Bug Alert: Google News Not Refreshing

    October 24, 2007

By its very definition, “news” involves recent events or occurrences; as such, news sites tend to update themselves (or get updated) regularly.  Google News has been less than successful in this respect, though.

Now, this isn’t entirely awful – a story by our own David Utter was featured in Google News’s “Entertainment” section this morning, and more exposure for him is fine by me.  Yet the apparent glitch did annoy other onlookers, including “jaker99,” who pointed out the problem to the Google News Help group.

“[W]e’ve confirmed that there’s a bug on our end that’s preventing Google News from refreshing,” replied “Google News Guide 2.”  He then assured the group, “We’re working on a fix . . .”

One has to wonder if the refresh bug is related to whatever made the Google News site blank when Philipp Lenssen visited it this weekend.  Or if everything went kablooie as a result of YouTube videos getting introduced to Google News – the timing seems about right.

In any event, Google might want to be especially careful with its news site; because there are so many good alternatives out there, users could be quicker to abandon it than Google’s other products and services.