Blogger Blogs Can Spread Spyware

    February 24, 2005

Can this really be true – blogs hosted by Blogger can spread spyware … Yes, according to a …

report in eWeek:

Dozens of blogs hosted by Google Inc.’s Blogger service can install programs that are widely considered to be spyware and adware onto visitors’ computers, warn users and spyware researchers. In many cases, users are discovering the offending sites as they browse among blogs through Blogger’s navigation bar.

The offending blogs typically prompt visitors to accept downloads through misleading pop-up windows, said Ben Edelman, a vocal spyware critic and Harvard University researcher. While a user typically must accept the download before the software installs, the prompts often attempt to trick users by disguising the download as a necessary Windows or Internet Explorer upgrade.

Edelman, who on Monday posted the results of his tests, discovered dozens of Blogger-hosted blogs spreading spyware and adware programs such as Elitetoolbar, Crazywinnings and DirectRevenue.

And yes, according to Google:

A Google spokesperson Monday confirmed that Blogger was aware of the spyware issue but declined to provide details about how the company plans to address it. “We are aware of this issue, and we are looking into it,” the spokesperson said.

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