. Some of us actually have a brain and can follow a plot. The people that decide this should be the ones that are fired.

    “Harry’s Law” was great when it was first on. The network ruined it. I quit watching.

    One thing I have definitely learned is do not get interested in a show because some network idiot that wants instant gratification will take it off the air. Sometimes it just takes some time for people to start watching.

    If it weren’t for sports, I would cancel the cable. TV sucks these days.

    • http://WebProNews Dick

      Harry’s Law is still good in spite of what the network is doing…keep the show!

      • D Price

        I agree Harry’s Law is an awesome show – Please keep it.

        • Jenn

          Kathy Bates is a great actress and NBC was lucky to get her for Harry’s Law! The networks don’t care about quality just the 18-30 group which is now to poor to buy any advertised products anyway!!!

          • Dixie Lee Brock

            I agree Harry’s Law was one of my favorites. Show #4 of my shows cancelled

        • Dzmom

          Unforgettable and The Finder were pretty good, I’ll miss them, but Harry’s Law was outstanding! Who makes these decisions anyway???? I know ratings count but there are idiots out there watching reality crap, please stop asking them their opinions!

      • Gloria Kersey

        After the cancellations, four of which I loved, I may get rid of cable. As you said all they do is sucker you in and drop the bomb. No point in investing time in them!

  • John

    Why can’t they leave shows on that have a storyline and an actual plot and get rid of those stupid reality shows? Is it too much to ask to have a show on tv that might just make you think once in a while and one you might actually have to follow to keep up instead of ones you can wait til the end of the season to watch and be all caught up in 15 min. Give us the shows we grew up with and git rid of the staged reality shows

    • Cheryl

      Yes, what do I care about a bunch of rich so-called housewives…I am even tired of The Biggest Loser. The idea about helping people is good but I am so tired of all of the drama. Where do they find such mean people? I didn’t even watch this season. Always the same. Same with “Dancing with the Stars.” Yawn.

      • amanda

        I agree about all the reality shows. I haven’t watched the biggest loser in like 2 years. Just so much game playing, I got tired of it.

    • andy

      I love the new networks, my tv me tv and antenna tv. they all have shows from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. i love those shows i grew up with like All in the family, threes company, Leave it to Beaver, Dennis the Menace, Maude, Mary Tyler More, Dick Van Dyke, The Partridge family, The Monkeys, and many more, i even caught Love American Style the other day.

  • gina

    i dont c y yall can decide what shows to cancel. alot of these shows were really good, they say ratings however what aout people who work they may record the shows but because the tv is off and maybe not directly on the channel they assume that people arent watching what do they want people to do sit at home ontheir butts and do nothing more than watch tv , i dont think so . we have families to feed. they should take polls to c which shows people want rather than relying on ratings alone, but this is my opinion

    • Johnny

      Because they don’t make tv shows for a viewing audience, they make them for advertisers approval. I’m soo close to done watching network tv. NBC is the biggest jackass of network tv, followed by ABC. I NEVER in my wildest dreams thought CBS would cancel CSI miami.And get this, the show that replaced it is cancelled now too…morons.

      All I want to say is that they don’t really care about us. watch out, next year they’ll be cancelling Once upon a time, Revenge and Nikita. These networks make me sick. They cancelled unforgettable. they’re all a bunch of idiots.

      • Gloria Kersey

        Amen Johnny!

      • stacie

        I couldn’t agree more, for starters they absolutely broke our hearts by cancelling CHUCK!! FREAKIN IDIOTS!!! They need to stop worrying about the standing ratings and find some way to count DVR’s…The majority of America isn’t home to watch TV during prime time, we have to work, or go to class, or have kids up…so we tape it to watch when they are asleep and we can be uninterrupted!! If they cancel Once Upon a Time, Revenge, or Big Bang Theory, I’m cancelling TV services!!!!!!!

  • James

    I actually really liked “Terra Nova”. It was like “Back to the Future” and “Jurrasic Park” rolled together… how could you go wrong with that?!

    • Jim

      Terra Nova was great.

      • Jason

        Terra Nova was starting to explain more things and was interesting enough. Alcatraz, although probably going to drag on was def better than any dang reality show. Who is telling these TV hot shots we watch this crap?

        • sonia

          I agree…I really liked terra nova, alcatraz and a gifted man. They were entertaining not like the trash we see with reality shows….sick of them!

      • Don

        Terra Nova maybe cancelled but there is talk its looking for a new network. This is so atleast they can air season 2. This is what i have heard. So keep your fingers crossed.

        • Sue

          I love Terra Nova! I really hope it is picked up. The reality about reality shows is there is no reality! Actually there is one reality about them and that is they SUCK!!!

  • Rich

    I was so disappointed when they axed Prime Suspect. It had som much potential and was better than most of the Crime/Dramas out there.

  • Steve Hupfer

    I agree that most of the shows on the list should go bye-bye, but I thought that “Harry’s Law” had pretty decent ratings; it’s a quirky show reminiscent of “Ally McBeal” but had good storylines. Any idea why this one got the ax????

    • http://Yahoo Carlos

      Well there are already so many crime shows. The ones that they are really good lose viewers to these other distracting crime shows that are basically the same thing. People can’t really concentrate on the good ones. It’s like “America’s Got Talent”,”The X Factor”, and “The Voice”. The network sees those shows become successful but they are not creating original shows. Those shows become like a sweater from the 80’s. It is out of fashion and people are over it. They are recycling the same idea but packaging it differently. The lack of originality doesn’t capture people’s attention. What the viewers are being saturated with are unimpressive shows that are all the poor mans “American Idol”. And even that show lacks originality.

      • Jane Clifton

        I was an AI fan but this season was a rip off. Don’t tell me it isn’t fixed. Won’t be watching it again. Just let the judges pick who THEY want to win. They will anyway.

        • Lacey

          I could not agree more, Jane! Why did they even waste 4 months of our lives having a competition since the judges chose their 2 favorites the very first week!? How is it fair to any of the other contestants when J-Lo and Randy are going on and on about the same 2 every week? The week Jessica was “voted” off and “saved”, and the week Colton was voted off were definitely fixed! I agree. I don’t think I want to waste my time watching it after this. I just feel bad for all of the other hard-working contestants who never had a chance because the judges didn’t pick them from day 1.

    • Linda

      I just read that the audience was too old.

  • caitlin

    they cancelled the finder??? seriously?????

    • Eric

      “the Finder” was one of my favorite shows. It wasn’t meant to be believable, but it definitely had a good storyline and great characters. The season finale was good and I was looking forward to seeing how it played out. Get rid of every reality show on TV and replace it with more fictional showes. I don’t give a rat’s @$$ about who knows how to dance or sing or make themselves popular by being a douche in front of a camera.

      • http://savethefinder.blogspot.com Christina

        Check out this blog for info on how to try to get it back


  • Donna

    The only one I’m upset about is Unforgettable. I really enjoyed that

    • http://yahoo Gina

      I loved unforgetable. This really sucks!!!

    • Christie M

      I loved The Finder. I am so depressed that they cancelled it, but I am glad they kept shows like Bones And TBBT. Love them!!

      • flokel007

        I loved the finder too! quirky, but fun.

    • R

      I really liked ‘The Finder’ too. It was funny and entertaining.

  • ellen

    Why cancel Harry’s Law? It is one of the few fun and good shows
    to have come along in ages. They should think this one over.
    Big mistake to cancel.

    Also, Gifted Man isn’t too bad.

    • Rhonda

      I agree Harry’s Law and Gifted Man were my favorites.

      • Ernie

        Loved the Gift Man and Harry’s Law but had to watch them “On Demand” because they were opposite another show that wasn’t on demand. I heard the networks keep tabs on who watches shows on demand. You can’t satisfy everyone and another lame show will replace all these other cancelled shows.

        • Nancy Gee

          Loved Harry’s Law–not happy when they moved it to Sunday. I never found it on Prime Time on Demand though so if I missed it I guessed I would have to find it on reruns.

      • Sherri

        AGREE!!! Love Harry’s Law!!!!!

    • alex

      I agree with you. This was a good one. Thoroughly enjoyed the closing arguments each week. Sorry to see the cast go home.

    • judy mcnamara

      Once again the ignorant win. Harry’s law is very well written and great tv. Duh.

  • grayson

    I cannot believe GCB is being cancelled. What the heck, that was a cute show, light hearted and funny. I liked Missing also…everytime I start to get into a show…they pull it. Like they did with Dirty Sexy Money, that show was just getting good too, and they pulled that. Shame! :(

  • Leslie

    Seriously, Alcatraz!?!

    • Cheryl

      This is typical ABC BS. Seems their programming people have a few mental disorders. I’m not sure I’ll be watching this channel any longer.

    • sue

      I’m so sick of the comedys that are on now and I think they are suppose to be funny!!!! I loved The Gifted Man and CSI Miami.

  • Mike

    I’m glad Last Man Standing and New Girl wasn’t on the list. I really enjoy those two shows.
    Last Man Standing is Home Improvement 2.0 which I have no problem with. Tim and cast are fabulous.
    New Girl has my kids getting out of bed wondering why my wife and I are laughing so hard. The guys compliment Zooey to a T.
    Alcatraz never captured my attention, it was kind of on an island of its own. (Badumpbump)

  • Richard

    So sad about Ringer! That show is awesome! One of the few shows I actually watched. :(

    • Linda D

      Yes, Ringer ended with so many loose ends… I’ve been second guessing the writers to see how they’d start off next season.

    • Ray

      I’m pissed off that Ringer got cancelled, season one was one of the best most refreshing shows in a long time.

  • I am me

    Boo! I LOVE GCB… it’s hilarious! I am disappointed (albeit not too surprised) that it is getting cancelled… too many people got hung up on the title and didn’t even bother to watch and see what the show actually was all about.

    • Elise

      I agree with you! GCB was a great show and this is coming from someone born and raised in TEXAS!! Those girls give a great FUNNY and even sometimes accurate look into what it’s like growing up in Texas society. Kristen Chenowith is a treasure and show be nominated for a golden globe for her portrail of Carlene! But then again……What do I know. I’m just from TEXAS!! LOL

  • lspiderl

    This is why i dont bother getting interested in shows until AFTER their finished so that i know they didnt end up canceled on a cliff hanger

  • teresahuckabee

    house i will miss loved greggory.

  • Sherryl

    I will miss Missing House and Awake. But this gives me the reason to downsize.

    • http://care2 Jill Epley

      hi everyone. I feel real bad about missing. the show has a good cast ans alot of action. Ashley Judd is so good in it. She does her own stunts. Why don’t they give them another year. It really keeps you on the edge of your seat. pls keep it on. Jill Epley

  • Emilyb

    The public is paying for cable and watching endless commericals!
    Meanwhile the programs are being shortened for more commercials and the good really dramas and comedy’s are being replaced by reality and talent shows. And this year the shows are being repeated about every six weeks and then Fri and Sat they rerun the programs that ran during the weekdays. What is up with that??

    Fire the heads of these departments and hire people that can actually pick programs that have story lines we can follow.

    The public needs to start boycotting the major networks and writing to the companies that run commericals.

    • Barbara J.

      Emily B. I agree totally. The only reason the “heads” keep putting on those silly reality shows is they are financially cheaper to produce. That way it is not neccesary to pay high price actors and writers. But you are right, I’m sick of having to pay cable prices to watch stupid shows and infomercials, and commercials with the volumn blarring. It all has to do with the bottom line and guess who pays.

      Harry’s Law is wonderful and the acting is outstanding, so was the Gifted Man, The Firm and the Finder. I wish the studio heads would listen to more than just the 15-20 year olds.

      • Lucie

        Emilyb and Barbara J.—you are SO right.Hopefully,someone at the networks has enough sense to read all of these comments!

  • Nathan

    It is a shame that the networks dont try different slots for some of these shows, Alcatraz, House, CSI: Miami and The Finder, all real good shows.

    Instead they are cramming reality shows down our throats, and I am one of several people who are tired of this progaramming BS.

    It was bad enough they cancelled Invasion, V, and Flash Forward. Three amazing shows but the idiots bosses at these netwroks think that we all want to watch Dancing with the stars, the bachellorette, the amazing race, hells kitchen , undercover boss, and all these other stupid reality bs shows.

    No one wants to watch some idiot dancing (dancing with the stars) around, that makes a ton more money then everyone else. I live in reality and I hate it, it is depressing these shows take me away from the every day normal its a nice break. i for one boycott all networks and will stick to AMC with shows like walking dead….Breaking Bad…etc. MFers at NBC, FOX and especially ABXC wouldnt know a decent show if it bit them in thier Assets. Also who are these fools rating these shows anyhow? They must be people who love watching stars dance around or homosexual males sing love songs to each other (Glee)

    Fricken ridiculous

    • Jim

      CSI: Miami-it’s about time, that show dead-ended 5 years ago. Good bye bad acting redhead standing sideways with his hand in his pocket. He’s why I stopped watching this show years ago.

      • kevin

        ! AGREE!!!

    • joy

      I completely agree! It makes me mad that they cancel good shows! The Finder is an awesome show, it made me laugh. I would rather watch a show like that then some bunch of people just trying to look “tough” and get “street cred”. Shows like Mob Wives and Jersey shore and housewives are a waste of time. And I am sick of the pity shows like extreme makeover and biggest loser.

    • Lucy

      Where is the “Like” Button!!!

      • joe

        You all need to get lives.

    • Kim

      I agree with you! What are they doing?!
      They change the times around after the season gets started on the really great shows, then you cannot find when they play regularly without having to miss shows. I squeeze shows in around the kids, so I like when shows play at the same time every week. Seasons are so much shorter too!

      Favorites: CSI: Miami, , The Gifted Man, The Finder, Missing and Terra Nova was awesome!

      They must not be using TV ratings anymore. LOL

      I wish bachelor and bachelorette would just go away, they are wasting great spots. :)

  • NormCBS

    I love “NYC 22”! I can’t believe nobody is watching it. It has a very good ensemble cast and good teleplays.The title is awful, but the show has heart. I don’t think CBS promoted this show very well or gave it a chance. It’s better than 90% of the shows that are returning. Most Americans currently watching TV must be brain-dead.

    • Ellen Goodin

      Iagree…I liked NYC 22….good cast and storylines. I believe they have onl aired 4 episodes and it has been cancelled already??? Give these shows a chance!!! Also, can’t believe they cancelled Missing and Harry’s Law!!! Let’s keep ” garbage” tv on like the Kardashian’s and the Bachelor!!

      • Lili Beck

        I am with you, I liked NYC22, Awake and Missing. I don’t understand why would anyone think to cancel these shows. They are so different from anything else. I am so dissapointed of the networks. what am I to watch now? There is nothing else.

      • Gloria Kersey

        I so agree with you!

        • http://scatlover.com Barry

          NYC 22 was a pretty good show, I think if given a chance to develop and get the characters settled in it could have been an all timer

  • Kathy Araujo

    You can not cancel The River and CSI Miami both of them are great shows especially the River I need to know what happens, please don’t cancel these 2 shows. Kathy

    • Doris

      The River, Missing, Terra Nova are good shows with good actors. CSI Miami is very good too, they just need to spiced up the stories, but not to cancel. They should cancel the idiotic reality tv shows instead.

    • http://facebook M G Reese

      What a bummer, please don’t take the finder, firm, house, and secret circle off. the rest of that crap and the new crap can go.

  • betty meeks

    why would anyone want to cancel,csi miami unforgettable,harry’s law and nyc22 the best shows lately,rethink your decision.

    • Marcie

      I agree. All good shows.

    • sassycat

      Harry’s Law is the only one on the list that should be reversed. This is a good show.

      I heard GCB hit the dust. Good call. that was awful.

    • L. Griffin

      What were the criteria for axing CSI: Miami, Harry’s Law, and NYC22? Did the writers or producers think they had they had a bad product? Somehow the memo did not get to us consumers, because we liked those shows.
      What do we have to do to change your decision about these shows?

  • Morrighan72

    has everyone lost their minds?!? :( I’ve just lost 4 of my fave shows~ GCB, AWAKE, RINGER & MISSING :((

    • Marcie

      I watched Missing too. It’s a good show. They leave crap for us to watch and get rid of the good ones. I’m mad!

      • Nathan

        I too am going to miss Awake. I thought Jason Isaacs was a great actor for this role. I just couldn’t believe that it is getting cancelled.

  • Marcie

    Makes me never want to get interested in a tv show again. Several of them I watched faithfully. Bleegh!

    • Emilyb

      Time to Boycott!
      We are paying for CABLE, watching endless commercials and because the idiot studio heads can’t wait until the shows build a folowing they cancel them. It is time to have a Channel for mature people that don’t want to watch Talent and Reality shows, we want to watch comedy’s and drama’s that are well written!

  • jra

    GCB was the only show my wife and I could sit down and watch together. We both loved it!!!

  • Sandra

    Obviously those inpower are determined to fill the airways with the garbage of cheap, low grade, boring, “reality shows”, which nobody cares if anybody watches, and few do. So much better than actually investing in something entertaining.

  • Meg

    Really sad about a couple of these. First Alcatraz. I really liked that show and thought it was done nicely. I enjoyed GCB, BFF, and Bent for the comedy. I also really enjoyed Awake and Missing. I was really into them, wanting to know what was going to happen next. I really hate getting invested in tv shows and not knowing how they end. Especially with Missing and Awake. Which reality is real in Awake and will Becca ever be reunited with Michael in Missing? I also liked Secret Circle. Not really suprised it was cancelled but it was a nice supernatural show with no thinking and the characters were interesting. Thank you tv networks for taking my time and devotion and just smashing it to the ground. Why not get rid of some other shows that have been on WAY past their prime and give some of these new shows a chance!

  • Cindy

    I hate to see “The Firm” go. Loved it. Great story line. The writer’s were fabulous!!!!

  • brumee

    I can’t believe a gifted man was cancelled. I loved that show.

  • http://yahoo PAT

    Harry’s Law was not given a chance. It was moved around like a floating ship. If it was on a night not full of other very good shows, it would be watched. Kathy Bates is one of the best actresses to ever come out of Hollywood. Please give her a break!!!!! It was a great show.

    • ashley


  • Misty

    but why on earth do they still keep idiotic “reality” shows such as jersey shore, bachelor, bachelorette, the housewives of (wherever)??!!

    • Five Foot Gremlin

      Because they cost next to nothing for them to produce. No actors, writers, stunt people, locations, etc.

  • Meg

    Oh and how could I forget Pan Am. I guess because there were already talks, I wasn’t too surprised but I really liked that show as well. Grr!

  • Five Foot Gremlin

    How about they cancel ALL reality shows and stop making them because they are cheap to produce. If you put in s.h.i.t you get out s.h.i.t. And secondly, stop calling the people “stars”. Hire some decent writers and get actors to professionally entertain us on all channels.

    • Gloria Kersey

      Well said!

  • http://yahoo Linda

    Mike & Molly & Two & 1/2 Men are still on??? WHY? I watched Ringer & The Secret Circle every week. They had a plot to them. Oh, and a story line. And, they get canceled. I am with some of the others. You get interested in a show and they cancel it. Why bother watching. I think I will just stick to movies from now on…

    • Five Foot Gremlin

      Well said. Cable shows are way better (Dexter).

  • Joni

    Missing, Harry’s Law, NYC22, The Firm and for fun, GCB all get the axewhile the gawd-awful reality shows (Bachelor, Bachelorette etc) remain on and promoted!!! Really??? What is wrong with these krancky TV Execs. I guess they really want cable to succeed more than it already has. SO SAD!

  • Cecil

    Well some shows they cut about dam time house was stupid in the first season as well as some of the others but as long as they dont cut TrueBlood and walking dead and a few i like cool by me.

  • john b

    So many shows, you really can’t give them all a shot and some good ones will lost in the shuffle.
    Finally one of the CSI’s gets the boot. This format is so tedious I can’t believe it made it this far (how can anyone watch Survivor now or even A.I.).
    Awake never quite gelled. The Firm got boring four episodes in. Too bad Chelsea was not remotely clever or funny. She must have just shown up for the taping.
    Harry’s Law was absurd. House has been on euthanasia waiting list the last three years. Prime suspect didn’t have enough of the original’s dramatic tension. NYC22 looked stupid from the first promo. The Office, while endearing from a character standpoint, lost it’s raison d’etre when Carel left. They were running out of material by then anyway. After a good five year run…go out on top with a clever swan song. Don’t wait for the axe.

  • dsimmonsla

    You sure use the word ‘cancelled’ liberally Todd. Some of these shows just decided to call it quits after a long succesful run, like House and DH…others on this list were canceled back in September or October, so its not really news.

