Blogging Myths

    December 7, 2006

So, you have heard that blogging is the way to go’. Do you want to blog? Are you going to? Then this list of common blogging misconceptions may be helpful for you.

Myths of blogging

Myth: Blogging isn’t for everyone.
Truth: If you are an expert in your field and have something interesting to say, be it even toothpicks, you can have a blog to write about your experience (both knowledge and real life practice) in your industry. Just be yourself and find your blogging style.

Myth: Blogging is for everyone
Truth: If you don’t have anything to say about your topic, and you can’t be talking for a while (to anyone) about it, you’d rather reconsider your position on being an expert in your field. If you are just shy, overcome this complex or concede to failure.

Myth: Blogs are not suitable for business websites
Truth: You can establish a blog about any topic (see myth number one). If you write honestly about your opinions on the industry, your business, your product/service and your customers, you’ll have a lot to write about and your customers will see who you really are. If you add your personal touch to the blog, so much the better.

Myth: A blog will boost a business in a wink of an eye
Truth: A blog is just another form of presenting information to the site visitors (officially, a blog is just a content management system, a CMS). So, it is not the software that makes a blog a blog, but what you write about. If you follow the truth number three, you will get loyal followers, in time, which should, hopefully, build your client base.

Myth: Blogging is easy
Truth: Writing text day after day is not so easy as it seems. I’d say, the easier it seems, the harder it is – so judge blogging from this point of view.

However, if you are passionate about your subject, are an expert in your industry and love delivering value to your customers, you will be able to write great posts and turn your blog visitors to your friends, followers and customers (as a bonus).

Myth: I can’t blog, because I can’t write
Truth: Every writer couldn’t write before he/she has started writing. Do you want to write? Then write. That simple. For a start, write what interests your customers or look for posts on how to get blogging ideas. You can write about what interests you on your topic later.

Myth: I have to write a lot
Truth: While this is contrary to the myth about easy blogging, you can write several posts a week. If you want, you can stick to a post a week. But you’d rather deliver something absolutely fascinating, interesting, engaging and (maybe) entertaining, so your readers will eagerly wait for another week to learn more from you.

Myth: I can’t be unique with so many blogs on the same topic
Truth: A topic is not makes a blog unique. If you see the recent blogging ideas posts here (as per link above), you’ll notice that we (me and Steve) have some different points of view on the topic. Personal opinions, angles and expertise make you stand out from the rest of the blogs.

Of course, you can also either report views or write informative posts, or mix both, or write about your real life every day work. There are many angles you can write about a single topic.

Myth: I’ll be losing business, if I reveal my advice on a blog (this is for consultants)
Truth: While it is true that people will use your advice from the blog, it takes effort to collect and apply all the expertise from the blog into one’s life. That’s what professionals are for. So in this case, your blog will be filtering those, who can do everything themselves, from your clients.

Then again, providing free advice will get you recognition as an expert, along with traffic and links.

Myth: No one will read my blog
Truth: While it is true that, unless you place a blog on an already established website, you will be getting little visitors, you need to be patient in your progress. If you write interesting posts, link to other resources (including blogs), comment on other blogs (engage in the industry community), you’ll get noticed. Be patient.

If you setup a blog on an already established website (your corporate website, for example), you’ll be simply providing something to read to your regular visitors. You’ll be getting more traffic and links faster, too.

Myth: You have to be controversial to get noticed
Truth: While, sometimes, patting against fur gets you lots of comments and links, you can build relations with your readers in many different ways: entertain them, provide unique, expert information, give them unique information no one else does (such as information on various search engine patents).

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