Blogging As a Business

    August 11, 2005

Note to Evan Williams: congrats on getting the funding for Odeo. For the rest of you, he’s building a podcasting tool to start with.

But with that kind of investment, I wonder what else he has up his sleeve?

Ahh, many of my friends are making fortunes. It sure is starting to get tempting out there.

Speaking of fortunes: watch for several acquisitions in the next few months of blog services. The money is starting to flow. The consolidations are starting to happen.

Hey, Bill, where’s Microsoft? The window of opportunity to really get involved in the blog world is only going to be open for a little while.

If I had my hands on Microsoft’s cash, I’d be buying blog search, blogging and podcasting networks, a ping server or two, and Memeorandum. I would have bought Flickr too. I think that Yahoo’s purchase of Flickr will turn out to be one of the business deals of the decade. I heard that was purchased for less than $20 million. Amazing since the market for digitial photography is much larger than the market for podcasting.

But, maybe they don’t let me touch the cash for a reason. Heh.

Anyway, this is becoming a very interesting space. Watch for more business deals and from places you wouldn’t expect them. I’m hearing from several of my friends, for instance, that AOL is looking for (media properties) blogging networks.

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