Bloggers Firefox Gossip Machine

    December 21, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Google’s has made available a new Firefox extension that allows surfers to automatically see what bloggers are saying about the page they are viewing. The extension works like an instant gossip machine keeping a running tally of who’s saying what about whom.

Called Blogger Web Comments for Firefox, the extension allows viewers not only to see what’s being said, but it also has the functionality of a “Blog This” button where viewers that are Blogger members can post their own comments to their blogs. The application will post the comments to the blog for the viewer and link to the site they’re talking about.

From the information page:

As you visit any given page in Firefox, a comment panel featuring blog posts linking to this page will appear on the bottom right of your browser. Clicking on any of the entries will open that blog post in a new tab.

You can toggle between the compact and extended comment lists, or even hide the panel completely. To bring it back, just click the icon or the icon in the lower right corner of your browser and select “View comments.”

A word to the wise, if you’re loose with what you say on the Internet, it’s getting a lot easier for other people to find out about it.