  • Daphne

    I cancelled my cable last year after each network felt that they must cram reality Tv down the throats of the public and have not regretted it once. I spent too much time getting interested in shows that were cancelled before their time. I am purely a netflix girl now. I wouldn’t change that for anything. Network TV is worthless anymore.

  • Pete

    Its about time someone calls the Office what it is. NOT funny anymore. As soon as NBC tinkers with shows they ruin them, Ie Seinfeld, 30 rock and so on….The Office was funny when it was similar to every day life in an office. Now you have people stacking desks and so on. NOT LIKE REAL LIFE. just like Seinfeld when you could relate then all of the sudden kramer has a screen door on his apt and so on. CANT RELATE, NOT FUNNY…just my two cents as I guess if your name isn’t Kardashian or Xtina, no one wants to watch. That is why I watch AMC, FX and SHO for Breaking Bad, SOA, Archer and Dexter. ORIGINAL

    • Five Foot Gremlin

      Agreed. I never thought The Office was remotely funny, and now with that kid molester lookin James Spader, it’s even worse.

  • Five Foot Gremlin

    The only good thing about Are You There Chelsea? was Laura Preppon’s tits.

  • lovedvd

    Hmmm, seems that all the programs that actually have story lines are being canceled. I’ve loved Chuck and House but they have run their course so I’m ready to let them go. But…GCB was just getting started and very funny. Gifted Man, Pan Am, Prime Suspect and Unforgettable are all really good shows. And we are left with the Bachelor and Bachelorette!!! The WORST – couldn’t even make it through one episode.

  • Andrea

    Which new shows weren’t cancelled?

  • Five Foot Gremlin

    And ”Dancing With The C-List Actors and Who-the-hell-are-you’s” is still on???

  • Susan

    I’m bummed. They didn’t even give them a chance. Now what am I going to watch when Awake, CSI-Miami, A Gifted Man, Harry’s Law, Missing, Prime Suspect, Ringer and Unforgettable? I dislike the reality shows. I do enjoy Dr Oz, Anderson, The View, 20/20, Nightline, 60 Minutes,

  • Frances Evans


  • Dolores F.

    Um…a correction. I read that House is QUITTING and is NOT being cancelled. But either way it has been one of the BEST shows EVER on television! And the same is true of Harry’s Law(except the cancelling part). I suspect that HL is being cancelled due to sexism and ageism, as the main character is a post-menopausal woman. But then so am I. I only watched NBC for Harry’s Law, so I guess I won’t be watching THAT lame network anymore. I hope that some smart network like Lifetime or OWN will pick it up. As for House, I just hope Wilson lives!

  • http://explorer marie hindee

    I am sorry to see Missing and Harry’s Law get cancelled. Bachelor/Bachloret should have been on that list.

  • ck

    Amazing………… cancelling Terra Nova, Alcatraz, Missing, Prime Suspect, CSI Miami and Chuck…… And keeping crap like ANY REALITY (Phony as Hell) Show is just stupid. Proving once again the American Public is being dumbed down by the “R”s……… Pathetic……

  • juanita

    shoot i liked are you there chelsea and rob…go figure they are cancelled…the gifted man was good but it was done

  • linda Young

    unforgettable, body of proof, and missing are best and they are getting cancelled? i love those shows!

    im 65 yrs old and i enjoy my shows and every year my favorite getts cancelled. what can i do.????

    • laura

      How can we pay for tv if everything leaving i love csi mami i never miss one show and now its gone im very sad. What am i going to watch now

  • What???

    “”One Tree Hill”, “Alcatraz”, and “House” won’t be back next season”

    i don’t watch One Tree Hill, but Alcatraz and House??? COME ON!

    Direct TV will not like this, coz i’m downgrading my subscription.

    • LIgirl

      House wasn’t exactly cancelled. Those involved decided not to film another season. We fans will have to make do with reruns.

    • Jen

      House wasn’t even cancelled. They’ve been saying ALL SEASON that it was the last season of the show, at least in the last few episodes. The writers decided to finally end it, especially when Lisa Edelstein quit.

  • http://vexxarr.com Vexxarr

    Correction: Chuck was not cancelled. This was its series ending. LAST season it was announced that this season was the capper. Very different situation. Likewise Fringe wasn’t renewed as such. This was a negotiated end to the show. Fringe will get a truncated 13 episode season. Funny that Eureka isn’t mentioned as it is cancelled in exactly the same way that fringe and Chuck aren’t.

  • opinionated_bookworm

    I’m very sorry to see a few of these are leaving. I really loved GCB, made me laugh and had a great cast. Also sorry to see Unforgettable on the list, I liked that one too. And NYC 22 seemed promising, they barely gave it a chance. Probably will fill up the spaces with more stupid dating shows. Makes no sense at all to me.

  • http://explorer marie hindee

    Shows like Harry’s Law, Missing, are so much better than shows like Bachelor, Bacheloret, etc. Why would quality shows like this get cancelled. I apparently am not the only one that thinks this way. Cancel shows like America has Talent,Look who can dance. all boring and not worthy of my time.

  • carolyn

    oh boy is my mom gonna be mad; she LOVES house!

  • GMO

    Well ABC, the only show I will be DVRing of yours is Modern Family! Cougar town is moving to TBS, so i’m darn happy about that! NBC cancelled the last show I watch of theirs which was Prime Suspect! I hope USA, TNT, or AMC pick that show up. It was well written and the actors were superb! Network TV just Sux these days. Cable now has all the great shows. Heck shows on the history channel are now better than network TV!

  • James Hardman

    GCB was stupid enough to be funny. Alcatraz was good. Missing was good. CSI: Miami was good. Harry’s Law was good. I may have missed a few. They’d better review the list.

  • Diddle

    CSI:MIAMI…..REALLY….WTF? This is ridiculous!!

  • Thewhite

    Man, I’m just so glad they kept Parenthood on. I love that show, especially the scenes with Jabaar he is so freaking cute and beautiful. I can watch him four hours.

  • http://Yahoo Bert Burkhardt

    I am pretty sure I know why NBC has the most cancelations. The network both entertainment and news is way to far gone. Fox has some issues because they go overboard trying to be cool. Does Glee really have that much of an audience? I sang in Junior High and High School but come on. I guess I have to avoid Fox. CBS has the shows that ae destined to run a long time. If they take NCIS off there really isn’t a reason to stay tuned for NCIS Los Angeles. Sometimes Hawaii 5-0 is good but there are times I gotta have Gretta. Please stop Law & Order. It’s getting so dramatic that it’s hard to surf channels. I guess I could delete the channel from my list but that may be too drastic. I will miss House but it was time.

  • Marilyn

    Keeping those stupind reality shows will force me to watch my DVD’s again & again. Enjoyed A Gifted Man, ***Harry’s Law, Missing, Ringer, Secret Circle. Glad I have TBS, USA LFM, etc. Major networks loosing nighttime viewers!

    • LIgirl

      Oh, I am so happy to see that at least one viewer agrees with me about reality shows. There is nothing real (or entertaining) about them.

  • Phillip Deitzler

    One of my favorite shows ever. Can’t believe you’re canceling Unforgettable.You people at CBS are getting as bad as NBC!! What a bunch of a-holes.

  • dorothy

    fox suck, can not believe they taken off the finder, and a couple other good shows, i would rather see voice be cancel, not the finder and the other good show, no more reality shows get rid of them make your writers earn their money

  • Tina

    I can’t believe the Secret Circle is not coming back on. It was a great show and my daughter and I tuned in every week. How about dumping some of those reality shows and keeps these on.

  • http://yahoo.com Ashley

    I’m still mad about them canceling The Gates!.. Man I loved that show!!!

  • Laurie

    why don’t you get rid of all the reality shows? There the worst possible shows there is!! They all end in divorces anyway

  • Ernie

    So many great shows like 2 Broke Girls, Mike and Molly and Hawaii 50 show us 3 new episodes then all show reruns at the same time so its no wonder other shows get cancelled because one cannot get into the rhythm of tuning in to their favorite show without getting a rerun. Then the viewer is forced to check out a different show, like it then stay there for the duration. Thanks networks, no wonder you can’t figure out viewers likes and dislikes.

  • Eric

    Are you kidding me????? Alcatraz and the River???? I loved those shows. Sad, but not shocked to hear that Terra Nova got cut.

  • Dixie

    I can’t believe that you’re taking off Prime Suspect, Missing, Harry’s Law ( which I have been watching since it came on), & Alcatraz….. You guys always take off the good shows, and leave the very stupid shows on!!! I don’t get it….I guess you guys would rather have our children watch the stupid shows that have all the cussing and nudity in them… yes most shows do have alot of cussing, but like Beavis & Butthead, shows like that… you wonder why our kids are like the way they are, DUH!!!!!

  • Megan

    Awake and missing were the best shows on tv. Cancel stupid shows like desperate housewives,jersey shore,teen mom,and those singing shows and make room for quality drama/suspense shows

  • Sui Lan

    You gotta be kidding, CBS screwing up again! CSI Miami? That’s a good show, what are they thinking, I guess they have no brains! They cancelled “Cold Case” back then, but can’t cancel their re-runs on TNT, that was another stupid move. The ones their keeping is shitty and boring! Stupidity and brainless!!!!!

  • clint

    i watch Alcatraz all the time -was a good show…

  • LIgirl

    I tried watching Terra Nova, I really did. It was terrible. Rob was a little better, probably because I like Cheech Marin.

  • tim richter

    Wow! lets just get rid of everything! harrys law is great, i think rob, bent & best friends forever are good. harrys law being cancelled really surprises me. lets get some more reality crap to fill the slots! NBC needs to check themselves.

  • Eileen

    So sorry to see “Harry’s Law” on the list. Love David E. Kelly & Kathy Bates. Will definitely miss “Tommy Jefferson”, too. Too much reality TV & not enough good dramas.

  • Ape

    why did you put finally next to house? it was a great show and it didn’t really get the axe its been around for like 15 years! By the way Allen Gregory was by far the worst show out of all of them.

  • Lady D

    not CSI Miami this is my favorite show
    this just crazy!!!!

  • Rick

    I’m still bummed that “Brothers and Sisters” was axed last season. The travails of that bunch warmed up my lonely Sunday nites! Get rid of the Housewives reality shows—awful.

  • Mick

    Alcatraz, The River, The Firm and Terra Nova in my mind were all shows that should be rescued by another network. Perhaps HBO or Showtime would like to pick these up and do them cable-style which would put them over the top with viewers in my mind. These were interesting shows and they all deserve another chance.

  • Mike

    The River should of never been canceled. In time it would of been comparable to Lost.

  • http://yahoo.com BJ

    Yes cancel all the good shows and keep all the reality bullshit on TV, this really amazes me how they can get rid of the shows that keeps you mind goig, and then put all the mindless irrelevant crap on TV. This crap really kills me. This is the reason why I don’t watch TV, TOO MUCH GARBARGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MartyCPA

    I’m sad to CSI Miami go but I’m not that surprised. CBS really messed up a good thing when they moved the show to Sunday nights and allowed the football schedule to push back the show until … whenever. I couldn’t even get my DVR to record a full episode the last two seasons.

  • Peg Stevens

    I very disappointed that the Gifted Man and Harry’s Law are being can
    celled and we have to continue with likes of Mike & Molly and the
    Big Bang Theory. The Office isn’t much and never has been, wouldn’t
    mind seeing Undercover Boss go either.

  • colaroaster

    tv is a wast of time and money. get rid of it and get a life. it will change you if you let it

  • Arleen

    Can’t believe GCB is cancelled, it was a fun show. I’m a Christian and I got that it was satire ! The Finder & Alcatraz? Really ~~ get rid of the Bachelor, Jersey Shore, Kardashians and all the other idiotic reality shows, reality, REALLY??? Not in any sense of my reality.

  • Don

    Bring back Alcatraz!

  • Pat

    Harry’s Law- How can they- Great writing, chemistry with casting, great show- Oh yeah, I know- It’s NBC.
    I hope another channels picks Harry’s Law up.

  • Sharron Gallagher

    I can’t believe CSI Miami was cancelled, they should have cancelled CSI (Las Vegas)instead. one of my favorite shows…..glad big bang is coming back….that show is so funny!

  • http://Yahoo Terry Maynard

    The Finder and Harry’s Law are too good shows that makes our evening tv passable, however you keep the stupid inane shows on. Where are your Brains

  • Eric Serlin

    How the heck can you cancel a great shows like “Unforgettable”, In Plain Sight and CSI Miami?? You should cancel Two and 1/2 men!!!!! The show in horrible and Ashton Kutcher is already making more money than veteran actor’s like David Caruso!!

  • Pat

    They pull the trigger too quickly on shows. Harry’s Law is one of the best written, great cast in a long time (LA LAW?).
    Idiots that run NBC.

    • Eric Serlin

      Yes, it is!!!

  • Steve

    One would think that they would cancel some of these stupid reality shows before cancelling shows that folks actually can sit down and enjoy – Alcatraz?!?!? House?!?!?! NYC22 — that show just started!!!

  • http://Yahoo.com dalej

    I watched House on re-runs for a while, but an alcoholic drug addicted Surgeon?

    Who stumbles through the segment with no apparent progress, saving or loosing the patient

    in the last moment, due in large part to his drunken, drug induced apathy.

    I watched the segment where he allowed his friend to loose everything because of His

    (House’s ) actions, with a shrug of his shoulders, all the emotion he could conjure.

    I never again watched, good riddance.

  • k-dawg

    at least “they” didn’t cancel Fringe (yet)!!! i was worried about that from what i read about it a couple months ago as being “too costly”.

    can’t believe Awake, Unforgettable and The Finder were cancelled :( also liked Prime Suspect, Terra Nova, NYC 22 and Alcatraz…

    also, i will not watch any reality show.

    i still try to watch L&O-SVU, but it’s gone downhill this year, since Chris Meloni left…

  • Eric Serlin

    I also forgot to slam you on cancelling Harry’s Law!!! Bad move!!!

  • Sue

    I can’t believe your taking off CSI Miami. Next it will be Criminal Minds and CSI Las Vegas. I know they have been around awhile but you put all that stupid stuff on like The Bachelor, and all these stupid shows I can’t name cause there stupid and never watched them. Pretty soon there will be nothing to watch but game shows,task shows and women or men trying to out do one another, like the show survivor.

    • k-dawg

      i agree. i just watched CSI-NY this morning,(i dvr “my shows”) and it looked like a series finale. hope not!!!

  • david

    the firm kicked a s s. terra nova was awesome maybe scifi channel will pick it up

  • Julie

    I’m upset The River was cancelled. It thought it was an interesting why to do a show.

  • Too much information

    NOT the Finder, one of the only truly entertaining shows on TV. Please please please reconsider!!!

  • Catherine

    When will the Kartrashians, House Wife of various cities and Baskeball Hoes make the list of cancelled shoes? *sigh*

  • Tim Sweem

    They cancel Terra Nova and Alcatraz and the River but keep the Bachorellette on. A show that condones pre marital sex. What r they about 1 for 19 on that stupid show. Give it the toe and get that crap off the air.

  • Kathy

    Is the network crazy Missing is a great show. Stupid move….

  • Macy

    I love The Gifted Man. Watched it every week. Missing is also very good. The production quality, story line, acting, etc. on Missing was so good, it figures ABC would cancel it. It probably cost too much to produce and the mindless reality shows are probably cheaper to produce. So sad. Just when we actually get some quality shows to watch……. Oh well, I need to read more anyway. Too bad the networks aren’t in touch with “reality” when it comes to what people really want!!

  • Charlie

    Awake is a great show!!! Way to Axe one of the most well thought and original shows out there! Should have one more season. Maybe it will be picked up by another network or even a cable network!!! Can only hope.

    • k-dawg

      i’m hoping that NBC may resurrect Awake on the USA network, like they did for L&O-Criminal Intent.
      who do we write?

  • Cynthia Gottfredson

    Gash….. I lked the Gifted man. For a change a handsome dude on T.V. and smart…


    but keeping (Big Brother) and Survivor???

    Go figure…

  • Barbara Schuster

    The CBS execs have their heads up their ***** s A Gifted Man was one of the best shows on TV—I actually wanted to stay home on Friday nights—-C’mpn guys do something to bring it back—-How can we???I will do a petition or what ever we can—maybe the smart cable networks TNT or TBS will pick it up!!!

  • AA

    What about “Whitney”? That show should’ve been gone a long time ago. Not even funny. “Terra Nova” and “House” should’ve been saved.

  • Cathy

    I am so tired of good shows being cancelled, Alcatraz, Missing, Ringer, The Finder, Unforgettable, Awake. Networks wonder why they can’t keep their audience, well they keep cancelling good shows and putting on crap reality TV, we are not all empty headed. I think it’s time to say good bye to Network TV.

  • http://webpronews.com Sandy

    I don’t watch any of those shows except CSI: Miami and I love that show. Was never a fan of “Horatio” but the supporting cast was so good that they overcame Horatio’s over-acting.

  • Mia


  • http://rikochanpornstar.com riko

    Good list, though Fringe wasn’t an “obvious choice.” It was on the bubble, and only got a half-season final season renewal to pad the series out to 100 episodes.

  • Sherry

    just gives me more time to read…

  • TMoney

    First of all I never even heard of half these shows…when are they on??? And secondly where is Aston and Two and a half men? God awful show that use to be hilarious.

  • 1st ladi

    so ringer is neva coming back om??

  • Barbara

    Love “Ringer” and “The Firm” Should not be cancelled.

  • http://Yahoo Martha

    We watch 3 shows regularly: The Firm, Harry’s Law, and Castle! Guess it will be back to sports (excluding NBCsports!)

  • Farts Dumfarts

    This guy should either get better at writing about TV, or stop doing it. This article would have been infinitely better if it were just a list.

  • LILY


  • Jan

    I am disappointed that The Secret Circle is cancelled! I wanted to see the plot develop more,it was getting good. :S

  • sam

    Shocked that CSI Miami was on that list!

  • http://WebProNews Jayne

    House wasn’t cancelled, it was announced at the beginning of this season that this would be the last season, cast/etc. felt show had run it’s course. Final year by choice, not cancelled.

  • http://webpronews Joann

    I, and most of my friends (most are over 65) really enjoyed Unforgettable

  • kathy

    I can’t belive they cancelled Terra Nova! It was a great show!

  • lisa

    I’m pretty bummed about CSI Miami and Awake :( Awake was pretty good although I feel like it’s taking forever to get to the point. I was Det. Britten to realize his boss had a part of trying to kill him and I want to know why they tried to kill him. The world may never know. R.I.P Horatio’s sunglasses

    • lisa

      typo *i wanted Det. Britten…

  • Denise Blakeman

    Let’s keep stupid shows on. Harry;s Law is one of the best on t.v., and the Missing is really good also, and the Firm.

  • kelley

    Harry’s Law was great…..shame on the exec’s

  • Jazzum

    Great all stupid shows….bad acting….bad writing….bad directing….what a surprise.

  • robin

    they should keep Alcatraz….good show.

  • http://yahoo Tom

    I agree lose the reality shows they suck. Keep shoe like “Harry Law”” AND “Gift Man”. Show like Kardashian are GARBAGE

  • Cathy

    OH! PEASE!, PLEASE! Get rid of the Office! once and for all, talk about waisting money….Throwing Good money after Bad! Where is Nielson when you really need him, uh

  • mike

    “WTF” are u thinking cancellling (“Unforgetable” & “Prime Suspect”) 2 really great shows

  • Jarb58

    Wow I really enjoyed CSI:Miami and NYC 22. NYC 22 only was on for 2 episodes I dont get why they canceled it.

  • gloria

    Alcatraz, CSI Miami, Unforgettable, & Oh No!…Not Missing! Loved all these shows & hate Reality! This is just crazy. I’m also gonna miss One Tree Hill as well… my daughters grew up with that show & we all loved it. There are so many really bad shows that need to go… come on powers that be – smarten up!

  • Cathy

    I started out liking TeraNova but have stopped watching it altogether, another good one that should stay is “Missing” that show is really good..I was surprised with it..

  • Martha Irwin

    I understand from a business standpoint why this happens but they seem to be replacing some relatively good shows with just more “reality” shows, and other trash. Don’t think I am any longer getting a good return on my cable bill. Keep hoping for better shows, that’s all I can do!!!!!

  • John Huerta

    For those Who are Not”House” Fans they Should Be Glad finally That it was cancelled.

  • Nancy

    Can’t believe CSI Miami got cancelled. But, it has been on for a long time and Horatio can only pose with his sunglasses so many times.

