Business Reviews Added To Google Maps

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Google will tap its users for business reviews to complement the ones they collect from other online sources and display.

User-generated content has been at the core of the success of social media sites. Google will try tapping the desire of people to share their opinions on local businesses through the Google Maps service.

Such user-contributed reviews have been a fixture on Yahoo’s competing product for some time. As with that service, Google requires reviewers to login to post their thoughts about a business.

Those reviews and other content as appropriate appear when the “More Info” link for a business has been clicked. For example, a hotel link has an overview of its features, details, reviews, photos, and web pages listed for its additional information.

From the reviews option, one can add their thoughts about the business from Google Maps. The reviewer adds a title and their review, and can select a star rating for the business in question. The nickname in use for the logged-in user can be edited to something different.

When searching for a type of business, people have the option to take a look at existing user-created content. A link at the bottom of the search results for a query leads to the available reviews placed on Google Maps previously.

There are some bugs to work out with the reviews. Searching for a dentist in Chicago brought up about 22 reviews, but not all of the content returned were reviews. One was a job listing for a network development manager with ‘dentist’ in the description; the listing came from Indeed.com.

Another review was a news story about a 79-year-old would-be bank robber who claimed to have come from a dentist and could only talk quietly. Neither of these results fulfilled what should have been review results.

Business Reviews Added To Google Maps
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  • http://shop.framemastersgallery.com/aboutus.sc Freddie

    This past Saturday I visited Frame Masters gallery in Shelby, NC. I was looking for a pedestal to purchase. There were several – about 50 of them, in the store. I asked the owner, Janet Berry what the prices where on the pedestals since none of them were marked. She said that none of them were for sale -that they were ‘hers’ from Georgia. I simply asked if she would be interested in selling just one – with the economy in the pits and since there was no other customer in the store and it WAS the Saturday AFTER Thanksgiving. She was ugly and rude and said no. I told her fine – that I didn’t appreciate being spoken to in that manner and she proceeded to tell me to not let the door hit me in the ass on my way out. I know this woman thinks that her you know what doesn’t stink that she is sheltered to the down fall of the economy. But with the worst customer service and nasty attitude I simply do not know how she stays in business. Stay away – do not buy anything from this store. And I would like to add that I am not poor – dress very well and have just as many designer handbags and diamonds as she does. I do put my shoes on one at a time just like she does – and her holier than thou attitude will get her nowhere.

    Frankly – I am telling everyone I know about this horrible customer service attitude and will recommend to EVERYONE to go elsewhere. Heck, you can buy the same framing from Hobby Lobby or Michaels for a lot less then you could purchasing from her. And if it is nick-knack’s you are after Hobby Lobby has several similar items like hers and they appreciate your business. If you cannot find it at Hobby Lobby – I would suggest going online – BUT don’t waste your breath going to her store. She doesn’t appreciate your business and talks bad about you not only to your face – but behind your back. As long as she has your money that is all she cares about. She is a Grinch.


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