British eBay Phisher Gets Four Years

    November 2, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

The head of a six-man ring of phishers led their criminal enterprise to steal around $360,000 from eBay users.

The gang sent fake eBay emails to eBay customers and asked for their banking information. Several dozen people fell for the phishing scam over the course of 12 months. The emails sent people to a phony eBay site where the information was collected.

David Levi of Lytham, England got four years in jail for his role in heading up the scam, AP reported. Three years were for fraud, and the fourth year was for perverting the course of justice. Others involved with the crimes received sentences ranging from six months to two years.

“This was a coordinated and sophisticated fraud which took place over a 12-month period which required a determined and calculated approach,” said Judge Phillip Sycamore in handing down the sentence.

Users will see more of these scams as the holidays approach. The busy time of year coupled with a well-crafted phishing email could lure people into visiting a fake site. When in doubt, typing the address of a web site into a browser’s address bar will help avoid visiting a fake site through a link that looks genuine.

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