    But, Unforgettable??? I loved that show….both my husband and I use to try to notice everything at a crime scene to see if we could figure it out before Carrie. Oh well……………………

  • Pam

    Big mistake to cancel Harry’s Law! It’s started to pick up viewers later in the season after it’s time slot was changed. David E Kelly has NEVER produced a bad tv show, and Harry’s Law is as good as the others. Sorry to see it go….

  • Diane

    Well most of the demographic people they are trying to attract aren’t the people willing to part with their money. I cannot stand getting a show taken away without finishing it. I loved V, cancelled after two seasons. I love Missing, Harry’s Law, The Firm…..all leaving. I hate reality tv. This is what happens with Generation X is in charge of programming…..our shows are X’d. We need a new network with a programming director with brains.

  • VTPhiDelt

    Harry’s Law?? Say it ain’t so!!

  • Bill Munger

    Talk about WTF, why do any reality shows such as survivor, amazing race, etc, and also include the Kardashian’s. If the 5 people world wide would quit watching them and quit talking about them, they will go away and crawl back under the rock they came from. There are too many people who have “relations” with family members and watch that crap. Cancell those piece of shit shows and get creative and keep the good ones. And anybody who did not like House is a ass.

  • conelia

    Oh my god! “The secret circle”? I loved that show! There’s nothing else on t.v. anymore! I’m tired of watching shows about cops..r there gonna b cop shows in all 50 state?! Maybe CSI:Hawaii????! Gosh! They even canceled “Chuck”! Damn t.v. is boring! What’s the point of Hulu if there’s nothing on t.v. u wanna watch???

  • Maureen

    Let’s see that was Missing, Unforgettable, Prime Suspect and Harry’s Law. All shows with strong female leads. That glass ceiling isn’t quite as transparent as one might want to believe. NYC 22, The Firm, A Gifted Man- these are good shows. Why can’t the powers that be understand that shows need time to gather a following. I didn’t start watching NCIS until the third season and I heard about it through word of mouth. Pan Am may not be everybodies idea of a good show, but many of my patients at the hospital wouldn’t miss it. A little escape from reality is a good thing. Let’s vote the Kardashians, the Bachelor and most of those other reality shows off the island.

  • Nathan

    Some of these shows weren’t cancelled. They are ending due to the show running it’s course, such as House.

  • rock1scorpio

    Aw c’mon.Harry;s Law?Realy?That,s one of the best show,s on t.v.I guess there is going to be more reality crap.God save us.

  • Keshuan


  • JV

    terra nova…a show set in prehistoric times that featured kids instead of dinosaurs….bad move…

  • JV

    awake put me to sleep.

  • http://n/a richard stewart

    Although I have muted the sound on all commercials for the last 15 years, I am disgusted with the flood of ads featuring sweet gay couples and trios, usually acting the fool in the car. R Stewart

  • http://acidbathproductions.biz Acidehdz

    Except that House wasn’t canceled, Hugh Lorie decided he wanted to leave and focus on his music.

  • JV

    how will the world survive with one less csi.

  • Karen Cobb

    What!!! Unforgettable and Harry’s Law? BOOOOOOO!!

  • Kris

    Instead of canceling shows that are at least interesting…cancel the “stupid and rediculous” all reality TV. I guess it says a lot about writers….no imagination! Pretty soon the only interesting TV is going to be PBS and the History chanel…or are they going to get cancelled too!

  • Greg

    well If they put on one more reality show I am going to cancel my cable. I watch TV to escape reality not to watch someone elses. I would like to watch a good sci fi or a good drama.

  • JV

    no reality, dancing or singing shows cancelled…the end of civilization as we know it.

  • Cathy

    My favoite shows are being cancel ( Harry’s law, gifted man) why.? to put some dumb shows on no one really watch.

  • http://yahoo.com Valley Moore

    I LOVED PanAm. Why do they take a truly good show and put it on at 10pm on Sunday night??? and then wonder why the ratings are low???

    • Grand Forks

      Because the execs at that network are idiots.That show had tons of potential and it was different, I agree with others, NO MORE COP SHOWS!!!!

  • Grand Forks

    I am still disappointed that Pan Am was cancelled. That show was set at a very interesting time in American and world history, lots of potential story lines. If the network would have just put it on at a decent time slot that show could have gone on for years.

  • rl

    aww, man, I liked, Napoleon Dynamite… it was really funny! that stinks, awake was not bad… will they cancel “touch”?

  • Larissa McKenzie

    Pisses me off about Alcatraz and Unforgettable……you invest into the show just to be left hanging. OHHH I am heated I think I am gonna cancel my antenna TV…lol

  • jenn

    that sucks i really liked GCB, missing, and CSI miami :(

  • 123originator

    Well, The only one cancelled that I watch is CSI:Miami and it was geting old so no loss on any of the others.

  • monica

    really you gonna take off missing and alcatraz for some goofy guy who talks to dogs.REALLY!!!!!!!

  • darthchance

    we were the only family watching Napoleon Dynamite. Not the greatest show but my kids like it. Lot better than Bob’s Burgers, and it was funnier than King of Hill and that stayed on television forever. Yes the office was great show, yes it has not only jumped the shark but killed a blue whale for good measure. Community frankly is just too weird for most people but I like it, glad it made it back.

  • carl cotton

    i don’t understand you would cut 2 good shows like harrys law and csi: miami i really enjoy watching them they are very interesting…..

  • bstewart

    i can’t understand why they are cancelling terra nova, finder, the river or missing. these are good shows but yet they are cancelling them and keeping crappy shows.

  • monica

    And i agree with JV, no reality shows cancelled thank god i have netflix..

  • juan

    awake was a dope as show they should atleast finish the first season or atleast the story line

  • David

    CSI Miami finally getting its much deserved cancellation is always good news.

  • G

    I knew the finder wasnt gonna make it because it was on fox and it was awesome.

  • heather

    this stink one tree hill Napoleon Dynamite and serect circle should stay

  • http://Facebook Karen Dominik

    I am still very sad that “The Gifted Man” won’t be returning. It was the highlight of our Friday evening TV schedule. Maybe they should have put it in another time slot to see if there would have been more of an audience!!!!!

  • Hank Huffman

    I can HONESTLY say that I have NEVER watched a single show on the list.. Maybe I am spending too much time doing things that matter.

  • jim berry

    they r putting way 2 many reality shows on if u wanna cancel shows how about keeping up with the kardashians,sister wives

  • Curtis

    CSI Miami, Harry’s Law and The Finder were my favorite shows. Now they are gone. I can’t believe it. Why couldn’t you cancel some other stupid shows.

  • Joy

    I am just sick that Harry’s Law, The Finder, The Gifted Man, and Unforgettable have been cancelled. Harry’s Law is one of the best “lawyer” shows ever. The Finder is funny and interesting. The Gifted Man is a great show, and Unforgettable, well it’s just plain memorable. Those were some of my favorite shows. I just need to quit watching TV. They always cancel the shows I like the best.

  • joyce

    I am mad they cancelled GCB! Take the Bachelor and Bachelorette off. All you see is someone making out with 10 different people. How can someone go on this show, make ou with a different person every day, then say they are in love! Give me a break! Take this nonsense off and leave GCB on, at least it makes you laugh! The actors are great!

  • http://cbs donna

    i can’t believe that you are taking csi miami off. that is so stupid alot of people watch that show. ya’ll need to take crap off like survior and under cover boss if you take csi miami off cbs can kiss off i will never watch ur channel again

  • sylvia

    CSI Miami REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Awake REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cancel great shows that make you think and keep KarTrashian, Basketball NOT Wives and Bachelor shows

    • Jenn

      I know! They run an ad saying that the woman “caught the world’s attention” when she was on the male version. (God save me, may have to stop watching ABC news in the morning just to escape that moronic commercial.)

  • http://Yahoo Chip Sewell

    I’m really going to miss ‘Harry’s Law’, No one beats Cathy Bates when it comes to acting & very few even come close. I’ll also miss ‘The Finder’ & ‘Unforgettable’. Some of the concellations are way over due & there still are showes that should be cancelled. Thank the Lord I “we” have PBS, Mon, Wed, Fri & Sat. It seem ‘NCIS’ has been #1 for ever, as it should be, BUT, some one is trying to kill it by bringing ‘The No Tallent, Pig Latin Yogart Speeking’ Jamie Lee Curtis, who, as her parents were, is stuffed with “Biffadus Irregularis. Poe Chile!

  • Dietra Glass

    Not The Ringer!

  • amber

    i totally HATE that they have cancelled HOUSE!!!!!! i love HOUSE!!!!!! he ROCKS!!!!!!

    • Jenn

      They didn’t cancel him. The folks that make the show called it quits. Think the article was on EW.com (entertainment weekly).

  • Belinda

    So I basically wasted an entire season watching Alcatraz to never find out the point?? Wow networks should give you a heads up half way through so theres no need to finish for NOTHING!!

  • Pam

    I tell ya what… Cabel is so expensive now they have axed half of what I watch! Think I will just start buying movies and call it quits!! I do not know who did the cuts… But they need another job!!!

  • Hannah

    Not Alcatraz!!! Season Finale: Becca(Main charracter) is shot in the heart by her grandfather, a “63”. After repeated attempts at CPR she is declared dead. I’m like NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They could at least show her funeral!! I HATE YOU FOX! HOW DARE YOU CANCEL ALCATRAZ!!!

  • Teresa

    I was so sad to see GCB and PanAM were cancelled. Any one we can write to about taking a 2nd look at these?

  • christina derise

    please dont cancel The River, or The Secret Circle…these shows are so good!!

  • http://webpronews Debra

    I agree, We are paying more for entertainment and getting less. Between stupid reality shows and commercials there is hardly any good entertainment. I loved the Gifted man, But even that was marred by to many commercials. I thought that companies paid the network to air commercials and that’s how we got to watch tv, by being subjected to commercials. Now we pay outragous amounts of our hard earned money to watch more commercials than entertainment and then are subjected to crap programs. What is up with that?

  • Geoff

    I think they forgot 2& a half whipped bitches.

  • patricia


  • http://yahoo james

    everything except for “unforgetbatle”

  • Carol

    Why cancel Missing? It is an exciting show. The story and sceenry are fantastic.

  • Michele

    We love “Unforgettable”, “Terranova” and “The Finder”. Can’t believe they will be cancelled. Probably now replaced with some stupid reality show.

    • Jenn

      You mean you didn’t see their latest ad? They are taking the swivel chairs from The Voice and making it a dating show theme. BLURGH!

  • David

    They are cancelling several great programs. I wonder if they realize that we haven’t much to watch as there really aren’t any good programs to watch. We don’t care for skin flicks and that is pretty much what there is left. Don’t care for little girls or big ones as far as that goes showing what they have and seeing I already have children of my one (as well as grandchildren) don’t need to know about sex. Please, come on guys, you need to take a poll of all the viewers and that can be done via computer email, survey etc. The majority rules. Just ask what programs are watched (even list a few if you need to) and stop taking away programs like House, The Finder, Alcatraz, you know the ones with some good clean action – not dirt or filth. Thank you

  • AI

    Damm, I actually really liked The Finder. Dont we send them peanuts or something?

    • Jenn

      I don’t know. What was running thing in the show? Most likely we should send chalk since they usually would write on the blackboard!

  • http://Yahoo Cheryl

    SAVE THE FINDER. It is a great show. Plot lines complex enough to keep you watching with kind of a nice pace — like Magnum PI — that makes the whole experience relaxing. I love the show. With all the (sorry) crap on TV why oh why would you even consider cancelling this gem in the rough. Please SOMEBODY WITH A BRAIN and power SAVE THIS GREAT SHOW!!!!!

  • Jenn

    House was not cancelled. The studio that produces it and the actors on it decided it was time for it to end. Talk about yellow journalism!
    Secondly, fiercely pissed at FOX for cancelling three good shows. Alcatraz, The Finder and Breaking In (the last WAS good till some nimrod added an over the top Megan Mullaly!!). Know what’s replacing them? “The Mindy Project”! UGH! Show for that squeaky voiced chick on the Office. Guess since that show is on it’s last legs they are farming out all the actors from it!

    • Jenn

      OH! And the guys from CHUCK elected to end the series! It wasn’t cancelled either! Gawd! Who is writing this crap? Half the shows were long gone months ago so folks already knew and 1/2 of the remainder are being tarred with the same brush of “cancellation” even though it DOES NOT APPLY!

  • Angela


  • Carol

    Another favorite of mine besides Missing is Harry’s Law. It is also excellent! They incorporate current events. Great show!

  • http://Yahoo Cheryl

    Save THE FINDER. He is great. The rest of the cast is strong and reliable. The stories are interesting and keep you interested until the final frame. With all the lessor shows on TV why can’t somebody with power see that this show has lasting merit. I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!! Like MAC AND CHEESE…. it is warm and comforting when you need it most.

  • martha

    Why cancel A Gifted Man, CSI Miami, and Missing — shows with substanace, learning experience, and good actors! Please, limit the reality shows to nil. Bring them back!

    • http://Dee drenaenaburnett@yahoo.com

      I love this show also. Please bring it back.

  • Molly

    I can’t believe Missing & Unforgetablee cancelled Missing is the best show ever. Meanwhile we still have that irritatingly stupid Big Bang Theory.

  • Rhonda Jeske

    You are kidding????? Harry’s Law is the best writtten show on television.Unforgettable, The Gifted Man are wonderful. CSI Miami??No WAY!!! Please rethink this networks!!!!

  • Becky

    I am pissed beyond belief that The Firm and GCB got the axe!! Who the crap cares about these stupid reality shows anymore???? STUPID STUPID STUPID!!!!

  • k jarvis

    Too bad great show with great writing and character personalities. I’m pretty shocked but I guess I shouldn’t be disappointed however I am 53 and too old for NBC. Maybe the Harry’s law crew can go over to CBS and run next to Mark Harmon’s NCIS. He’s pretty old too. Also to all the fans of Harry’s Law let’s watch the replacement show once to get a list of the sponsors and then make sure we buy from their competitors! LOL

    Mike J

  • Don Miller

    I think Harry Law should be picked up by another network
    and put opposite one of these stupid reality shows, then you would
    see which one would be canceled next year.

  • Maxine

    Very disappointing to see (1) CSI: Miami; (2) Harry’s Law; and (3) “Missing” cancelled,, these were adult type programs – instead they bring back such garbage as “Bachlorette” and some of these stupid Reality Shows that totally insult our intelligence, well! maybe we’ve lost that too – I understand shows for the younger generation but don’t forget about us that have been around for a while, perhaps some of them may come back IF WE’RE LUCKY!

  • Amanda

    I miss Allen Gregory and Charlie’s Angels. Not that “Secret Circle” crap what the hell was that? I’m glad Glee is still there. I love reality shows like XFactor. I use to like American Idol but the producers are creeps now and have been all this season. JLo should protest or something, why doesn’t she???

  • kat

    I hate to see them cancel Missing. Really a good show.

  • Marilyn

    Beside the ones I listed that should have stayed I forgot Alcatraz, they haven’t collected all those men yet, they’re out here, on the loose. We’re so upset to see good programs go (The Gates last yr). Desperate Housewives & House were NOT cancelled. They series actors/producers/writers, etc. decided to call it quits. These programs belong in a category all their own, like Mash, Friends, etc.

  • Jeanine

    I am sooooo mad about CSI Miami being cancelled. This was my favorite of all the CSI shows with CSI New York being my second favorite. Instead of the stations choosing on what shows to cancel, it should be up to the viewers. From what I see…they cancel the good shows and keep the crappiest ones especially all those stupid reality ones. I hate all of them except Swamp People and Duck Dynasty. Of course if you are a CSI Miami fan, you can catch reruns on AMC everyday from 5pm-7pm eastern time. I hope at some point they will bring CSI Miami back. You gave us 10 great years, the greatest cast ever and you will be sooooo missed my many, many fans. TEAM CSI MIAMI FOREVER!

  • MC

    Glad, albeit surprised, that Community made the cut, for now.

  • Bill Munger

    And they leave on shit like american idol, so you think you can dance, america’s got talent, the voice, survivor, amazing race,and many more shows for inbread moron’s. Give me a damn break. why cancel House, and other shows that make you think and wait out the week to see the next show. WTF!

  • Aaron F

    I liked Terra Nova and the River. All the other cancelled shows are not a surprise…

  • Chris

    GLEE sucks!

  • jennifer

    house is great. always has been…still is. i am saddened by it being cancelled.
    no surprise on the idiotic napoleon dynamite…are americans really this stupid now? and others…
    im not a desperate housewives kinda woman…but recall alot of press and fanfare following it.
    i tried alcatraz…sorry. a miss in my book

  • Joe White

    I can’t believe Harry’s Law is being cancelled and 2 Broke Girls isn’t. That’s the dumbest show on T.V.

  • Chris

    Every show that promotes Communism by the destruction of the family, religion and population did not get cut. Stop watching television, they are trying to kill you!

  • http://msn walt

    I wish all the “reality” shows would go away. I’m glad there’s always Discovery and History.!

  • Mark

    Crap! I really enjoyed The Finder and Alcatraz. NYC 22 sure didnt last long. Didnt think it was that bad……I knowwwww. “another show about the NYPD.” I liked it… :)

  • Eric Rench

    “Bent” was hillarious. Boo!!!!!!

  • Gina

    The problem is there are too many choices! Many of the better programs don’t have a chance because one can’t try them all! I gave “Missing” a shot …. loved it even better than “24”! The reality shows are stupid & offer nothing for me. There needs to be some sort of special format which indicates which are the best rated shows so one will be able to give them a shot. As it stand now, the babies are thrown out with the bath water!

  • Rita Wicker

    Harry’s Law is an excellent show. It has drama, humor and doesn’t rely on trash to carry the story line!

  • Nina

    I love Harry’s Law. Kathy Bates is excellent! It is like Boston Legal and makes you see the other side to controversial issues. Very entertaining. I am upset to see it go!

  • Anna

    And yet, “Two and a Half Men” gets to continue – go figure!

  • drenaenaburnett@yahoo.com

    Now that I have a monthly subscription for a DVR – sadly I won’t be recording 6 of the shows that made the cancellation list.

  • Rosso

    Now they just have to cancel the new 2 1/2 men

  • Kathy

    Seems like the shows that I loved the most were axed!!! Unforgetable, The Firm, A Gifted Man and The Secret Circle!!!!!! Television has gotten to be nothing but trash!!!! Guess I will just have to watch “My Big Redneck Vacation” that is the only reality show that is worth watching on television and since that is all that is going to be on any more is reality tv I might as well make it a good one.

  • maria

    Allen Gregory? Terra Nova? Allen Gregory was soooo funny and Terra Nova was different and interesting. I’m sooooo bummed!!

  • GUEST2012

    CSI MIAMI?????? UNFORGETTABLE??? Isn’t she gonna find out who killed her sister before the “axe” the show?

    I LOVE both of these shows. The “powers that be” must be taking drugs!

  • Christa

    I’m shocked that “Whitney” is not on this list.

  • Danny

    I liked Napoleon Dynamite

  • GUEST2012

    Harry’s Law????? COME ON!!!!! REALLY???? REALLY????

  • Lee

    I’m getting a sick feeling like there will only be horrible reality shows and “Gong” shows left to watch.

  • frenchye

    I need a CSI to find out what happened to CSI Miami????

  • Jacob

    Thank you to those who actually pay attention unlike this writer. Hugh Laurie said season 8 was his last about 3 years ago. Everybody knew this. Saying it was cancelled is incredibly insulting to a hugely popular TV show. And not putting Modern Family in the obvious list is absolutely ludicrous. If you actually thought it was anywhere but a sure thing you have never looked at reviews, awards, or ratings. Go write for Yahoo! because that’s about where your opinion-filled garbage deserves to be.

  • Corey

    Just because you don’t like this season of The Office, doesn’t mean the network is beating a dead horse. Plenty people like this season of the Office.
    This is why I can never take journalists and critics seriously these days. Instead of giving standard feedback, you just bash something you don’t like. Not only is it stupid and childish, but it’s condescending to those who like the show. Do you really lack the skill to keep somebody reading? Do you really have to bash a popular show to keep people’s attention?

  • Quan

    GCB cancelled? BOOOOOO!!!

  • Alex

    You people are idiots. 1) No TV producer is going to listen to a bunch of anonymous comments to make up their minds on whether a show gets canned or not. 2) There are research groups and ratings households that determines what gets the ax and what doesn’t, THIS IS ALL THAT MATTERS.

