Blogger Gets AdSense For Feeds Integration

View Reports Right from the Blogger Dashboard

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Google launched AdSense for Feeds all the way back in 2005. Now the company is integrating it right into its Blogger property.

"One of the things our publishers have always asked for are ways to make it even easer to configure their blogs to work with FeedBurner and AdSense for Feeds," says Steve Olechowski on behalf of the AdSense for feeds and Blogger teams. We’re happy to announce that Blogger users, with just a few clicks, are able to do both at the same time."

Users can can use AdSense for Feeds for Blogger the same way they set up AdSense on their blogs. Just go to the Blogger Dashboard and select "monetize". This gives the user options for configuring ads. If the user’s blog is already connected to FeedBurner, you can confirm that the proper feed is being configured. AdSense for Feeds will pick the ad size automatically.

Google - AdSense for Feeds for Blogger

Users can view AdSense reports after setup to view feed revenue right from the Blogger Dashboard. You can of course see the reports in your AdSense account as well.

Google launched AdSense for Feedburner last year. This came just after Google closed down the Feedburner Ad Network.

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Blogger Gets AdSense For Feeds Integration
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  • http://increasetargetedtraffictoyourwebsite.that-is-simple.com/IncreaseTargetedTraffictoYourWebsite/ Yevgeniy

    Simply means better and faster. Thanks to Google and you guys from “webpronews” for information.

  • Steve

    All this means is more publishers will be held back more payments in violation of Google’s own T.O.S.

    Seems if we break the rules we get punished by being banned by Google, but who bans Google when they break the rules? Nobody! Because they don’t want to have to wait 90 days to get paid if they do.

    I’m personally owed $9k and they won’t do a damn thing, but assure me I’ll get paid next month.
    That doesn’t keep the lights on, my server running, my phones on, food on the table, etc.

    Don’t take my word for it, read it on their own public Adsense Help Forum they’re so proud of.

    I’m estimating by the number of complaints of payments to be in the high 6 figures the amount they’re illegally holding back and making interest on!

    Somebody tell Eric Schmidt his own employees are ripping off Google’s Advertising Partners.

    I don’t know about you, but I smell an Enron like story here. When a business simply refuses to pay due to “glitches”, it doesn’t make me feel their books might be up to par. Maybe the SEC needs to pay them a visit, since they are a publicly traded company.

    It’s not the first time it’s happened either. This has been going on for quite some time. In fact, Google reported the glitch officially on their own site back in February 2009, and it has not been fixed since, only bandaged on a publisher by publisher basis, as it occurs.

    If we knew Windows 7 came installed with plenty of bugs, would you install it? How about if it was free? Would you still install something that you knew for sure you would have problems with that you would depend upon? I wouldn’t, but then Google Adsense had no payment issues when I first signed up about 6 years or so ago, and I’ve had no payment issues ever with them for the entire life of the account (well maybe when I first did EFT payments, but that was my fault and I still got a check in the mail on time anyway and was able to get EFT setup the following month, and have had something like 3 or 4 successful EFT payment since then).

    So if you’re thinking of using Google Adsense, be warned, you might not get paid, and they don’t know who will and who won’t till their automated payment system that they built tells them. And even then….well, let’s say they’ve found invisible holds on accounts that show no holds in the past, so……there is no guarantee, just like it says in their very long Terms Of Service that everybody is forced to agree to, or go somewhere else.

    So, now you know that the Google Adsense Payment System is buggy, so let’s get the word out so they’ll fix it now and not days, weeks, or months later, meanwhile us publishers keep making them money, and they keep on not paying some of us! Tell everybody you know! Google is only in it for themselves.

    I had a thought once of using Google Checkout rather than PayPal, but there’s money involved there, so why the hell would I use anything but PayPal or a direct credit card merchant account?

    Imagine if you made $9k or more in sales and shipped product and a glitch in the payment system prevented you from getting your money. So while everybody got the product they ordered from you, you have to wait 30 days or possibly longer to get paid, meanwhile you pay your employees, pay other bills – like rent, and Google gets to hold on to your cost and profit in their bank account and collect interest. While you have to lay people off because you can’t afford to pay them, they make a profit.

    How sure are you that you won’t be next? Google has no idea what the bug is so far (or at least they’re not telling us publishers what it is), and has no ETA on when payments are going to be sent out, other than hopefully by next cycle (end of November), and their official policy on the matter is if the system doesn’t release the payment, they won’t do anything about it till next month. However, when in February 2009 they had a glitch, payments were sent out via DHL Express as soon as possible. So now it’s looking more and more like they’re doing it on purpose. Could it ever be true that Google just doesn’t have the money right now? I would hope not!

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