Bonanzle Rising to eBay Competition

    February 2, 2009
    Chris Crum

Nearly every time we post a story about eBay, we get flooded with comments going for the site’s throat. We’ve often pondered what kind of competition eBay has, many anti-eBayers will be quick to point to a site called Bonanzle.

Bonanzle is a site that reached a million listings in 6 months and was voted the best eBAY alternative according to Many of these listings and votes no doubt came from disgruntled eBay sellers looking for a fresh start from a site with less controversial policies.


While I have seen a lot of sites mentioned as possible alternatives to eBay. I have not seen any mentioned nearly as often as I have seen Bonanzle mentioned. Now it’s getting a little exposure too, which is exactly what any eBay competitor needs the most. eBay’s brand has simply proven too strong to be overtaken, and that will likely continue for some time, but as some of these other lesser known sites get more attention, things could start to change. Mashable’s running a piece on Bonanzle. Jennifer Van Grove writes:

One of the fastest growing eBay alternatives just hit a major landmark and chances are you’ve never heard of them. Bonanzle, which combines an online marketplace with social media features, has now had one million items posted to their site – an impressive feat given it just launched late last year.

While eBay is struggling to keep their footing, Bonanzle is growing exponentially with over 170,000 unique visitors in December.

Read the comments on any number of eBay articles around the web and you will no doubt see glowing testimonials for Bonanzle. The site’s users have spoken and almost seem to be recruiting other sellers who feel they’ve been wronged by eBay. And the number of those who feel wronged seems to be bigger than ever. Although I should be clear that there are still many people happily selling on eBay.

Bonanzle looks like one to keep an eye on. Hopefully they have paid attention to the grumblings of the people that have gotten them to this point and can avoid any similar turbulence in their own future.