    I actually carry around a beeper all day long and it picks up what I watch or listen to. I have power, none of you really do *neener neener*. Oh and BTW, there isn’t a single show on the list that got cut which I watched, so they seem to be following my personal trends. :)

    And F-You OP writer, “The Office” is still one of the best shows on television.

  • Kate McCarty

    I’ll really miss Harry’s Law, love Kathy Bates and the rest of the cast. She was great, BTW, on Two and a Half Men recently!

  • http://yahoo.cm Charles

    I like the Finder and Harry’s Law,but they keep changeing nights.
    You tend to forget what nights shows come on?

  • joe jones

    Your opinions are faulty, sir. You clearly have no idea what good television is. The office and House are great. Community is awful. Your website sucks, too.

    • Joey

      Lol who still watches House? That show hasn’t been good since the third season. Community is the best show on NBC right now. You obviously don’t know good TV either, sir.

  • Michael Cline

    Why isn’t American Idol on the list of cancelled shows?

  • kelli

    So The Missing was cancelled but yet the Kardashians are still on the air? What is up with that? Would much rather watch Ashley Judd rather than no talent people like them!

  • Benjamin L.

    The office is the only reason why i pay for television whatsoever.

  • Sandra


  • Diane Brand

    I LOVE Harry’s Law ~ it’s definitely one of the best of the very best shows on television. There are several other shows that are being cancelled that I enjoy very much — LOVE House, but I knew that it was going off this year… Harry’s Law, though, is so special and unique, way above most anything on TV! The wonderful cast, the writing, the story lines, everything about it is superb, and then it has Kathy Bates and David E. Kelly! Kathy Bates is so special that I can’t believe television was able to get her at any cost… that in itself was amazing1 That you would let her go simply blows me away!!! I hate NBC for cancelling Harry’s Law! Meanwhile, we have all the trash TV we can stomach — I could name shows ad infinitum that are staying and deserve to go but that doesn’t help… NBC, you are a loser network!!!

  • GUEST2012

    Harry’s Law???? COME ON!!!!!

  • Joey

    A little harsh on The Office. Of course it’s not as good without Steve Carell but it’s not bad. In my opinion Allen Gregory and The River should have been renewed. Both way better shows than the undeserving Glee.

  • lirae

    I LOVED “Gifted”!! I will miss it. Storyline different and happy endings. I don’t want that one to go. I enjoyed “Missing” though I didn’t know how they could continue each show with all the running. They had to run out of story line.

  • http://yahoo dominic devlin

    you guys suck why can we say what show suck

  • Sonic H.

    Well really half of these shows I hardly even heard of, much less actually watched. I thought Ringer was doing well (never watched it though).

  • Toni

    I can not believe Harry’s Law is being cancelled….this show has great writing…so sad.

  • Carol

    SERIOUSLY??????? Some really good shows are “getting the ax”!!! Alcatraz, REALLY??? A great show and I love Unforgettable, too. I knew House and Desperate Housewives were winding up and I will miss both those shows, especially House. Terra Nova didn’t really have a chance to catch on nor did The River, both good shows. Some of the garbage that is left on just goes to show what some people call good TV. I just wonder what will be put on to replace these shows, GARBAGE????????

  • Fam

    What will I do without Harry’s Law and House? I agree with sticking a fork in all of the so called reality shows, they are so done and yet there is a new one on every time you turn around.

  • Lynn

    only show I’m going to miss is CSI:Miami.

  • Quientin

    The writer has a bias against some of the shows, but should be professional about it. I’m referring to “House (Finally)”

    House isn’t being cancelled, it’s coming to its Series Finale. There is a difference. The key difference is that the show gets cancelled because people aren’t into it anymore.

  • Shannon

    I loved The River and I liked GCB. Get rid of all the reality shows, sick to death of them. If they come up with one more singing or dancing show I think I will SCREAM. The Bachlor/Bachlorette is just a stupid joke. What happened to shows that made you laugh, and kept you glued to your seat? The Networks keep the junk and get rid of the Good stuff. Way to go!

  • Robert Zuckschwerdt

    Harry’s Law, is simple great, far better than than anything else on Sunday nights, I hope this show is picked up by another network! Kathy Bates is excellent, and the supporting cast is too. The issues this show deals with are timely, but I guess NBC, would prefer the dumbing down of us by canceling this show!

  • sonny

    sorry to see house go but i can see why..however they should of ran with the prison thing i think it was great and would of been good for a couple of seasons.

  • Rick

    I sure would like to know who makes these decisions, every show I specifically watch is chopped. Alcatraz, Awake, The Firm, Harry’s Law, Missing and The River and yet you keep those incredibly junk reality show and stuff more of them at us.What’s up with this nonsence no wonder more and more of us are turning to cable for our entertainment needs.

  • http://www.yahoo.com cecilia collins

    I really will miss House but with out Cuddy it was struggeling.

  • Raymond

    I can’t believe that the morons over at ABC continue to keep shows like THE BACHELORETTE and DANCINC WITH THE STARS & AMERICA’S FUNNIEST HOME VIDEOS on the air,and cancel two of the best new dramas on that network MISSING & I forgot the name of that other great show.

  • Raymond

    AMERICA’S FUNNIEST HOME VIDEOS is still on the air at ABC??? How long has this been????

  • Kyle

    Awake and The Firm get cancelled when they were actually good. But you keep all this other crap? How dumb.

  • Ryan

    Why is this guy writing that House was cancelled? The show is over but lumping it in as cancelled along with a bunch of shows that actually FAILED is misleading. That’s too bad about The Finder. That was a fun, entertaining show. The Firm is total garbage.

  • holy

    maybe you can over your thinking again there a lot ofd programs here. or maybe everbodfy shouldf stop watching tv andf then were would you be

  • Lee

    Hey Networks! No one can stand your cheap, idiotic, sleezality shows. No wonder that HBO kicks all of your asses!!

  • Raymond

    At FOX………..

    Cancel AMERICAN DAD and BOB’S BURGERS,two of the worst animated shows on television.

    Cancel THE CLEVELAND SHOW too which is one of the most racist cartoons ever!!!

    THE SIMPSONS is still on the air???? COPS is still on the air?????

    Please do something about that bull they called AMERICAN IDOL which FOX should have kicked to the curb a long time ago after SImon Cowell left.

  • pazuzu

    I hates that Alcatraz bit the dust. they should rethink that given the tons of waste of time now playing. guess the reality tv things are cheap and little risk so why bother.

  • Joyce Battersby

    Harry’s Law is one of the best new shows in years. I never miss it. or Unforgettable. apparently a lot of other people feel the same way.. Take off all the stupid reality shows and leave us with some real good TV and when you get a great show like Harry’s Law don’t move it to a slot in between shows no one watches.

    • James

      I am in TOTAL agreeance with you. Harry’s Law is probally the best show on TV.

  • http://yahoo Anne

    Really? Awake AND Alcatraz? Love both those shows. So not happy

  • Raymond

    They cancelled CSI:MIAMI but kept that piece of reality dung they called SURVIVOR at CBS?????

    The only thing that is decent on CBS that is watchable is 60 Minutes …………………..

    And speaking opt daytime TV at CBS….
    Get rid of that repulsive Wayne Brady on LET’S MAKE A DEAL….

  • Andrew J. Caspermeyer

    I liked Unforgettable, it was my favorate new show and CBS goes and cancelles it, dumb move CBS. I also hate reality shows, the only on I watch is survivor, I wish they cancell all the other reality shows. It is sad they also cancelled CSI: Miami. I also liked Rinner and The Secret Circle, but these two shows got cancelled also. I also like Prime Suspect but that got cancelled too.

  • http://thefedsfiles.blogspot.com/ Xorn

    so, the list must just be a wide swathe that must just mean “shows that will not be returning next fall”. Because as I recall, Chuck got renewed last season and just ended it.

  • Ron

    Well….some I say, “Good!!; some I say, “Too Bad, they were good shows”. But, isn’t this the way it happens every year?


    Harry’s Law is the most current, provactive show on the air. Kathy Bates is an exceptional actress and NBC has simply cut one of the best shows on TV. Other shows like Boston Legal and the West Wing also shed light on the challenges our society faces. Perhaps network executives think David Kelly rattles too many cages and goes outside the box with his topical, thought provocing writing. I, for one, enjoy this over mindless reality shows.
    In addition to Harry’s Law, my veiwing schedule is destroyed.

  • http://Yahoo Helen

    Take those STUPID, disgusting, BORING Bachelor and Bachelorette shows OFF for GOOD! Thatlast Bachelor program was absolutep ly DISGUSTING….skinny dipping? R U Kidding me? She was a tramp and a poor excuse for young girls to look up to. Everyone’s sleeping with the Bachelor or the Bachelorette in the end. Who wants sloppy seconds? And who has sex with someone who hasn’t professed their love for…just to show them that “they’re the best in the sack?”…..I don’t THINK so!!! There’s more to a relationship than just good sex. That gets stale quickly. You need LOVE and committment to make it work. I will NOT watch either one of them every again.

  • http://Yahoo Helen

    Sorry to see “The Amazing Race” end..it was full of surprises.

  • lili

    i love once upon a time glad its not gone yet and the walking dead i could care less about some of those other shows

  • James

    I am still in shock over the cancellation of Harry’s Law. This is probally the best show on TV. Now we are stuck with all this reality crap. I will not be returning to NBC over this. Maybe another network will pick it up. This is a darn GREAT show.

  • Nanci

    Take a small woman and let her run around with her gun drawn saving everybody every week doesn’t make a hit. Way they cast who they did in Alcatraz I can’t imagine way. She (don’t know her name) was miscast. Also, the guy from Lost was not right either. Sam Neil was good and that lady with the English accent…what was that!! I liked the program and watch it. Oh, the warden was great.

  • http://Yahoo Sarah Cain

    Take a poll!! Those Reality shows need to be AXED!! I really love CSI and Missing; stories with intriging plots, that tested your mind!!
    And,where I live with only Time Warner Cable, we have to pay for that mess in order to get regular network channels. They should let the customers choose and pay for what stations they want to watch and not those stupid channels that show those Reality series! The execs who work for the production companies need to be fired and replaced with people who really care about what the viewers want to see. It’s all about MONEY, MONEY, MONEY. They messed up with “Lost, Prison Break and a lot of other good ones, also!! Pig Heads!!

  • Mary

    I am SO sad!! My very favorite shows are “Harry’s Law”, “Awake”, “Chuck”, and “The Firm”. At least, “The Mentalist”, “NCIS:Los Angeles” and the other NCIS shows. They can totally get rid of the reality shows, in my opinion. Also there are just too many singing shows, like “The Voice”, “American Idol”, “America’s Got Talent”, etc. They drag on and on and it ruins it, in my opinion.

  • Geri

    Geez, we may as well trash our TV…. no Terra Nova, CSI: Miami, Missing, Unforgettable, and Alcatraz !

  • Andy

    I like how you mentioned shows like Fringe and Bones as being so “obvious” and then listed a show like Modern Family as if it barely made the cut. Just dumb. And people not tired of Glee yet?

    • Andy

      And i can’t believe the Firm made it as long as it did. I wanted to like it but didn’t make it all the way through the second episode.

  • Sheila Pepe

    I hate that good shows like Unforgettable and A Gifted Man get cancelled and stupid shows get to stay on! It doesn’t make sense to me!

  • http://2012CANCLLEDTELEVISION Bettie Rae Clark

    There is not much I can say other than Fox is just as bad as ABC. The River was the only show on ABC left for prime time. They cancelled the SOAPS so all they have left there is General Hospital I watched the River but now General Hospital is the only show on ABC worth anything. As for Fox. They have cancelled The Finder, Tera Nova, Alcatraz, And CBS cancels Csi Miami. What are they going to do put a bunch of no account talk shows and silly self help shows or maybe a bunch of no account comedies. The big wigs at these companies should really start looking at what is on and not what some big wig thinks we want to watch. Ask ABC/Disney they have lost a very large amount of their daytime viewers. I think they may regret what they have done. Will Fox and NBC and CBS be in the same boat.

  • Shayna

    Not continuing Missing is a HUGE mistake. That was as intense as any movie and it just started! Ashley Judd is a great actress and this show deserves a second season. I can do without all the shows that glorify sleeping around and make light of sex in general, is this really the garbage America is into?

  • Vicki

    I can’t believe they cancelled CSI Miami. I love that show. I love David Caruso!!!

  • Billy Pendergrass

    So sad to hear The Secret Circle didn’t make it. The show was one of my faves.

  • http://Yahoo.com Kevin

    I will miss Alcatraz!

  • http://Yahoo.com Kevin

    CSI:Miami was the weakest of the CSI’s…Caruso blows…

    • charlie

      u blow

  • James

    Cancelling Bent, Free Agents, and Man Up! are mistakes. Those were funny shows.

  • Melissa Folk

    Bring back our shows next season!!!!

  • sherri

    should of added Bachelor and Bachelorette to that list ….

  • Melissa Folk

    WE pay high satellite prices we want less commercials and our shows to return next season!!!!!

  • brenda

    I am so sad that they are not bringing Alcatraz back. I really liked that show!!

  • Denise

    I love Harry’s Law and they are going to cancel this for those musical reality shows. No way !

  • Amy

    I LOVE GCB !!! how can they cancel this show!!!!!

  • nan

    They are still going to keep Modern Family and The Middle? Proof of the dumbing down of America – unbelievable!

  • j anthony

    missing is one of the best shows on today!! why even get people started on it just to take it off right away!! Take all the crap off and leave what little decent programs alone!!

  • Ladye M. Townsend

    Where do the networks get their results??? I hope not from some poll – I participated in one years ago, and no one listened! Alcatraz and Finder were finally two interesting shows. Some of the ones they keep are weird and I know people in many homes do not watch! I feel that if people refuse to purchase those ads sponsoring the shows that the general public does not like, maybe someone will listen!

  • Charob01

    I think that every series should have a wrap up of each season storyline instead of leaving their stories and characters hanging and never getting them resolved Then when/if the series is renewed, a new storyline could start with characters we have grown to care for. Every season, we invest our time and interest in shows and then we are left like idiots without any completion. No wonder so many shows never make it past the first season. I won’t watch a new show until it is renewed and then I can go back and catch up on the first one. Yes these are just fiction. So are many books but they end their stories. If they are good, they get sequels made. Why can’t series do that?

  • missgurl23

    i was really hoping for season two for terra nova :(

  • Edrod

    I’m sure no one will miss any of them. I know I won’t because I never watched any of them. The programming and even the commericials are an insult to the mind. I now watch old movies, I play with my grandkids, go see places in America I have never been to and spend my money on my family. I havent had that much fun since I beat up a couple of neighborhood bullies back in my 20’s. The entertainment media sucks and so do the news media. All lies and opinions. I don’t need any ones opinion since I have many of my own.

  • http://yahoo rockinloui

    these stations all stink. any show that has a decent plot to it gets the AXE, but these reality shows which require no thought at all, get renewed and more crappy reality shows get added each season. who cares who’s sleeping with who, or what some idiot is doing in his or her house with someone no one cares about??????? add some more shows like this , and i will definitely NOT WATCH ANY MORE PRIME TIME!!!!!!!!

  • andrew

    One Tree Hill was not canceled. It had its Series Finale. A show is defined to be canceled if there was no definitive Series Finale. Which it had.

  • http://None Damani

    This is one way of making people switch to cable by cancelling all those shows.

  • Margaret Earnest

    Many of the cancelled shows are above average (ie: Harry’s Law for one) but probably more expensive than one of these ridiculous reality shows. T V has really dumbed down their offerings but it’s always the bottom line that count, read MONEY for the fat cats. I’m glad I love to read cause I sure won’t be watching much T V.

  • Alan Beth

    GCB is cancelled? NOOOOOOO!!!! Great show – not cerebral at all, just great fun. Why do that?

  • kim

    I watch two shows and harrys law is one of them. I’m so upset!!!!!

  • Rennie Whiteoak

    I really liked “unforgetable”. The whole basis of the show is on something only a half dozen people are known to have. Put into a crime show I thought it was very well done.

    I agree with all the sex becoming more & more previlant on T.V. Its not nessisary & I cringe at times when my 5 year old comes into the room. Two & a half men has lost it. It should die. How I Met Your Mother is as entertaining as plowing a field every week. Come to think of it the whole CBS monday night lineup is worse than cutting your toenails.

  • mark Geiger

    Hooray!! Too many of these shows have Pretty people with no real talent and no real stories. I am old school with real shows like The Big Valley and The Rockford Files, from the 60’s and 70’s. Need inspiration, watch British Television with shows like Doc Martin and MI5. Average Joe’s and Jane’s rule.

  • lenny

    how about the axe for some of this so called reality crap

  • LeAnn

    Cancel all the reality shows, please.

    I too liked GCB. It was a funny, clean show. I hope they change their mind and bring it back.

    They just don’t make show’s like they use to from our days in the 70’s and 80’s.

  • Jo Ann

    As a senior citizen I am disappointed in the canceling of CSI Miami.

  • Frank

    They should cancel the NBC network. Talk about a “Rotten, Putrid, Corpse”.

  • Noctfem

    I hate to see Unforgettable get cancelled. It’s getting more difficult to find women in roles where they use their minds and still look great.

  • http://yahoo Michael

    all these cancelled shows are really good. they got rid of Alcatraz, Missing, CSI Miami. you should take off Family Guy, because all they talk about is having sex, and its just plain up stupid. get rid of the stupid shows, not the good shows that a lot of people are in too!

  • marlene1020

    I loved Ringer. I thought this was a great series. Of course they cancelled it!

  • Erica

    I like The Finder, Unforgettable and Body of Proof. Please don’t cancel them for stupid reality shows Survivor, Amazing Race and Bachelor need to go!

  • Lana

    NYC 22 was a good show, damnit.

  • http://yahoo Lori

    I am so very pissed at not only fox but cbs too. Who the hell gets rid of a show that they put on a Sunday night when all year long they have sports on it and it is always running behind, its a bunch of bs. And who does fox think they are by getting rid of alcatraz it needed to go one more season, you just can’t do this to people when there isn’t anything but crap on tv to begin with.

  • george

    Missing is a great show…too bad!

  • JC

    “House” and “Chuck” were not cancelled… they were voluntarily ended by their producers. Fox and NBC did not pull the plug on them.

  • kathy

    I am mad harrys law and gifted man are on that list! can we start a group and fight like we did jericho? We could send them a high heeled shoe and tell the network where to stick it! anyone want to use my ideal go ahead! I lack postage money for the crap i pay to watch on dish i never even watch! I hate my porgraming for the most part and never watch enough of the chanels i am a la carte TV! When we getting it? And the bach shows are OLD and Done with i dont even follow them anymore its been done lets find something else! I miss my soaps i use to watch them at night when lame tv was on, even watched them twice sometimes! Ok gifted man was GREAT what the heck are you doing canceling it, it was kinda my medium and ghost whisperer, dang you networks we all going to give up on tv and just watch netflix after all netflix Knows that you networks are just stupid these days. And for the extra loud commercials you owe me for my loss of hearing! And you hurt my ears when you going to control that enough i dont have to run for the remote cause you are hurting my ears! Ok i did my rant!

  • Kevin

    Bring back Full House and ALF.

  • Hong Kong Phooey

    The Finder is a great show.
    Quirky and fun.
    I guess Fox will give us another stupid reality show like “Toe Jam of the Stars” or “Confessions of a Celebrity Pooper Scooper”.

    • Jen

      “Confessions of a celebrity pooper scooper”

      Freaking hilarious. Thanks for a good laugh.

  • Michael

    Ya know, if they canceled shows before giving them a chance in reruns or in syndication back in the day we never would have had MASH (one of the longest running shows in TV history) or Star Trek (One of the greatest franchises of all time). Both shows did real bad for the first season they were on. It wasn’t until they went into reruns that people got into them. Now in my opinion, there are a couple shows on the list that need a chance. Harry’s Law staring Kathy Bates is a much better show then most of the crap on TV. We as people really need to over the reality TV crap.

    • Jen

      “Confessions of a celebrity pooper scooper”

      Freaking hilarious. Thanks for a good laugh.

    • jan

      We both agree 100%. You said it best!

  • linda

    I am truly upset at the cancellation of The Finder, CSI Miami and Unforgettable. Those were 3 of my favorites. The Finder especially was a great show. So lets keep the smut on TV. What a shame…

    • Kevin

      It’s time for all of the CSI shows to be gone.

      • troy goodall

        csi shows have been on long enough. they ought to get rid of them all

      • charlie

        u suc dude what u whath golf dont u

    • troy goodall

      i thought i might like Unforgettable and Secret Circle. what a shame they’ll be gone

  • Fedup

    Please, Please, Please cancel the majority of Reality crap!!!! Enough is enough…..I beg the networks to stop…..

