Blogger Outreach by Phone

    January 30, 2006

Op-Ed News is reporting that US Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass) held a conference call with a group of political bloggers to provide an update on a filibuster he is planning with Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass) to stall the confirmation of US Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito.

I’m not going to get all political in this blog. What struck me about this item was the notion of a conference call to provide bloggers with an update and a call to action. In this case, Kennedy wants the bloggers to ask their readers to call their own senators to pressure them to join the filibuster. The same technique could be used to promote a product, provide updates about action an organization has taken to address a problem, or give them a heads-up about an impending situation.

The trick is knowing the group of bloggers to contact and then ensuring your information is interesting enough for them to publish. One more tool to add to the mix of methods for reaching out to bloggers.

UPDATE-I just found an item that notes California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s staff briefed a conservative blogger in advance of the governor’s State of the State address.

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