Blogher Dates Announced

    January 5, 2006

I see the BlogHer conference dates are announced (July 28 and 29 in San Jose).

Unfortunately it’s at the same time that the Imagine Cup finals are in India and I was already signed up to go to that. Major bummer. Out of all the conferences I missed last year BlogHer sounded the most interesting. Mostly cause it’s different. Seeing fat white guys talk all the time just gets really boring. Just told Maryam she should go and check out Blogher.

Speaking of Maryam, she went all gushy on me and wrote: In Defense of Geeks or Ten Reasons Why You Should Date a Geek.

She knows me so well. I do worship Maryam. I really miss her. Hanging out with Doc and Buzz is lots of fun, but they aren’t cuddly like Maryam is. Well, at least not in my opinion. Heheh.

Oh, and Maryam, the real test would be which would I look at first? Angelina Jolie in real life or Angelina Jolie on an 102″ plasma screen? I’d go with the plasma.

Shoot me, I’m a geek.

Oh, and Brian, I have had people come up to me saying “you’re married to that famous blogger, aren’t you?”

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