  • daffy1

    too bad, I’m going to miss house, but its time, gonna mis harrys law too, but thats about all, maybe alcatras a little.

  • http://WebProNews lauren

    Ok, I am severely agitated that another one of my favorite shows are being cancelled… On Thursday afternoons, The Vampire Diaries, and The Secret Circle make my whole day seem a little more superior… Now The Secret Circle is coming to a close, and just another check to add to my list of amazing cancelled forgotten television shows… I am now crestfallen, despondent, disconsolate, dejected; and any other word that means unhappy! >:(

  • Sherri


  • http://www.rfmp.net Matthew

    Technically “Chuck” wasn’t cancelled it was just given a shorter season, Chuck decided it was best to end this season.

    • Brandon

      I hold it against NBC for cutting it off midway instead of giving them enough episodes to make the full 100, give suitable time to weave the different story-lines together, and give 3.5-4 million loyal viewers something to watch on the Friday night death-slot.

      Other than that, I was fine if this had to be the final season for “Chuck.”

  • Jen

    Agree with all but 3…..

    Harrys Law-Kathy Bates rocks!!

    Missing-Ashley Judd is a fantastic actress and Missing is an all around GOOD show.

    Unforgettable-Not exactly sure what gets me about this show but I find myself watching it and enjoying it every week.

  • Barb

    I’m really going to miss HOUSE. Good luck Mr. Laurie, you’re the greatest.

    • troy goodall

      i’m going to miss those Desperate Housewives. I enjoyed seeing them for the last time on Sunday night

  • ClaireElyse

    OMG Harry’s Law-I love it…….

  • Brandon

    If they had to call it quits on “Chuck,” I was fine with that, but I will always feel cheated that they pulled the plug on it at the halfway point this season.

    NBC totally could have continued it through the season since they regaled it to the Friday night death slot. Nothing else of interest has been on their time since then! I mean, really?!!? At least you would have had 3.5-4 million loyal viewers through the spring!

  • troy goodall

    aww man. i liked csi:miami. i can’t believe it’s being cancelled

    • Brad

      the only one on the list i ever watched.

  • https://sites.google.com/site/ryokomayuka2/ ryokomayuka

    I still wish they had give Chuck another season. Some of the others I don’t really care about but at the same time it does seem like they really give shows much of a chance. It really have to give them a chance to settle and fine their place.

  • GregA

    All I have to say is NBS is bringing back “Heroes” which was my favorite show…Woo! Hoo! I never cared for “House” or “Big Bang Theory”. I am disappointed with the cancellation of “Terra Nova” and “Ringer” though, but frankly could care less about the rest. I must be in the minority because I don’t watch “The Office” as I find it stupid!!!

  • veronica

    I reallu gonna miss “Rob” it was great program, and “Awake” but what we can do. Awake is was one of the program the my fam and I enjoy …. Im dissapointed with that. SUCks!!!!

  • Brad

    No great loss, don’t watch any of the shows on this list anyway.

  • jan

    How many from this list are cut from your schedules? 9 out of 20

    • Errol Mulligan Jr

      10 out of 20

  • Errol Mulligan Jr

    I really liked the secret circle and missing mad those 2 are done and ringer

  • mary leard

    i finally get a show the kids and i can watch together and they go and cancelled it. do you know how hard it is to find a show that you and your kids like to watch?i’m glad alot of them are gone but my family really liked alcatraz.

  • ralph07734

    If you need something to watch, just put in ralph07734 in you search bar and click on the first one youtube and that is my channel.This is what real reality looks like and there will be something for the whole family to watch. I filmed and edited every video and there is more to come real soon. THANKS

  • marsha wirtz

    not unforgetable please

  • barbara swingle

    If some of the shows had more than 1/2 or dozen new episodes in a season then people will take the shows seriously (example csi miami prime one) also no reruns in the middle os seasons like all the shows then we will focus and it does not help that the national tv guide magazine does not always post new episodes or the show do not show previews to when the new episode will b e back. i have the award season be during the holiday season or summer not cutting in the middle of seasons of shows.


    • barbara swingle


  • Dave

    unforgettable should stay on this is unfair

    • charlie

      true and we need to boy cot cbs

  • don

    “House” didn’t get the boot, you effing retard. Greg Laurie decided to quit it after ten years. Finally?? It is the best show on tv! moron.

  • carol

    I don’t know anything about the other shows, but we will miss CSI-Miami….Sunday night won’t be the same without “H” and his cohorts. House should have been gone a long time ago.

  • TheBride

    I’m so glad House got the axe. That guy is so miserable, let him go off and learn how to belly laugh.

  • Rich

    Yeah! Only one out of all of these did I ever watch. And I stopped watching that one 3-4 episodes ago!
    Now can we get rid of the “reality” crap? Like any of it is real?

  • Angela Jenkins

    I loved the show The Secret Circle I cant believe that they cancled it. It was getting so interesting

  • Geno

    Syndicate Harry’s Law ! ! !

  • JBu

    I don’t care about most of these shows, but I’m traumatized about “Harry’s Law.” It’s a great show! I’ll really miss that one.

  • Howard Newman

    Look for The Office to make a big comeback w/o James “Robert California” Spader. Spader’s charachter painfully did not work. The core of the show is just fine with the incredibly talented Ed Helms emerging as a true star.

  • Celeste

    I will miss, “Harry’s Law”, “Missing” and “Unforgettable”, three good shows. Before long there won’t be a good show on TV, I guess it will be
    back to the DVD’s.

  • RON

    They ought to just put up test patterns if they don’t want
    to spend any money atall

  • Vicariouslife126

    Will miss One Tree Hill. Dan Scott was one of the best TV villains ever! He almost was on the same level as JR Ewing. Will miss Dan!

  • Geeklady

    I’m disappointed that Harry’s Law didn’t make the cut. Good show.
    I really don’t care one way or another about How I Met Your Momma. It was cute at first but is no longer -wait for it- legendary. Stick a fork in Two and a Half Men also; risque is one thing, nasty is another. And a lot of the topics are just plain nasty.
    Personally, I could do without most of the so-called reality shows.

  • http://yahoo Karon Robinson Lebron


  • vh

    Why cancel Ringer!
    It’s such a good show. I can’t wait to see what happens next from on week to the next. What a bad decision.

  • Audrey in B’Mo

    Hooray for for Satellite.

  • bill c

    Unforgettable somewhat suprised me when it made the list. Not the greatest show, but the characters were likable and the storyline was good. Couldn’t seem to hold the audience after the NCIS franchises.

    Alcatraz going is bullshit. The American public is so incredibly stupid that it can’t handle watching a show that requires higher brain activity. American Idol should frighten every thinking American. It shows how we have dumbed ourselves down so much that this is what passes for intelligent television.

    They should have had one night with Fringe and Alcatraz. I believe putting these back to back would have been dynamite.

    I hope someone like SYFY or FX picks one or both of them up. Alcatraz still has a ton of great story to tell. Frankly so does Fringe. Thirteen episode final season is a joke. This show has two or three good seasons left in it, especially if they can keep Leonard Nimoy in and out of the storyline. He does a masterful job as William Bell.

    I am not happy about The Firm going either, but the ratings were terribly low and it was hard to tell where it would have gone after this season was over. Good storylines and acting just wasn’t enough.

  • bill c

    I would like to see Jericho come back on Netflix.

  • Alice

    the heck…
    What’s up with The Firm, Harry’s Law, House, and all the other fairly good shows being cancelled?! Are all these television networks really gonna start getting into these dumb reality shows? They just videotape wasted, low-life people, or people who advertise themselves to get a relationship that doesn’t even last, etc… Think about that. In essence, it’s really just bullcrap. America’s interests in entertainment are going downhill…

  • Janice Cole

    Please tell me you’re not really cancelling Harry’s Law,it’s one of the best shows on TV this year. In the first place it should never have been moved to Sunday night. Kathy Bates is brilliant. I’m getting very disappointed in NBC, too many reality shows and the 2012 fall lineup looks very “ho hum”! Good bye NBC.

  • Blossom

    I really like Awake – needed a brain to watch and figure out each reality. I also thought Finder was a fun show to watch – hated the way it ended – but was probably supposed to be season finale not series. Also liked unforgettable. Now there will just be more brainless, reality crap. Disappointed in all the networks!

  • Kristi Williams

    People at CBS are idiots!!!! CSI Miami(ONE of my FAVORITES) was an excellent show! I also liked Unforgetable and the Gifted Man!! They don’t let the shows on air long enough to have a following!!! They will probably replace them with more stupid reality shows!!TV is getting VERY BAD with it’s programing!!It’s NOT even worth watching anymore!!!!!!!!!

    • cheryl mallery

      You’re right Kristi… I’m getting pretty sick of the Reality Shows. i do like Dancing with the Stars and American Idol but all the others can fade away.

  • cheryl mallery

    I am VERY disappointed that “The Finder” was cancelled. I found that to be amusing and entertaining. I will no longer watch Fox.. no matter how much I still enjoy watching Bones.. that has changed too :-( Who ARE these people that make these decisions and where in the world are their HEADS?? Grrrr

  • Kalleb D

    Ok, putting House and Desperate Housewives on here was a mistake. House was not cancelled, just that Hugh Laurie wanted out. He didn’t want to renew his conract instead he wanted to do bigger roles and spend time with his family. Making it seemed like it was axed is just terrible. And DH was not cancelled, the producers just felt like it had it’s run and like most shows that don’t get axed, are just simply Ending It. Saying it was Axed was wrong in the writers part. T_T Some of these shows were good, but of course we have morons running these networks.

  • don herbel

    Alcatraz cancelled?? How will we know what the hell happened to get those cons off the “Rock” without aging??? I’m really ticked off,just sayin’!!!

  • Dan

    I liked unforgettable, terra nova, alcatraz- though slow at times- and will be sorry to see them go

  • Mary

    I’ve been upset since they cancelled My Mother the Car. Shows come and go and sometimes it’s painful.

  • ali

    harry’s law – come on – really – i think what ruined them was they should’ve kept things like the 1st season – when season 2 came out, they chsnged it too much like “boston legal” even the theme music started sounding like boston legal. i felt they were doing ok the way they were in the 1st season

  • pati clark

    Why would you get rid of Unforgettable & CSI Miami there are such good shows. You are also getting rid of Missing that’s one of my husband shows why it’s just not right you, just don’t give them enough time on T.V. one year is not going to make it happen.

  • krystmas

    Harry’ Law is one of the best non-reality shows on television today. Please reconsider your decision

  • ali

    i feel csi miami was the best one out of all 3….

    • charlie

      yes it was but the best nypd blue

  • Richard

    Dang it. AWAKE! best show on tv right now besides Breaking Bad! Episode 11 was SOOOOOOOOO good. hopefully the last 2 are just as good, and even with only one season, awake will go on my all time favorite shows list. MUST get a DVD.

  • ali

    just please please please do not ever cxl “dexter” (best show evvvvvver)

  • Mike

    add Who do you think you are? onto that list. Thanks NBC (us shareholders of ancestry.com took one in the mouth today).

  • dj nastee

    So basically if the show has action or challenge a person’s mind its getting cancelled. All shows kn television now have to be about nothing but fighting in a reality type setting talking about other people lives. TV suuuucks. I guess the person who invented the smart Tv knew this was coming so he gave us that invention to go back and watch real Tv….

  • Leslie

    The fact that Alcatraz is cancelled makes me want to cry!…One of the best shows I’ve ever seen!

  • don

    i think they should keep house on its a very intresting show

  • don

    house should stay on its a great show. they always take the good ones

  • Jennifer

    And they just come up with random singing shows while the good shows are being cancelled.

  • Jean

    I can’t believe they’re cancelling Harry’s Law and Unforgettable… I loved Gifted Man too… and Ty Pennington??? OMG, that was a such a positively uplifting show!!!! But nooooooooooooooo, they get rid of the good ones and keep the sleazy violence!

    • charlie

      true dam true

  • Heartland Hannah

    Darn – GCB was really a great show and I don’t think they gave it enough of a chance to catch on : (

  • Gail

    Sorry to hear Alcatraz and Harrys LAW are being cancelled. Wish another network would pick them up.

  • Jackie Chavez

    Ringer was my favorite show… Stupid Budget cuts. At least let the shows finish in the right way

  • JR

    Hate to see GCB and Are you There Yet Chelsea go!!
    Loved those shows. Very funny!
    Too bad 2 & Half Men isn’t on this list!

  • BlueMelody

    The only shows I am sad to see go is Harry’s Law and CSI Miami without Horachio who will protect the damsels of Miami?. The rest I could care less about.

  • alexis

    What about Terra Nova? that was an AWESOME show…i guess not enogh viewers or something like that…and Stephan Speilberg did that show…how dare they take it off..BTW i live with a family of 7 and we ALL watched that show…every episode!!!! I WILL NEVER FORGET THAT BESTIST SHOW EVER!!!! why oh why FOX…please not Terra Nova…i highly reccomend it…good for a family…urrggggg……SO MADDD!!! i cant believ them….!!!!!!!!!

  • stiffy

    i agree more naked women on regular tv so i can drop my cable bill…i dont care who u are…thats funny

  • Ishy

    I don’t care what anyone says… House M.D. was 1 of the 2 best Tv shows ever made, NCIS being the other. Dr. Greg House will go down in Tv history as one of the best.

  • Fran

    I hate that most of our favorite shows are being canceled. Possibly due to very little sex, they actually make you use your brain to figure out who, what, where, when and why. To bad some of the most intellectual shows are being canceled!! Alcatraz, Missing, The Finder, Terra Nova, The Firm, Harry’s Law and Awake.

    • alexis

      i agree with Fran on Terra Nova!!!!!!

  • Julie

    It’s no wonder GCB was canceled. Annie Potts couldn’t stop flapping her gums hating on Republicans in Interviews.

  • Alicia

    I am really going to miss Terra Nova! I think its stupid that people were actually having a problem with the time travel theories involved! THIS IS A TV SHOW enjoy it and move on! No one threw a fit when Voyager went into the delta quadrant, or when Lost was full of unrealistic science and propaganda but OKAY!

  • patti


  • connor

    awake was a great show, intriguing and interesting though it makes sense that it would be cancelled cuz i mean how can they make it last another season. it had a great run and as long as the finale is good i will be happy

  • Ray

    The hell with these shows whens Always sunny coming back!!!?

  • http://facebook Jasmine

    why on earth would they cancel HOUSE that was a very popular show. i loved that show!!

  • cortney

    Seriouslyyy! Best Friends Forever, Ringer, Bent, and Secret Circle are cancelled wow that blows!!!!

  • charlie

    unforgettable csi Miami and prime suspect are all great shows and cbs and
    nbc are crazy

  • dawn

    I really liked UNFORGETTABL….and they didn’t find the killer. My kids and I are bummed

  • Miel

    Desperate Housewives was NOT cancelled!!! The writer, Marc Cherry, chose to end the show with season 12. I had heard the same about House. Get your facts straight, Todd. It can´t be THAT difficult….

  • valencionado

    I hated How I Met Your Mother. Tired of seeing Faggo and Band Camp Girl. Lol just kidding. Just wanted to say something mean. But really, I thought that show had a terrible setting. Sitting in a bar the whole time, every time? Really? Boring.

  • http://yahoo.com slingblade

    Geeze people ! It is just TV get a grip!! Who cares , get a life .

  • blink_182345

    Why the fuck is the playboy club still showing up?!? That was cancelled last year for fucks sake.

  • JamesB

    Too bad Two and a half Men wasn’t on the cut.

  • JamesB

    Too bad Two and a half men wasn’t on the cut list!

  • http://yahoo.com slingblade

    Come on people! It is just TV! Get a life!!!

  • Scout

    I can’t help but wonder…. do any of you ever watch public television?
    Many of your comments were apparently made by a bonehead and/or moron; I was just curious…. Thanks

  • Stevie

    Waaaaa awwww did they cancel your tv shows retards go do something you obese freaks no wonder this country is so fucked!

  • putridrottencorpse

    why so much fuss over a compliment….

  • Matt

    I LOVED Ringer, Missing, and The River, and Awake was the absolute best! I’m very dissapointed that nobody else has come to the aid of The Secret Circle, that was an awesome show too. Fuck all other shows, esspecially “reality” shows. Also, IF ANYONE DARE TOUCHES NIKITA OR NCIS THEY CAN EXPECT ME WITH A LOADED MINIGUN AT THEIR DOORSTEP!

  • robert

    omg…putrid? is that you mary? high school english class 3rd row ms barnett , h.p. california….putrid rotten corpse that was my pet name for you, who told you? good to see your still alive

  • Dennis

    Can’t believe that the network pulled the plug on ALCATRAZ. It was one of the few shows I actually enjoy on network TV. (BOO, HISS)

  • scouts mom

    honey its time for your feeding get off the computer and come get mama off precious

  • chris

    It is unfortunate that a quality show like Harry’s Law is not coming back – but it is not surprising. All the quality shows go off and reality crap stays on – whatever will appeal to young peopl that can multi task while the show is on.

  • Celine

    NO NO NO Why did they have to cancel Ringer? I love LOVED that show. GUess I only like shows that are destined to get the axe. My fave shows this fall season were Playboy club ( cancelled right away ) and Pan AM and number 1 fave, RINGER … I HATE so called reality shows and do NOT watch ANY of them. I only have a few channels to watch NBC ABC FOX PBS and the CW I don’t have cable tv.

  • Edna

    LOVED,LOVED,LOVED Pam Am. Hated to see it fly off into the sunset. All the good shows are gone.

  • Jen

    Whoever chooses to dump tv shows, is making it easier for me each year to cancel my dish/cable provider. I watch very few shows, there isn’t much that interests me on tv, I do NOT like reality shows, was over them 4yrs ago, but…the few dramas or comedies i do invest time in are always ending a yr later. I am sick that Harry’s Law is gone, had a premo cast, writing and stories, that were very interesting and Unforgettable was a refreshing cop drama show, i feel like not even finishing the few episodes i have left on the tivo, why bother when they aren’t returning.
    Why create new shows each yr and expect people to invest time in the show to end it after only one short season…..why bother at all.

  • Thaddeus Buttmunch

    Noooo!! Bring back “Pan Am!” The women are incredible, the retro nostalgia is GREAT! Many of us would PAY to watch this show!

    Also I hope the “Wildcats” stars are doing well

  • Nathaniel

    Ohh lame, i love awake, such a cool show, different from just about everything else out there, but not a chance it would of lasted on nbc, they kill everything good,should of realized it from the start 😛 come on netflix! ill pay just for this show!

  • Butchie Monad

    So much garbage on network television. If not for AMC, the only quality shows would be on premium cable. I’m about to just drop cable when my current contract is up (only thing that kept me with it is DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket), but if I could pay say, $5 per channel, I’d just pick AMC, HBO, Showtime…maybe Comedy Central, HGTV, ESPN but I could live without them.

    AMC and HBO are where television entertainment is at. HBO is the veteran at producing some of the best TV series and above all, works of entertainment. And AMC currently has the two best, and two of the best ever, shows in Mad Men and Breaking Bad. Breaking Bad is probably the best finest work of entertainment, of all time. The story, acting, and directing beat out any movie that has ever been made. Though it’s hard for a 2-3 hour movie to have the depth and character development of a show that has 60+ hours to work with. But that’s what can make a television series better, and at the same time, if there isn’t a story or the characters or the comedy to fill up dozens of hours full of quality entertainment, nobody is going to keep watching it. Especially in current times, when there is soo much competition for entertainment, gone are the days of 4 channels on TV and a few s*** toys to play with. Now kids grow up bombarded with everything, cheap but entertaining toys pumped out of China, amazing video games, hundreds of channels, and everything that internet now brings to us instantly including games, shows, and more recently, social media.

  • Joanne Patrick

    Really, most of these I’ve never heard of and the rest, OH OH, I’m surprised, NOT!!!!

  • Katy Cumberland

    I WILL miss THE SECRET CIRCLE but I have to admit the writers did drift very far from the book. I will still miss it.

  • alice

    Well I wish it means I will have a lot more time on my hands since most of my DVR list is being cancelled, maybe that’s a good thing.

  • Susan

    I’m disappointed to see Awake on the list. I have been really enjoying it. But I can see that the story could be finished pretty easily.

