Brian Retkin Speaks On Google Suit

    June 29, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

The man behind the lawsuit against Google for defamation said he and his firm would really prefer to put their conflict with Google behind them.

Retkin contacted me from the U.K. to follow up on our earlier observation of his running battle with Google over their links to posts about his registrar firm, Dotworlds.

He called the continued appearance of those criticisms “pure and utter libel,” and believes they were initially posted by business competitors. Retkin said the domain offers in question were “perfectly legitimate.”

At this point, Retkin thinks Google has removed about 15,000 links from its international search engines, like On that site, a query for dotworlds scam returns notes at the bottom of Google’s search results, saying the company has removed some links in response to a legal request.

“Google gets mad when it’s used against them,” Retkin said, referring to the notorious incident where CNET published copious information about Google CEO Eric Schmidt that writer Elinor Mills found using the search engine.

On Google’s US search pages , the same query for dotworlds scam returns over 300 results, referring to the postings that have Retkin and his legal advisors at odds with the company.