Blogging Good For Your Well Being

    March 10, 2008

Researchers from Melbourne’s Swinburne University of Technology say that blogging makes people feel happier.

Two studies examining the psychological benefits of blogging done by psychologist James Baker and Dr. Susan Moore are being published in the journal Cyber Psychology and Behavior.

Blogging Good For Your Well Being

The studies found that blogging can help people feel less depressed in two months and that bloggers have better social support and friendship networks than those who do not blog. Blogging helped people feel more connected and less lonely. Bloggers also felt more self-confidence and had a better feeling of self-worth and were more comfortable asking others for help.

In addition to blogging helping people feel better, the study found that using social networks like MySpace or Facebook also made people feel better. Users of social networks whether they blogged or not said they felt less anxious, stressed and depressed after two months of online social networking.

" Keeping a blog is a bit like writing a diary," said Baker. "It helps people vent their emotions, talk about their feelings and problems. The difference is that while a diary is private, blogging invites feedback from others."