  • T

    I cannot believe the shows that have gotten cancelled.. CSI Miami? Alcatraz? The Firm? Terra Nova? All the shows with any kind of mystery and intrigue get cancelled just when they are getting good. Just like V, Flash Forward and The Event.. Can we really take another singing or talent show? Really? I guess “we” apparantly want mindless shows where you don’t have to think much. So disappointed!!!! Maybe its for the best I need to start reading more books anyway.

  • rob

    The exec.s at at fox are very smart and sly
    they dressed themselves as chickens then ate themselves

  • Scout

    To “scouts mom”… Good evening Homer, your message validated my comment… you are obviously a bonehead, moron AND imbecile. It is no surprise that one possessing your diminished intellect would reply in such a juvenile manner,(by the way, your grammar and phrasing are horrible). You likely don’t understand what I just wrote, so please excuse me for getting way, way down to your level…. perhaps you’ll understand this… F_ _ _ you AND your momma. Enjoy your evening, precious.

    P.S. speaking of public TV, you should check out Sesame Street; The subject matter is a bit above your head… but hang in there, even an idiot like you might learn something….. Good luck!

  • Karen Cochran

    The Firm should be back, it is excellent. Awake and Missing are excellent as well. Enough with the reality shows. I’ll soon have to throw out the TV because I won’t watch those reality shows.

  • Kelli

    The Secret Circle……..SERIOUSLY? Get rid of those ridiculous reality shows and leave the good stuff alone! Damn it!!!!!!

  • WillieJ

    The writer is a dumb ass. Several of those shows ended but were not cancelled. Get yer facts straight or find another line of work.

  • Kiersten

    Storm Chasers on Discovery Channel was cancelled as well.

  • stan

    how the hell is missing cancelled… some of my favorite shows were on that list.

    • brad


  • john redman

    Harry’s Law is the best series on T.V. period. I can’t believe they are dumping a quality show and keeping crap!

  • GossipGirl

    There’s only a couple T.V. shows being canceled that I watched, and the rest I didn’t care for. All I hear about is dumb reality shows. The only real shows people should watch on T.V. is sports. That’s reality that is real and not phony people reading a script claiming that’s their life. Those type of shows should be canceled, and if I hear about one more singing competition show… like there’s not enough already. T.V. is over-rated and everyone should just ditch their cable bills and go live life off the couch.

  • Dan

    Im just sick and tired of so many reality shows and sitcoms are so lame they have to use laugh tracks to tell you whats funny.

  • http://www.webpronews.com/cancelled-shows-2012-several-network-programs-get-the-axe-2012-05#respond Josh

    some shows may not make it but u guys need to allow time for these shows to get better the ones ur only cutting short of one season house i can understand cause theyve done so many but terra nova breaking in heck caprica on syfy could have been good if they gave it a chance

  • http://Google Rodrigo Gutierrez


    Alcatraz (Fox)
    Chuck (NBC)
    Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (ABC)
    The Finder (Fox)
    House (Fox)
    I Hate My Teenage Daughter (Fox)
    Napoleon Dynamite (Fox)
    Terra Nova (Fox)

  • http://www.ryleysrun.org Sully

    What do I think?? I think that cancelling Harry’s Law on NBC is a huge mistake. Had you left the show at one timeslot instead of moving it and moving it and moving it from Wednesday to Friday to Saturday to Sunday? You never gave anyone a chance to get hooked in. People do not want to have to search to find their programs. Harry’s Law is one of the best dramatic shows on television on the weekends and there are not many good dramatic shows on weekends. People have had enough of Snookie and the Situation and all the dumb reality shows. People have had enough of the crap on television. Put a good drama on and that comes off the air. Get a clue NBC and do the right thing and give Harry’s Law another chance.

  • Lisa

    They need to get rid of all these scripted “reality” shows. I see at least two shows on this list that deserved to be renewed. This is why I don’t watch Television on television anymore. Stick that in the advertiser budget. Ass.

  • unknown

    why harry’s law, a gifted man, secret circle and meet the browns. That is so not fair at least keep a gifted man and harry’s law cuz those shows were sooooo good. I love those show please keep them on. Please :)

  • Karla

    I believe that fox is a complete and udder FAIL as a network the only thing worth watching now is Bones and whenever Hells Kitchen/Kitchen Nightmares is on. Everything else on fox is crap. The Finder was an excellent show as was Alcatraz what I believe the problem is that if you actually have a brain to think with you just arent ment to watch regular tv. ABC is a FAIL, NBC the only thing left on it is Law and order SVU but other than that FAIL, and CBS well The Big Bang, Criminal Minds, and Hawaii 5-0 is all they have, they couldnt even hold onto The Unit another excellent show lost on a network that chimps could run better than any of these pointless mindless people “running” things

  • mrc

    The reason GCB was axed was not due to poor ratings. ABC buckled under pressure from Conservative groups like One Million Moms group. As far as other cancelled shows, I’m disappointed to see Ringer get booted. There is waaay too much crap reality TV out there. America grows dumber and dumber with each new reality show the networks put out there. Sad.

  • Slobslapper

    Talk about watching a network brutally whip the rotten, putrid corpse of a once-reliable horse: 2 and a half men ring any bells? Sad about House and CSI Miami. I think those 2 are a mistake.

    I personally do not even start watching any of the new shows until they go 2 seasons. I got burnt too many times investing a full season in some great new show just so some dork with a corporate name stitched on his underwear could cancel it out from under me.

  • Amanda

    One Tree Hill shouldn’t really be considered as cancelled. This was their planned final season, there is a difference!

  • LaustCawz

    Isn’t there a difference between a show “ending” (as “Desperate Housewives” did) & it just being “cancelled” (ostensibly while there were potential plans for more episodes, such as with “Are You There, Chelsea”)?????

  • vhartle

    Personally, I think everyone should boycott tv. It’s insane that they cancel all the shows I watch. And the new shows I see previewed are all reality shows, well here’s reality I don’t watch them. I could care less that some hillbilly is hunting whatever, or some bachelor or ette is looking for love or someone wants to compete on some obscure island. Reality? hardly. Why don’t they cancel shows like kardashians, housewives, or all of the other reality tv?? I’m a real housewife, I don’t drip jewels or party every night. I watch tv for entertainment not reality. I get enough reality watching the news. Whoever is running the studios should be fired, they obviously don’t know what they are doing. With the new cancellations I am down to about 4 shows I watch every week. I hope they are happy with their decisions. I for one am seriously thinking of not watching anything. Music and books are looking better and better every day.

  • lou

    I hate to see Harry’s Law go, I really love Kathy Bates. Moving the show to Sunday night, opposite Amazing Race was a bad move on NBC’s part. Losing this and A Gifted Man leaves nothing worth watching on NBC. Most of my favorite shows are on USA network.

  • LeO

    wtf?!?!?!?>! two and a half men r still going strong? that show sucks without charlie. this was my first guess too.. phuck this list and phuck kutcher

  • Barb.

    wow the mentalist lives on and csi miami and harry’s law cancled . shame on you

  • Scott

    Sadly, American Idol, XFactor, The Voice, America’s Got Talent, So You Think you Can Dance, Dancing with the Stars,The View and All Things Kardashian are not on this list.

  • http://yahoo Deberah

    I don’t know about anyone else but I am so tired of getting interested in a show/series only to have it cancelled after one season. It’s such a pain to really get invested in watching these shows only to have the networks pull the plug after a few episodes sometimes

  • Cindy

    Why oh why for the love of god won`t fox cancel those 2 horrible shows Bob`s Burgers and New Girl? They won`t cancel those, but yet they let a good show like House go away.

  • brad


  • Jenn

    I’m really dissapointeed that MISSING only last one season.
    I love it. There’s so much you do with it, Ashley Judd could always go back for working for the CIA… and just keep working MISSING cases… and/or have new actors and new sets of seasons w/ all new story lines.. either way I am bummed.

    Now we all new Desperate Housewives would be coming to end soon.. but i loved the season finale.. how the kept the end as it could still pick up.. maybe a new series called Wisteria Lane

  • Leta Sheaffer

    That sucks, “Awake” was actually a really good show

  • frank

    I will not watch any programs on their network because of them cancelling Harrys Law …
    who are the morons behind these decisions?

  • Pat

    Allen Gregory was the worst show I have ever seen.

  • http://webpronews HAZEL

    please please please don’t cancel

    • Corrie

      i agree with you. i am so mad that they canceled some very good shows.

  • Peggy

    I have followed CSI:Miami since its inception. Now it is going away as are some of the others I watch. Why am I paying almost 130 bucks a month for watching nothing. Why don’t they cancel the dumb down sitcoms? Or is that what America has resorted to?

  • Mandy

    To everyone:

    You guys are the ball lickers! Reading this article makes me proud to be an American, where you can say whatever pansy bs you want with out fear of being beheaded. On the other hand, this article is garbage and I am not sure which one is worse, that I read it or that I am blogging on it. One thing is fo sho is that the writer is enviest of the writers who have real jobs and do not have to berate others in order to boost his ratings.

  • Kathy

    I cannot believe that all my favorite shows are being canned. I loved GCB, Are You There Chelsea and I hate my teenage daughter! They were all hilarious. I’m sick of reality tv, or live “call in to vote” shows.

  • Sameer

    Whoa, whoa. House was ended by the creators of the show. It wasn’t cancelled.

  • shannon

    I was so sad to see desperate housewives go but I think it ended with a good story and mrs maclumsky you were a great charachter till the end. We will miss all of you I hope I can still go back and visit wisteria lane on the universal tour when I miss you all. Best of luck to all of them.

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  • Corrie

    i can’t believe that unforgettable and the secret circle got canceled. those were two good shows. i like the fact the unforgettable was on after ncis. i look forward to my tuesdays.

  • http://sofudgeaswell.tumblr.com Jen

    I know the Napolean Dynamite show was going to be cancelled the minute they announced it. Movies that weren’t that great to begin with that are then made into cartoons never do too well. And I was pretty sure that the announcements of One Tree Hill and House were obvious, especially since they have both made it clear they were ending this year.

    • MARK


  • Dude

    I liked Napoleon Dynamite. Bummed about that one.

  • Shirley

    Pan Am…Sad…I really thought that was great,Awake,& The Firm…another great one,Wow, you think your going to have a new line up of great shows…nope…I wish they would remove the other shows, “Dancing w/the Stars etc…I know to many people that dislike Show’s like that..very sad..whatever happened to Great sitcoms, great movies Like “M.A.S.H.” really great shows not who can dance or sing better…very sad!!!!

  • Vicki White

    The writer of this article and the editor who did not catch the error need to proofread better. “The list of current cancellations have been included below.” It should be “…list … has been ….” Subject-verb agreement rule

  • Linda Pickle

    wow – I’m really going to miss “Find”, Alcatraz, Harry’s Law and the Firm. I love these shows.

  • Lisa

    I love “the secrete circle”! Sad that it’s getting cancelled. great show

  • Gloria

    It’s too bad they always cancel the decent shows like “A Gifted Man”, “The Firm”, “Awake”, “Harry’s Law”, and “Unforgettable”, and keep all the garbage. When are they going to wake up!!!???

  • Mike

    Why Alcatraz? The show was just getting interesting.

  • tweety_3175

    Really they’re going to keep Mike and Molly who even watches that a show about 2 fat people.. we like alcatraz it was just getting good…and house why cancel the good shows this sucks…

  • Jason Reeher

    House wasn’t cancelled; the creator decided to end the show.

  • http://yahoo Kim

    I love “A Gifted Man”, and can’t believe they are cancelling this show. I also like “The Firm”, “Alcatraz”,”The Finder” and “Unforgettable”, why don’t the networks give shows a chance to find an audience? I almost hate to give new shows a chance the first year, because, the ones I like the most seem to get cancelled!!! And I am sick of reality shows!!!

  • Suzie

    I love how they list Desperate Housewives as ‘CANCELLED’…DUH it was the SERIES finale…the writer chose to end it, not the network! Get your s*it together people!

  • ryan

    what the hell?? awake was a really good show to watch. even though nbc wasnt big on advertising this show, it still was fun to watch. it actually makes you think. If networks should ax anything, they should ax shows like two and a half men with ashton kutcher, bachelor, bachelorette, DWTS, american idol, americans got talent, and all those other shows that are just plain stupid.

  • Rw

    I’m just glad they got rid of Allen Gregory. That was a horrible show

  • JD


  • Alan Moore

    Desperate Housewives completed it’s tv series.
    It was not canceled, it concluded with style and honor.
    Pan am is a good show, that wasn’t given a fair chance.
    Pan am was canceled and so was Playboy club.
    Thank god for tv shows on dvd.

  • jennifer

    Ncis Miami and Unforgeable watch all the time they cant be cant

  • finzone

    Really….The Office managed to survive the cut?!?! Just put that show out of it’s and our viewing misery


    I cant believe unforgettable and csi:miami has been cancelled i love those two shows. immma cry

  • Chris

    Well Alcatraz was a great show and of course leave it to fox to cancel good shows. So why did they keep Bob’s Burgers cause that show sucks ass and they renewed that crap.

  • Chris

    now we need to cancel the regular NCIS cause that show is lame except for the goth chick.

  • Chris

    Tera Nova was good too

  • Lynn

    Never watched any of these cancelled shows so can’t say whether the cancellations were legit or not. Oh, no. I have watched Harry’s Law and did like it.

  • Jeff

    Keep Alcatraz and House,yea can the rest of it. While your at it CAN ALL THE REALITY SHOWS AS WELL. All Of Them!!!

  • tammy

    A GIFTED MAN.. was an awesome show!!

  • Stacy

    Love csi maimi and the finder..sad they are going…KEEP THEM ON

  • Jesus

    Chuck wasn’t cancelled
    it was the series finale the show ended

  • unknown

    about damn time house is gone…. that show freakin sucked it up n wasted my life when i say it on tv.

  • batman

    ABC YOU SUCK I LIKE PAN AM Igrew up with set the old plans and that time…..you say no one is watching bull….we all work so we DVR it .. you people just are a bunch of high paying suits…..

  • Jesus

    Chuck wasn’t cancelled
    it was the series finale the show ended
    it was a great show
    one of my favorites

  • S. Lewis

    I never heard of most of the shows that have been cancelled. The few I have heard of, only two have been cancelled that I liked, CSI-Miami and Harry’s Law

  • Michael Reeves

    Strange you’s say Desperate Housewives and House were cancelled. Anyone payig attention knows tha this was planned to be the last seaon for both. As per “final season”.
    The Finder, Awake and Are you There Chelsea? are awesome shows to be cancelled for some of the crap being renewed.
    Stop leaving your TV on just for noise in the background! Tpp many Neilson Families have it on for background noise. That’s why good shows get cancelled and crap gets renewed!!!

  • S. Lewis

    Most of the shows that were cancelled, I never heard of them. The few that I did hear of, only two I liked, CSI-Miami and Harry’s Law. Hopefully someday those two will return.

    • WhatTheHeck

      I know ,I know they took my CSI MIAMI from me! Why do I feel like someone died.

  • Michael Reeves

    The River started out as a mini series type show also! I pay attention when my TV is on and turn it off if not watching. Although it is hard to type in low light and not misspell.

  • Michael Reeves

    Sadly Unforgettable is a great show also.

  • Evie

    Sad to see The River up on that list along with GCB. The River had a good storyline to it, so I am surprised to see it didn’t get as many viewers. GCB seemed to be a mix of Desperate Housewives and Sex in The City mixed with a warped, but all in good nature version of Christianity. The River gave me a bit of a scare at night which I enjoyed. I guess I’ll stick to The Walking Dead to do that. As long as Pretty Little Liars, The Lying Game, The Walking Dead, Teen Wolf, and Castle aren’t up there I’ll live.

  • Ramp

    I agree that reality shows ned to go. Harry’s Law is a GOOD show and should not have ben axed.

  • thessa


    • walt

      House is not being cancelled. They are in their final season. This journalist apparently did not know that.

  • Nila

    I was more entertained by the arguing and name-calling going on in the comments than the content of the show cancellation article! Odd, because those are the very things I hate about reality TV, though I notice none of those ‘reality’ shows are being cancelled. I find it odd that so many people think it is okay to behave like the scripted characters on television; do they not realize we watch trashy people on television so that we can feel better about ourselves? Anyway, bye bye time slot filler shows that no one has time to watch.

  • Rich

    abc,cbs,fox heads are all idiots canceling missing terra nova nyc22 csi:miami and i hate myteenage daughter. stop moveing time slots dont put a new show like missing up aginst BBT and stop trying to reinvent the is land and 24 if you wantyed them you should’nt have canceled them but i did not watch them anyway

  • walt

    Fox needs to cancel Bobs Burgers. That show is dumber than Napolean Dynamite.

  • walt

    And Extreme Makeover is going to a new network. They won’t be gone long.

  • Ron Arredondo

    A lot of these show are good. What are they talking about? This is why I cancelled my cable TV.

    I’m watching everything via Hulu on the internet. TV is a joke these days. I can’t stand reality TV. These stations are giving us this “load of c–p” because it’s low in production cost. I say boycott TV by reading books and going to the movies. If you must see TV watch it on the internet and save money.

  • walt

    I only watch sports and movie channels anyway. TV is late night adult swim. King of the hill. American dad and Family guy. That is it.

  • Michelle

    They get rid of an aesome show like GCB and keep The Bachlorete? Really? I have noticed the dumbing down of America is in full swing!!!

  • Michelle

    I’m just going to watch cooking shows. At least you learn something. I am sad to see GCB go!

  • http://insightbb.com Shirley Bonta

    There are nights wheb there is nothing to watch on tv…then there are nights that there are shows that are on at the same time & you have to choose one…I can’t believe you axed CSI:Miami……I love all the CSI shows….I hope you rethink your decision and bring this great show back!!!!!!!! What’s the old saying…Don’t fix what isn’t broke!

    • anna

      IKR all the CSIs are great I just wonder what kind of crap they are going to put on instead?

      • WhatTheHeck

        They will put some dumb fake reality vanity show on that will just falsify the real world. Take those K klan off the air yuck,,,that’s where they need to start!

    • WhatTheHeck

      I am also outraged on them taking CSI “MIAMI” TOOOOOOO! So sad :(

  • Kim

    NO!!! Not “Awake”! I love that show!!!! (and Jason Isaacs!!)

  • Cam

    They didn’t list Steven Seagal Lawman which was set to air a new season in January but never made it unfortunately.

  • http://yahoo.com Shirley Bonta

    I want them to leave CSI: Miami on the air…It’s my FAVORITE show….
    Don’t fix what isn’t broken!!!!!!

    • WhatTheHeck

      I second that notion! Who did it,why,and what for? Don’t take CSI MIAMI!

  • anna

    These days if a T.V. show dosent have t&a or constantly talk about t&a it gets canceled!!!!

  • Portia Moore

    The Finder and Alcatraz were my new shows….I’m so sad to see them go. Unforgettable was pretty cool too.

  • kml

    this is wack i really liked secret circle i cant believe they cancelled it before we get to find out how it truly ends it rediculous at least this end of the season should have been better then

  • Jorge

    NOOOOO! not Alcatraz that was a great show! the story line was great. I never missed an episode. they can’t just ended with a big cliff hanger. Just give it one more chance!

  • Sharpe

    I’m very sorry to see Awake go. Yes, it was a crime show, but the plot of the show was more clever than that–a man living two different lives, one awake and another in his dreams, and the viewer trying to figure out which was which. I guess the network didn’t advertise it enough.

  • WhatTheHeck

    Why,why,why,why!!! I do not care about all the other shows but DON’T TAKE MY CSI MIAMI!!! Heracio,Delko,Caleigh…..Oh my gosh !! It didn’t even get a proper ending!!! At least give me a movie,that at least ends the show!? No matter what anybody says,David Curuso you were the calm in the storm and Adam Rodrigues you were my sunshine in the rain baby! I will miss the beautiful leading ladies as well.I want some closure this isn’t fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tracey martin

    I loved the SHOW GCB:(

  • robert

    also missing should still be on too ! its a great show and should of been on in the begininng of the season !these networks are starting to suck ! abc has to many commercials and not enough show !

  • robert

    please dont take off csi miami and , house or missing !

  • cathey

    Who makes these choices anyway.There’s at least 10 shows I watch regularly being axed, and they leave on crap like the “reality” shows or those “Dating” shows and take off the dramas , and don’t even get me started on those “talent” shows, has everyone been ‘dumb-struck”.At least do a special that ties up the story line in Missimg,Alcatraz, The River,and I would even say Terra Nova, but that is only because I’m a sci-fi junkie,We get relly tired of getting involved in some story line just to have it totally dropped without any ending wrap up,at least end with a 2 hour movie of the week type of special presentation,,you should get good response

    • robert

      you got that right ! im tired of american idol the damn bacholar(sry 4 the spelling ) take off sucky ass glee instead of house !

