Bosworth Bails On Google Health

    September 12, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Adam Bosworth has opted to bow out of Google and the project he helped initiate, Google Health, for undisclosed reasons.

Google and other search firms see plenty of money to be made on healthcare information. While Google’s health information plans may go much farther than just what they can provide in search, they will do so without Bosworth’s leadership.

Danny Sullivan at Search Engine Land scored a tip that Bosworth had extended his vacation from Google to a permanent one. That was later confirmed to him by Google:

Adam is a great talent and was instrumental in starting Google Health. He is now on vacation and has decided to pursue other opportunities after that. Marissa Mayer is taking over the health team in the interim until a new team leader takes over. Google is moving forward with work on our health products.

Though the money at stake from ads Google could deliver alongside a dedicated and in-depth health solution should be worth millions, Google has likely run into a fundamental problem with health information. Laws like HIPAA make the sharing of medical information difficult, and rightly so, due to privacy concerns.

That would explain why Google Health has been little more than tagged search and a set of screenshots leaked on the Internet. Google is going to need more time, and another leader, to do more with healthcare than it does today.