Blogging Pays Off With Camaro Concept

    May 17, 2007

It’s a well-known fact that most bloggers toil away in obscurity, and that a lucky few manage to obtain all sorts of fame, money, and material goods (or a talented few – I don’t mean to slight anyone).  But, oh, what goods – Jalopnik’s Ray Wert recently got his hands on a Camaro convertible concept car.

Granted, the test drive was useless from any sort of practical perspective.  “[A] write-up of time spent behind the wheel of a car designed entirely for show and never for go will help you in no way to make a purchasing decision,” notes Wert.

But the experience still sounds like a blast, and, unlike what occurred with an old Microsoft-Edelman scandal, all the parties were clear from the start that this was just a temporary loan.

Ideally, someone could mesh that experience with Wert’s – pass out real Ferraris, instead of an Acer Ferrari 1000 notebook, or the keys to a half-baked concept.  But beggars – and bloggers – can’t be choosers, so . . . on with the Camaro convertible.

There were some strict ground rules on Wert’s test drive – no accelerating past “roughly 25-30 mph (I say roughly because there’s no working instrumentation,” for one.  Also, “The seats aren’t the real ones, so you’ve no idea what the sight lines are going to be like in the real thing.”

Then – and I can’t help but laugh at this – Wert writes, “[T]he heat from the engine was causing the paneling on the concept to warp a bit – taking some of that design balance and turning it into an amusement park hall of mirrors.”

Still, as a car enthusiast, I can imagine few bigger rewards for one’s work.  Bloggers everywhere should take heart.