  • robert

    cbs killed csi miami on purpose with football ! it should of never been on sundays ! they should take off two and a half men ! without charlie sheen it sucks !

  • Derrick

    JJ Abrams, great at movies, TV-not so much

  • robert

    this is some bull ! the only thing i watch fox for is football and house , so i dont have to watch that shity channel anymore ! abc used to be my favorite network but they show way to many commercials now thats what killed lost ! i only watch abc for there news and missing and the river was a good show and its gone ! should of brought it on in the beginning of the season too ! im a steeler fan so im stuck with watching cbs but i no im not the only person unhappy about my shows going off ! we watch these shows why dont they ask us what we want to see !

  • robert

    we no fox dont care , they might as well be the hitler network ! sorry people but im really pissed !

  • Dexter Wong

    Few surprises in this list, many shows ended their run this year like Chuck and Extreme Makeover Home Edition. Others just ran out of steam like Pan Am.

  • bugsy

    cancel gossip girl and the vampire diaries pleeeaaassse!!!

  • Fred

    shouldnt American Idol be next????

    • nicole

      not vampire diaries!

  • Mike

    Congrats FOX I’m finally tired of investing time in your TV shows. I will watch you’re sporting events, but your TV shows I will not watch. Unless it survives till DVD…then I might watch it. QUIT CANCELLING GOOD SHOWS!!!! Once again Firefly has taught you nothing, Just keep pumping your money into The Simpsons which grew old a decade ago, and American Idol which I can’t even fathom why people watch anymore.

  • Fred

    glee, american idol, THE WHOLE MTV NETWORK, jersey shore, 16 & pregnant, all those stupid ass women from all the real housewives. Sorry for cussing!!! but we need some real entertaining shows for this generation! no more sex, drugs, and pregnancies on the television. i have a daughter that is 2 and she wont be watching none of these unnecessary programs. ONLY!!!! National Geographic and Animal Planet and History

    • http://www.numismedia.com Tat2ed

      Agreed fred , parents cant let kids have free roam wit a tv remote .. u need to effin set up “security” on ur TV .. Yea thats normal huh ? haha .. U got young kids on here talkin trash that people are “prude” cause T-and-A have no place on basic Tv .. They have no clue .. God helpem , and im far from religious … Ahh effem , let them learn the hard way … But , this trash has to go .. i wish EVERYONE would shut off the TV for a dam day , and go without it and enjoy the life givin to them instead of sitting on there couch … I can think of a MILLION other things i could do with my time other then watch ANY of this crap ..

      But again u gota point there freddy

  • http://www.numismedia.com Tat2ed

    I cant stand any of the crap listed .. If at all i sit on the couch to watch this ridiculous shit on Tv its either SPORTS (hockey and baseball … Football is a bunch of overpaid sprained toe cant play bastids , they need to act like they have scored a touchdown and quick this DANCING SHIT” .. ) … And other then sports i’ll stick to BURN NOTICE … LoL .. HIMYM ? god just the commercials kill me … And these BS So called reality shows are trash .. Kids Cant even watch tv anymore ….. Everythings going down the Shit Can .. saw someone referenced Obama , he’s doing great huh u turd .. get off ur couch … EVERYONE . GET OUT SIDE AND SHUT UR TV OFF for a day , Shit even an hour . ull be amazed .. Ok BYE BYE My 5 cents . Continue

  • TheDarkWeasel

    CSI Miami was a music video minus the music. I’d like to see that and NCIS Los Angeles go away. Puke. On the other hand, House on its worst day is better than most dramas across the board, and has yet to jump the shark. It is a bit contrived, if you compare it to earlier seasons, but it is far from tired. Stars are understandably done though. How easy is it to predict what won’t survive. Original writing, intelligent scripts, unsexy leading men and/or women. I’m just saying.

  • Geoffrey Uiagalelei

    why was CSI miami one of those shows to get the axe

  • http://yahoo Cassidy

    this is Bullshit!

  • http://yahoo Cassidy


  • Sandie

    OMG! So no more CSI: Miami… And especially extreme makeover: home edition. My daughter will be upset that she can’t watch the new shows anymore and she’s only 5. Also i know a lot of people who watches One Tree Hill. Man, they going to be really upset with that. Especially when the have all the season on dvd and is waiting for the next.

    • nicole

      I agree! they should never had cancelled it! its the best…i wish they would have made at least one more season!

  • Brian

    “House” is one of the best shows on television and it will be missed. Glad “Blue Bloods”, “Revenge” and “Smash” made the cuts… all very good shows.

  • Micki

    This is why I don’t watch tv anymore. I start to like a show and then they take it off. Lipstick jungle, they took it off. Chicago code blue, they took it off. Harry’s law, A gifted man, Prime suspect, come on!!!! Who makes these decisions? Surely it is not the viewers, these are the type of shows we WANT to watch, not the voice, AGT, Dancing with the Stars, Survivor, etc…. We want real shows, not reality shows. Harry’s Law is going to really upset a lot of people. That is a awesome show. I just do not understand how these decisions are made. Just shut the stupid networks down, who cares anymore.

  • angel

    The only one I ever watched was House.

  • don’t matter

    I think all new shows should be given two season to at least let the view get a ending to the cliffhangers we are give at the end of the season or something even a tow hour ending for some like Alcatraz and the River

  • don’t matter

    its real us the views fault we DVR so much stuff that the networks don’t know what we watch and the folks that advertise on them don’t see any profit so off they go i mean just tonight i had to DVR Bones and both How i met your mother just so i could watch what i had DVR’ed over the weekend and i forgot that now with show that you can watch on demand The Finder CSI NY & CSI just to name a few networks need a way to look at the over all veiwership of a show not just that night folks do have lives and jobs that why VCR were made in the first place then tivo which by the way did let them know but not DVR’s

  • Monica

    I completely agree. I hate reality tv. I am also very upset that The Secret Circle and Alcatraz were canceled. I hate when a show is canceled when there is so much left to discover. I am thankful Fringe got its close out season for answers. I just wish the CW had given The Secret Circle the same curtesy. We all know Alcatraz was canceled because all Fox truly cares about is Glee and AmericanIdol. I hate them both. Thank God Fringe has a huge fan base orit would be gone too…Fox tried to kill it by moving it to Fridays but we perservered.
    Many good shows on this list…a shame.
    Oh btw, One Tree Hill wasn’t canceled. This was the farewell season. A great show that will be missed.

  • Dw

    There are only shown on there I watch anyway and they are they Finder & the The Secret Circle. I just wished they would have taken off some of those so called reality show’s that are all really staged and fake, We could have saved a lot of air time.

  • nicole

    I can’t believe they cancelled Secret Circle, that was one of the best shows on this yr!

  • Gary

    Let’s face it.. Napoleon Dynamite wasn’t THAT bad of a show. The writing wasn’t great but it surely kept me laughing through all six of the episodes. I think the problem with that show was that it was on at the wrong time. It wasn’t vulgar, lewd and inappropriate like the rest of the shows on Fox Sunday nights… You could actually -gasp!- let a child watch it. I think if it had’ve aired in a children’s block that it might have done better. I was a strong supporter for the show, but I guess in the end vulgarity and lazy “let’s make fun of things so we can get a rise out of people” writing wins again. Napoleon Dynamite reminds me of a little show called The Critic which also got cancelled too early. Hopefully this too will become a cult hit down the line, although I’m well aware that the chances are slim.

  • Alisha

    Is there anyway to save any of these shows? I loved Missing, The Finder and GCB

  • Monica

    We really enjoy The Finder, Alcatraz, Unforgettable, and Missing….never missed an episode! It’s pretty disturbing when good shows are taken off the air but yet shows that leave nothing to the imagination are continuing on the tv networks. I wish they would reconsider and keep the above mentioned on for another season ;(

  • Scott

    Why are Charlie’s Angels and the Playboy Club even on this list? They were cancelled MONTHS ago (i.e. in 2011).

  • joni

    I can’t believe they cut the secret circle and ringer those were two of my favorite shows!
    All this reality TV is taking over. Oh no! I have enough reality in my life!

  • Dean

    I guess CSI: Miami should’ve been given a final season for a proper ending! Like what Fringe’s been given!

    Cancelling The Secret Circle was a good thing to do! I liked it but not that much, i’m just so sorry to waste my time ever watching that!

    Cancelling missing was the only choice they had, although that im sorry they canned it! You know how much longer can you twist a story about a missing son! it could’ve been a GREAT 2 hour movie

  • Scott

    Clarification: House ended (and rightfully so); it wasn’t cancelled.

    I too shall miss Missing. Also, the Finder — a very quirky, fun show.

    They cancelled the wrong CSI. Should’ve got rid of CSI: NY, featuring the annoying Ms. Smug-n-Smirky. Bring Stella back, you chumps!

  • Mercedes

    TV station are serving one segment of the population and drastically forget the adult, mature and intelligent audiences; these watch TV as well.
    Programs that should be kept on air is Missing,(it opened with over 10.million viewers) the gifted Man, The Firm
    the last two were placed on downhill days (Friday and Saturday). They were not given a fair chance. David Kelley is a master/intelligent and creative writer therefore Harry’s Law is awesome.

  • shrley

    We all (self, family, and friends) watched Harry’s Law. The only one out of all that got cancelled that we watched. The only thing on Sunday night we had to watch. I guess Sunday night means a trip to the movies or a night out now. So sad for TV.

  • William Cisco

    What bothers me is when I really get into a show that has a continueing plot like The River, Alcatraz or Tera Nova and then it gets cancelled with no resolution to the story lines.

    But if they cancel it, it means it is not making money and the bottom line is the bottom line. Do not blame the Networks for this, blame a dumbed down America for it.

    As for Reality shows generally I don’t like or watch them. I catch a few AI shows and a few X-Factor shows but I don’t really get into them very much.

    I do have one exception in the reality show area, I have watched every season of Survivor since the beginning. I love that show.

    One thing you have to consider is that scripted TV shows are far more expensive to produce than reality shows. That means it can have slightly lower ratings than a scripted show but still make far more money.

    Shows like Tera Nova and the River are very expensive to produce with both actors to pay and special effects to deal with. As a result they need higher ratings because they have to pull in higher ad rates to make them financially viable. If the networks don’t make a profit on a show they cannot keep producing it. SOmetimes their research shows that a show might have the chance to build an audience and they will give it time to develope one. Lost is a good example, it was not huge in it’s first year but it was unique and they let it hang until it found it’s niche. Many of the shows like ‘The River’ and ‘Alcatraz’ are basically ‘Lost’ clones with different story lines and they have just not caught on like Lost and now the networks are not willing to sustain losses to try to build the audience.

    Finally, I am really bummed that ‘The Finder’ has been cancelled, I really like that one.

  • Laura

    Am I the only person who does NOT think that “Big Bang Theory” is funny?

    • no1zmaid

      Apparently you are. Sorry.

  • ty

    That sucks I like harrys law and the firm

  • http://webpronews.com Lori

    Are you kidding me!!!! They are getting rid of Harry’s Law! Has NBC finally gone Bonkers!? Please Harry’s law! Get rid of Touch!

  • Kate

    I seen the list for cancellations of shows…They keep the off beat crap shows…and get rid the the good ones.

    The finder
    GCB was a good replacement for housewives. I know some people were
    offended by it…but really guys, in this day and age let it go…
    Who has the right to dictate what we can and cannot watch?

  • georgie

    they canceled half the good shows that came on this year! are they going to give us an end to dhows like alcatraz, the firm, unforgetable? come on networks. no wowonder people dont watch the new shows. just as they get good, you cancel them!

  • Kate

    The secret circle and Harry’s Law…I know many people that watch
    those shows….cant believe they are taking them off the air…

    The GCB is hilarious..best new show in a long time…

  • Patrice Thomas

    I can not believe tis not one but two of my favorite show are are on this list CSI miami and a gifted man what can I do to stop this, oh my i feel the tears falling down my face.

  • Ryan

    I’m going to miss Terra Nova and Chuck…

  • larr

    I’ve been a House fan since season one, great show with a great revolving/evolving cast however, it’s been lacking something since Lisa Edlestein left the show. Looking forward to the two hour series finale. Maybe there will be a reunion episode in the next two years?

  • nwick

    The Secret Circle? It is a sad day for me.

    • no1zmaid

      My daughters are all upset about that one too. I think the girl that played Cassie brought it down, every show she’s on gets cancelled because she seem so self righteous in every role she plays.

  • no1zmaid

    Well crap! I liked GCB and Terra Nova…and FYI One Tree Hill wasn’t canceled, they just had their series finale a couple of months ago, they left voluntarily.

  • ////

    Wow the comments here are trash….I was unaware all the people here do is insult one another…seriously have an opinion post it and move the F*** on in life…or sit here and wait for others to comment and trash it and we all grown up!!!! Or band together after reading this and insult me….LOSERS!!! You are a pathetic group of posters on the WEB!!!!!

  • gloria

    First they took my favorite soaps off, now, i can’t even look forward to evening shows , i loved Harry’s Law, Bones, etc. sad sad times, when all these reality shows are still on, pitiful.

  • KT

    Harry’s Law! Seriously, one of the few decent programs left.

  • Hilda

    “Missing” is one of the best shows of the season. Really hoping it would be back next season. Ashley Judd and other actors were great in their roles. Didn’t get publicity so no wonder it was cancelled.

  • Kate SS

    What were they thinking? I hate the Bachelor series and I am really disappointed to see A Gifted Man and Pan Am on this list.

  • amelia52

    Are you serious about cancelling “Unforgettable”. That show is AWESOME-who is Rachel’s killer? I love that show!! Please, please, reconsider.

  • malowski

    “For those of you who enjoy watching a network brutally whip the rotten, putrid corpse of a once-reliable horse, “The Office” has been renewed for yet another season.”

    I thought the first three episodes were quite weak but after that they improved dramatically, the errin/andy story line worked well while the Tallahassee episodes were also solid. The last five were pretty close to the quality of the episodes of the earlier seasons.

  • David Dee

    House, Charlies Angels and CSI Miami are the only ones I have
    watched. And I’m a couch potato. Seems to me the story ought to
    be how FX, USA, Spike, A&E, AMC, etc, are cleaning the networks

  • archie

    I hate the reality shows and don’t even watch them. I loved the fall 2011 line-up with GCB, The Finder, Alcatraz and they are cancelled. It doesn’t make sense. People want to watch a TV show not other people’s lives.

  • VamyreGodess

    Why Secret Circle this is a super awswome show GOD IM SO UPSET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and also why Terena Nova why why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://lindasweep@yahoo.com Linda Garrett

    Ringer is the best written show on TV in many years. The twists are always shocking and unexpected. BRING IT BACK!!!!!

    • Jennifer

      I so agree. My whole family watches the Ringer. We couldn’t wait for the next season. Studio should rethink this decision.

  • Kenneth

    There is a difference in being cancelled and ending. This should be noted in such a report.

    • Realityshowsuck

      I agree

  • kathy williams

    theyb always keep bull like big bang it is a big DUD missing and the frim. were great and the finder was cute!! get rid of the reailty shows that are so fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • amelia52

    Why don’t the networks eliminate these reality shows that are NOT reality? Who wants to waste their time watching bachelor and bachelorette shows that are pure trash-I have enough drama in my life without watching all of that crap-I watch TV to relax. The networks need to reevaluate!!!

  • Larry


  • Bob Cap

    How could they have possibly cancelled “Get Smart”!…The next thing you know they’ll be dumping the Dean Martin show!!!! Whats next?????

  • Jimmy B

    I really liked Harry’s Law. Hate to see it go. Also liked NYC 22. As for the rest, I could care less.

  • Netti

    If you like “MISSING” please sign the waiver to get it back. http://www.change.org/petitions/abc-do-not-cancel-the-television-show-missing-2

    Also, “Like” this page. https://www.facebook.com/LetsGetMissingBackOnTv

  • mary

    i really liked the finder and harry’s law. i am sorry thay are cancelled.


    I know it’s old news that Terra Nova was getting the axe but I think it was a very bad decision to not continue it. It was thought provoking and exciting. I really hope syfy will pick it up. Please get rid of these STUPID DEMEANING reality shows!!

  • Realityshowsuck

    Do you think they do these shows because they are cheaper to produce? I don’t really know anyone that allow these shows to bore them for an hour. Not one person. As soon as they come on the channel is flipped. Can’t stand them.

  • whatkai

    ohh i like terra nova

    expected a good season 2 !!!!


      You have good taste! The second season looked like it was going to be good.

  • Ana Williams

    NOT THE SECRET CIRCLE!! It was just getting good!! now what am i gonna watch after the Vampire Diaries!!

  • Debbie

    I am really sorry to hear that Harrys Law is canceled. It was one of the better shows on TV but they will leave a lot of crap!!!!!

  • shannon

    And yet “Keeping up with the Kardashian”s” is still on?!!!

    • Realityshowsuck

      I agree,where has this world gone?

  • MARK

    as long as full throttle saloon and storage wars return the rest of the tv world can eat crap

  • http://www.facebook.com/mtsimpson1 Michael T. Simpson

    Those networks are blind, deaf and dumb, but there’s gotta be a mistake CSI: Miami CAN’T be cancelled!

  • shirley

    House was the interesting show of it’s kind on TV and Hugh Laurie is an enthralling actor as well as most the rest of the cast, but Laurie is a genius. What a shame to take such brilliant acting off TV.

  • Jennifer

    I can’t believe The Ringer has been cancelled. This was a show that kept you wanting more. I am soooo sad it won’t be back!

  • Kris

    Was really surprised that Alcatraz, A Gifted Man, Rob and Unforgettable were shot down on the spot. I thought A Gifted Man and Unforgettable were potential material, because I thought they were very satisfactory for TV viewers. Critics now really love hard sex and violent (shows) movies and they don’t really concern the viewers thoughts what they think of the shows. Was really surprised “Two and a Half Men” and “How I Met Your Mother” made the cut with the sexual humor. Rob didn’t last very long . Alcatraz was an interesting show and confusing sometimes going and forth. A Gifted Man and Unforgettable were good shows for family viewing, but the critics don’t think what the viewers think, they only think about themselves.

  • natalie

    are you kidding me unforgetable & a gifted man?

  • shirley

    HOUSE was the most interesting show on TV. Hugh Laurie is a superb actor..he has no equal on TV. Why take a true artist off as well as a most interesting story line every week and a cast of very good actors only to replace it with some boring run-of-the-mill shows.

  • Dr1069

    Look on the bright side… we now have The Choice, with the Situation… I’m going to miss Alcatraz and Awake…

  • Ray


  • Nanci

    These are all shows that had nothing to give to the public. They are all empty TV time and just another reason to ad more commercials and promos. But then, there’s not many worthwhile TV shows left, anyway. If anyone sneezes, they brew up a TV show about it. It’s really sad to see this crap that has nothing to offer but wasted time. It’s a great reason I spend more time with my husband and children.

  • jeanie

    A Gifted Man was one of the best new shows o TV!! You shold have left it on the air!

  • Cate

    I must admit to not watching most of the shows being cancelled. There are fans for every show on TV and every show on TV eventually is cancelled. Let’s face it, either the main actors want to move on or the writers run out of plausible ideas, or the show doesn’t have sufficient rating numbers for the network to keep it going. Whatever the reason look at it as an opportunity to broaden your TV viewing and take up the challenge of watching something new( your next “fav” show). Or read a book and actually learn something new.

  • stanleywildchilkd

    I love ABC’s “Once Upon A Time” & “GCB”. However, I would love “JERICHO” to come back on air!

  • r burk

    Harry’s Law lets let them no how wrong it is to cut this we are the ones that watch NBC OR NOT?

  • Tom Sigardson

    Of all the shows cancelled I have only watched one. All and all I would say the networks got it right. Now if they would only put on some worth while programs and dump the reality shows we could all benefit.

  • Lee Zucker

    Unforgettable and Harry’s Law !!!!! I’m sorry to see them go!!

  • C

    I agree with all EXCEPT Ringer, that was an AWESOME show they should have given it a little more time, also there was not enough ads for it so no one knew about it!

  • Jean Hill

    I agree with the cancelled shows except for “Missing” and Harry’s Law” and “Awake” and “Alcatraz”. Too soon to have cancelled these. For goodness sakes, give them more than 12 episodes – Too quick to cancel some and not quick enough for others.

  • Mark from Florida

    The Finder, Secret circle…. really? What a bunch of hoowey. Networks are starting to be as bad as politicians. Whatever, I’ll watch AMC shows… Fox,ABC,NBC,CBS kiss it.

