Businesses Increasingly Looking to iPhone Apps

Stats on iPhone App Development Trends

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iPhoneAppQuotes, which puts businesses together with iPhone developers, has released some interesting findings. The company has noticed a shift in app development trends.

"Business apps are proving to be the most popular category of apps as entrepreneurs and small businesses realize the marketing and additional revenue stream potential the iPhone creates," says Founder Gregg Weiss.

Some of iPhoneAppsQuotes’ findings include:

iPhone Apps- Medical, education, business and book applications are the most popular development requests

– In the first quarter of 2009, there was a 50 / 50 split between business versus consumer application request for development

– In the second quarter, business applications have increased by 30 percent, resulting in a 70 / 30 split

– Request for quotes to develop new iPhone applications are up 20 percent from May to June 2009

– Requests for game iPhone application development dropped by roughly 10 percent, and the development of new music applications are experiencing a steep decline

– The initiation of new weather, sports and photography have slowed to a near standstill

"Apps are now available world wide in 77 countries," says Weiss. "With the recent news from Apple CEO Steve Jobs announcing last quarter, 5.2 million iPhones were sold, a 626 percent increase from a year ago, the customer base for iPhone apps is growing rapidly."

"The key thing to take away from these statistics is that developing an iPhone app can create a very lucrative business for not only businesses and software developers, but also for regular Joe’s that have a fantastic concept," he adds.

It is unclear whether the information reported by iPhoneAppsQuotes is representative of the iPhone App industry at large, or simply of the apps and developers involved with the company’s own network. Either way, it is clear that more businesses are looking to find new ways to utilize the app market for the incredibly popular smartphone.

Update: A representative for iPhoneAppsQuotes says, "The statistics in the release are from the iPhoneAppQuotes.com business rather than the industry at large."

Businesses Increasingly Looking to iPhone Apps
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  • http://iphoneapps-review.com/ Donna

    I am not at all surprised that small business/entrepreneurs are downloading apps for the iphone. This is after all a mobile computer. You can do everything pretty much on the iphone that you can do on your laptop, and it’s much lighter to carry around! If you have a lot of follow up calls to make, there is idialudrive that is absolutely fabulous for people on the go.

  • http://www.myfacefile.com Rob Wilcox

    We had no idea about this resource – this serves as very timely information for our company. Thank you!

  • http://www.laokay.com Steve

    What I’m interested in over the apps is when are the cell providers going to start using cloud computing to power the phones instead of keeping on making new versions of the same phones with very little upgraded features over the last model and high initial price tags?

    I’d rather see a phone that with a bluetooth portable screen, a bluetooth keyboard, and a bluetooth mouse, so you can sit at a Starbucks and sip coffee while you are using remote desktop to access your computer at work to do anything you’d normally be able to do at your desk.

    Now I know this means that we’ll all be always connected, but aren’t we getting there?

  • http://www.mobilephones.name Mobile Phones l Stu

    Makes perfect sense since this is a mini computer on the move and therefore will get far more use from Execs and Employees on the move all week. Also businesses probably have more disposable income to spend on them at the moment then the average person.

  • http://www.squidoo.com/advertisingandservices Advertising and Services

    Your report opened up another marketing avenue for me to look into. Thanks

  • Mark

    Thanks for sharing this site. I am an avide WPN reader and always find you guys are on the cutting edge. I just visited the site as I was looking for an iphone app developer over the past few days but have yet to find a reliable company.

  • http://www.homesolarpowersystems.org Home Solar Power Systems

    I really like and enjoy this article. The growth of the business app from 50 in the 1st quarter and 70 in the 2nd quarter has a huge increase. It is nice to know that the app is not only businesses and software developers, but also for regular Joe’s that have a fantastic concept!

  • http://www.phonefreelancer.com iphone developer

    Cool article! Its definitely a place that a lot of people are looking to take their business next! Huge market potential for all mobile phones!

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