Blogger Adds Search Box Widget

    July 13, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Blogger, Google’s blogging platform, just added a new widget bloggers can install that lets them search within their blogs.

Based on Ajax Search API, the widget uses Google’s Custom Search Engine to search through blog content, links in posts, sidebar-based link lists, and blogrolls. 

"The widget is now available on Blogger in Draft, Blogger’s experimental site," says Google product manager Rajat Mukherjee.

"Once you’ve logged in and configured the widget, visitors to your blog will see a search box there. The search experience inherits your blog’s look and feel, and is uniquely flavored around pages you’ve linked to from your blog."

Blogger also recently added polls and enclosure links to Blogger in Draft. An enclosure link connects readers to audio or video uploaded by the blogger, allowing streamlined subscribing and downloading.