  • mdn

    Whatt?? The powers that be have made a huge mistake canceling shows like Harry’s Law and The Firm…..we are SO SICK OF the crappy “Reality” shows…they don’t get it!!!!

    • Dani

      If we STOP watching those STUPID REALITY shows, then they will cancel them. We have the power,as viewers, to do that. They can start with, let’s see,”Kardashians”, Bachelor, and all the other mindless shows. How about using the minds when we watch t.v. instead of sitting there like zombies.

  • ohMy

    Wow…..some of the dumbest comments here that I have ever seen. If you have commented on this article please do the human gene pool a solid and go drink a cup of bleach right now.

  • Peter

    Other than Extreme Home Makeover they still refuse to cancel reality shows….O well it’s making me read more because I can’t stand that crap so maybe it’s a good thing

  • Karen

    I feels so betrayed! Why in the world would anyone cancel shows like CSI: Miami, The Finder, Alcatraz, etc. What IS wrong with the networks? Why didn’t you just move the shows to another time slot? Get creative. Some people can’t watch a show the same time every week for years at a time, people’s lives change. Get with it! Get in the real world with the rest of us. I’m complaining because all I had was local tv.

  • Donna

    I loved The Finder. They should keep it!

  • Yolanda

    So sad GCB I thought was a hit and Unforgettable and Missing was great. How in the world. They keep all these reality shows but cancel great shows.So sad and shamful, they need to rethink some of these shows for real!!!

  • linkyg

    I cant believe that they cancelled Terra Nova. Everytime I get into a show they cancel it. However, I bet they’ll come up with ANOTHER singing show. So sick of it…..

    • Not Again

      I know right!!! I am so sick of these reality shows and talent contests.

  • tanya

    OMG… MISSING got cut!! That is an awesome show, but dang ABC put it on at 8pm instead of 10… dam yoos ABC

  • Alli

    Wait, what?…One Tree Hill was still on all this time? Apparently I have a lot to catch up on…

  • Greenbean7

    I love The Finder. I find it entertaining, funny and thought provoking. House was scheduled to end it’s run this season so it shouldn’t actually be listed as “cancelled”. I agree about the “reality” shows. I can do without all the shows about people’s jobs, i.e. repo shows (several), gold mining, logging, etc. How about one that films me sitting at my desk trying to keep insurance agents in line. It would be just as exciting. Unfortunately my husband likes those shows!

  • Not Again

    Alcatraz is a really good show, and left us with a great cliffhanger.
    Awake has this great concept, and now I don’t even want to finish watching this season, because I know it won’t be back. Pfft.
    and finally (for me anyway) Terra Nova…I was liking that one too.
    I know sit-coms are making a comeback, but now all the networks are gonna jump on the band wagon and switch their lineups, just like they did when CSI first came out. We need variety, not all one type of show. After Pushing Daisies was cancelled, I should just give up on any good shows ever taking a foot hold.

    • Greenbean7

      Terra Nova was growing on me and I wish they had given it another chance. Pushing Up Daisies was one of my favs, too.

  • Carole

    I get enough reality on the news these days…I want to be entertained. I am tired of watching rude people yell obscenities at each other and I don’t like silly sitcoms…I enjoyed watching House…love Hugh Laurie…will miss that one…not much left that I want to watch..

  • http://Yahoo Carol Davis

    You cancelled A Gifted Man it was the best and only show worth watching on Friday night channel 7 Please put it back into the line up this fall? PLEASE

  • Carole

    We need another talent show…right???? LOl..Mister dirty old man Howard Stern is what they give us? YUK….cancel that one right now…won’t watch it even once..they think you want to watch nasty people yell at each other or marginal talents compete..then they tell you who wins? they are going to bring back ‘Dallas” in an attempt to find some real actors that can entertain..no original ideas?

  • Tabitha Smith

    I can’t believe that they are cancelling CSI Miami really.. and Harry’s Law those were some of the best shows…if your going to cancel something cancel Big Bang Theory.. the office.. Basketball Wives.. all the dating shows..they always get rid of the good show and leave the lame shows on tv….

    • Carole

      I agree with Tabitha on the dating shows…fake and boring!

  • marsha basham

    who ever did that needs to look for new job.take all the good shows off and leave the ones that nobody cares about.REALLY

  • Dani

    To the person who wrote this article, little word of advice, GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT BEFORE PUBLISHING AN ARTICLE! House and Desperate Housewives weren’t cancelled. They both had series Finales on there own. House knew when to leave. Why not check out the episode next mon. 5/21 at 8-10pm.

  • larry

    Awake was a smart different series. It had a great cast and writing. I think the networks need to give a show a little more time to catch on befor cancelling. this one will be missed

  • Spiker715

    2 1/2 Men will be next if Chuck Lorre doesn’t swallow his pride and figure out a way to bring back Charlie!

  • http://webpronews.com Yeah it’s me

    I really liked Missing too.

  • http://webpronews.com Yeah it’s me

    Wait! The Big Bang Theory is hilarious. Harry’s Law was good too. I am so sick of Reality TV. It just shows that the producers and the writers have no original imagination anymore. I have drama in my own life and I am sure no one is interested in it, so why would I be interested in who gets a date with who, and what some stupid housewife thinks, or better yet some blonde with a kid that can’t seem to find someone to marry. Who cares? Not me. I want substance and cliff hangers and imagination. I want to laugh at some really good and funny dialogue. I am stepping down off of the soap box now, thank you all for tolerating this comment. :)

  • KyGun

    I cant believe they are canceling Tera Nova! I watched all the shows the season they had and it seemed like it could really get going. They had so many different ways to write that show. They did a good job and it disappoints me to see them give up after one season.

  • Gabby

    Why are they stopping House?

  • Karen

    Please don’t take off “Missing”.!!! This show is really good, and it seems every season they take off some good shows and replace them with really bad ones that just get cancelled the next season. Please reconsider the show “Missing”!!!

  • http://Internetexplorer nanny

    I am really disappointed that GCB got cancelled. My husband and I watched every week. There were such good actors(actress) on there and we will really miss it.

  • camelc

    Could you kids stop bickering, and make room for someone w/intelligent remark

  • http://VoteIsland.com Randall

    Which shows do you think shouldn’t have been cancelled??? Vote your opinion now at http://www.voteisland.com!

    • Karen

      The Firm, Missing, and The River.

  • Karen

    I also liked “The Firm” and “The River”. I also think that the reality shows are starting to get a little crazy!!! I don’t think too many people care about if your baby throws up, or your husband gets another job, or you take a trip to Italy.. Who cares?!!!


    There is alot more that should be on the list

  • L Huntley

    So glad Big Bang continues, so sad House is going and absolute madness that CSI Miami is being cancelled, and Alcatraz going before it has even reached our freeview chanels

  • http://www.raiders.com Billiam Wynn

    Who actually watches TV any more? It’s 2012!

  • Kermit

    No,No,No, say it isn’t so about House, Man Up and CSI Miami. That’s the only reason we watch T.V. Just when House was starting to relize how he was affecting everybody around him and he relized he needed them.Also the eposide of losing someone close like his best friend
    Wilson to concer. Losing, Man Up, best ocmdey show that is down to earth and clean. Now your taking away CSI on top everything else that is just hateful.

    • http://dysfunky.com Samantha

      shame on csi miami. =/

  • Denise

    That stinks! Harry’s law was one of my favorites!

  • Beryl Garcia

    It’s a great shame that shows with character such as Harry’s Law; CSI Miami;Missing;The River; Chuck; and just-for-fun GCB, are cancelled. Doesn’t anyone have the strength to keep these great shows on the air?
    They all have great casts that fit perfectly together. I certainly won’t be watching the other trivial shows with no depth. Next thing you know they’ll cancel Southland – the only true-to-life cop show on TV (a view of many cops I know).

  • http://donothaveone Elvera Dacey

    I thought A GIFTED MAN was an excellent show and should not have been canceled. Most series are for the stupid and those are the ones that were not canceled

  • Annonymous1

    While I could understand cancelling a show like NYC 22 on CBS, why would they cancel CSI:Miami which had better ratings than than NYC 22 the show they tried using to replace it. Also CBS has way too many cop shows already. Trying to reboot Charlie’s Angels was a bad idea on ABC’s part I don’t know to me some things should just be left in the past. Alcatraz to me was an attempt to create another successful prison show like Prison Break. The points being I think these networks need to be more wise about what they decide to promote as far as new shows are concerned.

  • Annonymous1

    I meant the point.

  • http://dysfunky.com Samantha

    Oh MY CSI: Miami?? =(

  • b

    Can’t anyone spell “canceled”?

  • b

    canceled. spelled correctly.

  • Paula

    I cannot believe Secret circle or unforgettable will not be back I love those shows….

  • Linda

    It blows my mind that shows like Missing, A gifted Man,Awake and Terra Nova are bring cancelle and stupid shows about the Kardasians and Jersey Shore are still on. What is wrong with people. I cannot imagine watching shows like that; they are so stupid. There are other shows that should be cancelled, but not the ones with a good story line.

  • Justin

    AWAKE!?! Really???? The straw that broke the camels back for me. Good bye Time Warner, these stupid networks pushed me over the edge I’m over cable. Netflix here I come.

    I still miss Deadwood, Flash Forward and Heroes (even though they wrote the show into a blackhole)…

    And TerraNova? I really enjoyed that show. Modern day swiss family robinson / gilligans island type show. I really enjoyed it even though it was cheesy at times.

    Make way for the Bachelor… And more reality TV, we are so obsessed with judging everyone else but ourselves.. Maybe why reality TV is soo popular!

  • Linda

    OMG, I can’t believe Unforgettable is being cancelled too. Stupid people running the TV networks.

  • Justin


    NBC is the worst network on Cable, they continue to bring these shows on and continue to cancel them every year. Hire me and I will save you a lot of money!

  • Jen

    Really of all the programs these people decide to keep
    FAMILY GUY makes it thru, That just goes to show how STUPID Americans or tv producer are getting!

  • Jeanne Cox

    How could NBC cancel Harry’s Law and keep those stupid comedy shows! Kathy Bates is the best actress on TV! You have made such a huge mistake!!

  • Jan

    I relly feel that taking off The Finder, The Firm Harry,s Laws is not leaving us much to watch

  • Jessikah

    Why are the Kardashians not on the list??? : *(

  • http://yahoo crys

    It doesn’t pay to watch an intelligent show because the networks just cancel it. Missing was a great show. It was an edge of your seat show.
    Harry’s Law was a good show as well. Kathy Bates said just about everything we WISH we could say.
    Just goes to show that mindless, stupid reality shows are taking over television.

  • http://yahoo.com crys

    Just goes to show that mindless, stupid reality shows are taking over television.

  • Rallie

    MAN…. why are they cancelling “The Finder” (I loved it), “Alcatraz”, and “Napoleon Dynamite” … thats not fair :-(

  • Sorvin Nguyen

    Okayy They Pushed It Too Far Taking My Alcatraz (Fox)& The Secret Circle (CW)& Terra Nova (Fox)& The Finder(FOX) & Last You Can’t Take My CSI: Miami! Bitches!

  • Terry

    way too many really great shows canceled and yet they keep all those way too many stupid reality shows. just goes to show you were the network exec’s have their head way up where the sun doesn’t shine.

  • Debra

    I can not believe you canceled CSI Miami,Missing and Unforgettable… I love those shows. I wish someone would pick the shows up because I so enjoyed watching them.

  • pauletta

    I am very upset with all the good new and old shows canceled. Need to bring them back t.v. just got uninteresting

  • Mike


  • saeda

    omfg two of my cw shows are off the air wtf some1 should go on strike BYE SECRET CIRCLE AND BYE RINGER i always wanted to know if adam would become evil (secret circle) and in ringer i wanted to know if he would come back for bridget u sunva bitches stole them from us wtf am i supppose to watch NOW huh wtf


    WHAT WHERE THEY THINKING! Some shows like Missing and the Finder really favorites of mine. They kept you wanting to watch the next weeks show. Guess I will dig out my old movies or just shut the T.V. off. Don’t make sense.

  • http://Yahoo.com Ronald

    My wife and I will miss Harrys Law. A well done show.

  • conspiracy

    Why is age a big part of the rating system? Why is rating system Largly depend on live 18-49. With this old rating system Advertizers depending on 18-49 broke people whom that cant afford a box to tape programs on. Why dose it matter bout the age? Do advertizers kno the power of a of 6 year old has with n what 2 eat that day,& so on. Does 50 year old people stop buying for themselfs r for people under 18? The Old people buy new homes, pay 4 college & so on. Is this old system is hurting series & adertizers? With all the new technology do the advertizers need anything else pulling them back?

  • Tony

    I just don’t get what you children want from TV. I’m from the generation that put “Cheers” & “Mary Tyler Moore” on the map & while I agree about “Unforgettable” & “Castle” I can’t say that I ever watched or was even interested in watching even one episode of “Ringers” “NY 22” was just recycled “Hill Street Blues” or “Southland” (another generic cop show) The problem is that people of the same generation that post on this site are in charge of programming (at least at NBC)If these guys were in charge back in the nineties Cheers & Seinfreld would have wound up on the scrap heap.

  • Tony

    Just finished posting my comment & what pop=up comes up on my screen? “New Bachelorette season features less hot tubs, more class.” Talk about irony!

  • Bonnie

    I cannot believe the programs being scrapped and the crap-ass reality shows that keep going on and on and on! I live reality everyday. I want to relax in the evening and get lost in a program that puts my imagination to work like Ringer, Secret Circle and Terra Nova. Nobody has ever asked me what I want to see…so who is making these decisions??
    Anybody want to buy a couple of TV’s?????!!!!

  • Jim

    CSI: Miami has run its course, I think. I won’t be upset to see it go. But some of the new shows that started this year and never really had a chance to build a following bother me. I liked Unforgettable. Awake is a classy show that should be given a second chance. Network execs need to remember that if it had been judged solely on its first-season ratings, M*A*S*H would have been canceled. You need to give these shows a chance to hit their stride. If I had the money, I would start my own network and pick up the great shows that get canned after a single season – I’d probably have the highest-rated network within five years. Hey, Ted Turner, you listening?

    • Brando

      They should bring back Eleventh Hour since Miami is being cancelled…haven’t they cancelled the original yet? That show was good, but after ten seasons it is boring and they renewed it again instead of continuing a new show, 11th Hour

  • Doug

    I loved Awake, The finder, And The river, and i cant forget Alcatraz.
    Whats the use of investing any time in a new series, when you run the risk of it being cancelled. Instead they keep the stupidest shows, for the brain dead masses….’the reality show’ Forget terrorism, this is what will bring America down..It will make everyone dumb.

  • Lynne

    I guess it’s time to go back to reading!!!!!

  • candy

    Cancelling Harry’s Law is a huge mistake… its my fav show and NBC is nuts to cancel a show that is actually a hit and has a lot of viewers. They are nuts.. and I wont be watching NBC any longer if they do indeed go through with their plans to cancel Harry.

  • Lisa

    Harrys Law was a gem. Too bad.

  • Red

    NO the PAIN is too much WTF all the new shows suck monkey balls and all the shows getting killed NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO please come back..Terra Nova (Fox)
    Unforgettable (CBS)NYC 22 (CBS)Harry’s Law (NBC)The Firm (NBC)Alcatraz (Fox)CSI: Miami (CBS)
    now i will get stuck watching alien shows NOOOOOOOOOOOOO the pain of it all THIS SUCKS who ever did this you are a bad bad very bad person! *spank spank spank*!!! and sit in the corner for ever!

  • Becky

    I loved so many of those shows…. Awake(one of the best shows I’ve ever seen), tera nova, the finder, Alcatraz, and the river. I loved all of those I hate to see them canceled.

  • katniss

    One Tree Hill was in the final season anyways :p the 9th season was the last season :)

  • dottie

    I WANT TERRA NOVA AND ALCATRAZ.All the shows I liked in the past was on CBS gave the other channels a chance and look what happens guess I am going back to CBS.

  • Amy

    I want my GCB!!!!!! I love that show. Yes it is not critically acclaimed but it was just good fun. We need it back on Sundays.

  • Chiana

    Wow. I really loved Alcatraz, Awake, The Finder, The Firm, GCB, Harry’s Law, Prime Suspect, and Terra Nova! I hate getting invested in a series and then having the rug pulled out from under us when they get canceled. These were really good shows that should have been given another season to grow!

  • Christine

    Really!! Again. Watching great shows with great actors and they are cancelled again. What is the problem? Harry’s Law ,The Firm, Alcatraz, Missing. Great shows . Gone. Please no more Snookie , Kardashians and all the other teen trash shows .

  • Melissa R.

    How could NBC could cancelled The Firm – best show in television since “24”??? They don’t give shows a chance to be discovered!!! Many shows become #1 after 2 or 3 seasons!!! Wake up NBC!!!

  • ann

    I’m tired of seeing nothing but reality tv shows on the air. I want to watch some real shows.

  • Barbara Ersckoff

    Hearing that Awake, The Firm, House, Harry’s Law, and A Gifted Man have been cancelled is quite upsetting as it tends to make us wonder what kind of producers, directors and the public in general are not interested in good and interesting television, but instead garbage reality shows are being produced right and left. If this is a sign of the new generation’s preferences, then I pitty the future. I am also abhored by the power of stupid minds (for giving high ratings to shows like “Jersey Shore” and “The Housewives (who act like whores) of whatever county” over creative and entertaining television. If television is any indication of what our youth is about today, then I am embarrassed for them and for those of you who produce, promote and pretend you are giving the public something valuable when all you are really doing is giving in to the minds of morons just to get ratings. What happened to sending our children good messages through television? I will no longer make the mistake of getting hooked on any new series until I see it brought back for a second season. Then I will go back and watch the first season in reruns so I know I’m not wasting my time getting involved when the show will most likely only be cancelled. I hope others will do the same until you producers come to your senses and start delivering good television again and cater to people with at least half a brain.

  • tamara

    WTF the firm was one of the best shows ever and you let people get invested in these shows then choose to.cut them. Alcatraz was awesome too like why are you cutting all the shows with an actual plot. Like wow tv sucks now put some good shows on that people actually want to watch.

    • http://Mastertheweb Linda

      Well now we finally get half descent shows and they get cut. I’m really disppointment that Alcatraz and the Firm and Harry’s Law was cut. These shows actual had plots was is wrong with tv today all they want is to put junk on.

  • J. J-T

    Awake was the most surprising show!
    All reality shows are not interesting! The networks havé no respect for the viewers. They don’t give us decent ends.
    I love Harry’law and A Gifted Man.

  • Disgusted

    I watch the old shows that are the gold standard for inspiration to modern day cop shows. The ones that accompany the praise, “Ground Breaking” and ran season after season. I am shocked. Those shows usually have horrid acting, canned dialog, and I HATE 80’s hair, (I didn’t even like it in the 80s). I tune in to the modern day versions with EXCELLENT actors, realistic script and far better coifs, yet they are cancelled usually after 1 season. The guys who make these shows are doing it to themselves. We aren’t listening anymore. Nobody cares because we are tired of having our faves cancelled so quickly. And they are not taking into account the people who watch these shows online and do not have cable. The relevant voting public are less cohesive. They are no longer one large block of viewing power. What these moguls are not thinking about, is that computer viewers are also held captive to advertising.

    They really need to wake up. By having so many shows vaporized so quickly, they are wasting money and missing the opportunities afforded by online viewers. They are the little boy who cried wolf. You lost your street cred. We don’t care. Maybe online news outlets would like our business.

  • Jessica

    So mad that most of the shows I was looking forward to watching this season got cancelled…don’t know why cuz alcatraz, harry law , unforgettable, ny 22, and the firm were pretty good shows. I was so pissed when they moved the firm to sat night, they prob would have got alot better ratings during the week, I mean who the hell is home every sat night!!!!!

  • Kimberly

    I cannot stand the fact that these networks cancel good shows and replace them with reality TV…..who cares about the train wreck Mariah Carey joining American Idiot……Put the good shows back on like Harry’s law and Lie to Me…..enough of the stupid reality TV.

  • http://www.facebook.com/heather.s.balsam?ref=tn_tnmn Heather

    I hope the show Tne Secret Circle will come back wired they rate this show B I love the show put the show on Teen Nick if u won’t put this on CW

  • Tim


    At least they didn’t cancel The Middle and Grimm!

  • jeanne koch

    I miss Human Target, they keep taking off good shows,Harry’s Law’CSi Miami, House and keep the survival or big brother crap!!!!!