Blogger Puts Posts On Schedule

    May 2, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

Google’s Blogger service opened up a new feature, scheduled posting, to automatically put up an entry at a future time.

Blog readers always appreciate seeing their favorite destinations post new content on a regular basis. A regularly updated blog carries a feel of professionalism, even for the most casual of topics.

It’s taken a while for Google’s service, Blogger, to match other blog platforms in providing a scheduling mechanism. That finally arrived as the Blogger Buzz site noted.

Post scheduling debuted for all Blogger users, rather than being rolled out gradually to the userbase. Bloggers will find the feature in the Post Editor screen; under Post Options, a date and time field can be edited to a point in the future.

Post scheduling benefits those who need to take a break but don’t want to fall behind with their audience. Small business owners who have embraced blogging can use scheduling to keep the entries popping up regularly to help boost their brand, after writing their posts in off-hours.

Perception matters in branding, and those regular blog entries encourage people to think well of the blogger and the company. Since blogging costs little but time, scheduling makes the time investment more valuable.