Blogging To Build Buzz About Your Business

    December 20, 2008

While blogs are now considered mainstream with more businesses using them to get their message out, just how are they building buzz online?  The SES session "Blogging For Business" has the answers.

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Jennifer Evans Laycock, Editor-in Chief, Search Engine Guide, said everyone is blogging. "The recession we are in make blogs essential." Blogs are cost efficient especially if you have a tight marketing budget.

Reasons for blogs:

Showcase your personality

Create a feedback cycle

Build a loyal community

Create an emotional investment

Increase your credibility

Blogging To Build Buzz about Your Business

Laycock said," The value of your blog is the conversation that takes place in your comments."

Leave it open-ended and integrate media into your blog. Engage with your readers-comment back.

People don’t trust ads but there is trust online with friends and strangers who have credibility.

Blogging is as effective as word-of-mouth.

Easy blog marketing:

Comment early (gets attention of other readers)

Frequent comments

Spread comments

Comment late (to get attention of the blogger)

Pitching a blogger

Use real language

Respect their time
Develop a friendship

"Whatever industry you’re in, start building relationships now in the community because you may need to pitch something in the future," Laycock said.

Before pitching a blogger:

Address them by name

Make sure you have the correct personal email address

Spell check

Send individual emails

Be transparent

Familiarize yourself with their readers

Make sure your pitch is relevant to their readers


Bill Balderaz, President and Founder of Webbed Marketing, said blogging is good for businesses that are fast, flexible, can be experimental, and are working with limited budgets.

Engage in customer conversations and respond to negative comments.

"Blogging is less expensive per impression and has measurement capability," Balderaz said.